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Hello/ Greetings To Everyone, So Today I m going to present my true views on urBeats Review.

The uncontrollably mainstream UrBeats earbuds that dispatched at $100 would now be able to be found for not exactly 50% of that, however you should peruse this audit prior to purchasing.

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urBeats Review

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Most earphones, headsets, and earbuds accompany a proviso. Except if you’re spending as much as possible for them, you typically need to forfeit something, be it comfort, style, compactness, solidness, and so on However, what happens when the sound quality is the proviso?

Today I’ll be auditing the urBeats earbuds by Beats, the fiercely fruitful maker’s initial raid into the moderate value range. At the point when these first came out everybody and their moms were utilizing them, however it’s been over a large portion of 10 years from that point forward so how about we perceive how they stack up without the publicity.

Build : UrBeats

urBeats Review: Build
On the off chance that you’re a fanatic of Beats’ overall plan, at that point you’ll be content with how the first urBeats looks, as they don’t generally make any deviations. The plan is fairly straightforward and smooth and there are sufficient shading blends to fulfill everybody. The shadings mix together pleasantly, and beside the lowercase ‘b’, there truly isn’t a lot to them, which is certifiably not a terrible thing using any and all means.

The earbuds themselves aren’t plastic yet metal, which sets up a superior vibe and assists with solidness also. Yet, sturdiness actually stays an issue. At the point when they originally came out, numerous individuals were happy to assume the best about urBeats, tolerating the organization’s guarantee of solidness absent a lot of substance to help these cases.

Be that as it may, the greater part 10 years has passed and individuals have spoken! Furthermore, their tune is very unique in relation to the one that proficient analysts and lab tests sing. As per client input, the first urBeats are an all in or all out buy. Implying that, in the event that you like all that they should be, you’ll like them insofar as they don’t choose to haphazardly quit working; which they do a ton, evidently.

Fortunately, they not, at this point cost even 50% of their unique $100 on most affiliate locales like Amazon, so getting them is no longer as large a bet. Notwithstanding, except if their sound is basically uniquely crafted to your inclinations this appears to be a high-hazard low-reward sort of bet.

The UrBeats likewise accompany a conveying pocket that fits conveniently into your pocket so you can take these with you all over, despite the fact that the pocket doesn’t shield it from water or fall harm.

Design and features : UrBeats

urBeats Review: Design & Features
Let’s start with the design and appearance. The thesis that we are all different was taken literally by Beats Electronics.

As soon as you open the box of Urbeats headphones, you’ll be amazed that the set of earphones alone includes four pairs of interchangeable silicone speaker caps, so you can choose the right earbuds for your ears.

The nearly one meter cable is flat, which prevents twisting and knots, as is the case with a regular headphone cable. The cable has a convenient separate microphone and control unit, which will allow you to adjust the volume of the sound in the headphones, advance the playlist to the melody you need, an incoming call on mobile.

urBeats Review

The disadvantage of this device is its location. Unfortunately, the microphone is so high on the cable that you cannot see it during heavy use. However, hands very quickly get used to such manipulations, and after a couple of hours you stop considering it an inconvenience.

A more significant disadvantage is the wired connections to the microphone, they are not as reliable as we would like. Therefore, my advice is to handle the cable as carefully as possible. A great advantage of this configuration is the fact that the Urbeats kit includes a small case, very practical and pleasant to the touch.

A special feature of Urbeats is that they are excellent at blocking out most unwanted external sounds. The high frequencies of shrill sounds are reduced by 32 times, and the lower frequencies (sounds of vehicles, train honks, etc.) are approximately half their original volume. If you want to make all sounds cease to exist for you, and only the music that you have chosen becomes audible, then Urbeats can help you with this perfectly.

Sound Quality : UrBeats

urBeats Review:Sound Quality
Beats is known for its love of low frequencies – bass. It is their reproduction in the headphones of this company that makes listening to hip-hop or dub compositions an unforgettable pleasure. Urbeats is no exception. Although, of course, the volume of the sounding segment of these headphones cannot perfectly accurately reproduce the entire palette of low bass, nevertheless, you get pleasure from the rumbling bass in your ears. This will really appeal to young people who want to listen louder and beat.

