Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Review : One of the Best Budget headset.

Skullcandy Hesh 2

Hello/Greetings to everyone, So i m here with an article on “Skullcandy Hesh2 Wireless review “. And this article will contain every single details about the skullcandy Hesh2 wireless headset.

Those looking for stylish headphones and can afford to spend should look at a pair of wireless Beats Solo 2. But not everyone is willing to part with $250, so Skullcandy has a budget alternative for this category of listener. For only $60, the user gets a pair of affordable full-size wireless headphones. Although hardly their sound will delight an audiophile.


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Skullcandy Hesh2


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Equipments With Skullcandy Hesh2

You should not expect a rich package from a budget model. There are headphones – it’s already good. It’s fair to say that Skullcandy has put more than just headphones in the box:-

  • Headset
  • Packing
  • Bluetooth Connection

Packing : Skullcandy Hesh2

The headset comes up with an amazing packaging that will amaze you and will bring a big smile on your face. So the packing looks like this:-

Packing of skullcandy Hesh2 wireless

So you can how amazing this packing is, My person point of view on packing is that it’s one of the best thing in it.

Price : Skullcandy Hesh2

People love and wish to have a headphone and if it’s wireless then it’s like a lottery for users but as the features increases the price of the product also increases and due to high price many couldn’t affor to buy one Bluetooth headset but Skullcandy Hesh2 is one of the budget headphones as it comes only around 60$ and 60$ is affordable by almost everyone.

Features Of Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless

So Skullcandy Hesh2 wireless is one of the best budget headphones as it provides quality in reasonable price. And most importantly it’s sound quality is good , it’s design is amazing, it’s packing is awesome and more over the battery life is love and that too in this less price.

The headset is very durable and comfortable to carry with yourself as it is very lite weight.It has features to pic the call with the play button on it.

Design And Appearance

The headphones look large and chubby. Like many Skullcandy products, the wireless Hesh 2 is also available in several original colors. The version in question is made in black with metal rings on the cups. Another notable design of the Hesh 2 features a white frame with brown ear pads and gold rings.

The main material for the headphones is plastic. Thanks to its use, the product turned out to be extremely light, although it looks very massive. It may also seem like plastic is the only material for