The other segments of the sound range also sound good, however, one must understand that the bass draws on the accent of the sound. High-pitched sounds are not bad, but certainly not perfect and the sound quality could be better if it were not for the ubiquitous bass. The situation is the same with the middle frequency range – vocals, snares – sound intense and energetic, but if you compare the sound with, even if not expensive, headphones that do not color the sound, you will immediately hear the difference.

I confess that not everyone will be able to determine the defect in the sound of these headphones, especially if they have not listened to music through headphones for a long time at all, or have never listened to sound through studio headphones. With an excess of low frequencies, there is a real distortion of the sound of the rest of the series. But this is the only thing to find fault with, the rest of the Urbeats showed themselves at a good level in terms of user characteristics.

You no longer have to disturb your neighbors with loud music, you just need to put on the headphones, and all the sounds of the outside world cease to fall into your ears. You are left alone with your musical compositions.

Isolation : UrBeats

urBeats Review: Isolation
Recognition for a job well done, however, the seclusion is very acceptable. It’s not the best we’ve ever observed and if these were still $100 earphones we could state that it’s respectable, best case scenario. The spillage, be that as it may, is as yet marvelous in either case, so on the off chance that you have the volume up reasonably boisterously you’ll have the option to shut out most encompassing commotions just by tuning in to your music. This doesn’t go for especially loud drives, however dislike most different earbuds would admission much better in this circumstance in any case, so it’s not generally an issue of the item.

Comfort : UrBeats

urBeats Review:Comfort
Concerning comfort, you have your standard earbud circumstance here. On the off chance that you find earbuds awkward by and large, at that point the UrBeats won’t change this. Notwithstanding, in case you’re alright with how earbuds feel, which you ought to be in case you’re thinking about purchasing these, you’ll be glad to realize that they accompany an aggregate of four sets of dark silicone ear tips of changing sizes to oblige for the vast majority’s needs.

There’s consistently an opportunity that you won’t discover the ear tips most appropriate for you, yet once more, this is an issue that all earbuds share so we can’t generally take a gander at this as a con. Particularly not when there are significantly more costly earbuds that haven’t think of a superior answer for this issue.

And keeping in mind that they’re a for the most part close fit on the off chance that you can fit them, the UrBeats don’t highlight any extra accomplices to improve strength, similar to the ear balances. This is for every one of you out there who are taking a gander at these earbuds with the goal of taking them to the rec center.

They’ll serve you fine and dandy for some running, however not for exercises. Regardless of whether you oversee not to unintentionally pull on the strings even once, they’ll drop out in the long run, and with their strength as questionable as it may be, you truly don’t need them hitting the ground.


The cable is basically what you’d anticipate. It’s sans knot and it has an in-line far off with a receiver and three fastens that can be accustomed to controlling playback, volume and accept and end calls. It’s somewhat near the earbud so you’ll need to work it by feel, however it doesn’t take long to get its hang.

However, in the event that you didn’t as of now have the foggiest idea, Beats is possessed by Apple, so there’s some fine print you ought to know about:

The distant won’t hold the entirety of its usefulness except if it’s matched with an iPhone. Should you be an Android client, you won’t have the option to control volume with the far off. It’s by and large not something that will represent the moment of truth your choice to purchase certain earphones, however the absence of volume control consistently feels like a gigantic bother.

A lot more concerning issue, in any case, is the way that the cable isn’t separable. This alludes back to the strength issues. The cable is normally the principal segment to fail miserably in any pair of earphones, earbuds or something else, and beside being sans tangle, the UrBeats link is fairly meager and actually nothing to wonder about.


Urbeats is a great companion for those who love morning jogging, love travel, and want to be alone with their favorite music.


  • Very deep and punchy bass
  • Excellent flat silicone cord that prevents knots and twists during operation;
  • Control unit on wires Urbeats;


  • The headphone cable is about 1 meter long, this may not be enough for many;
  • In certain compositions where there is a lot of bass, it can distort the mids and highs.

Hope you liked the UrBeats Review and if you have any questions regarding this then do comment and ask so that i can answer and clear your doubt.

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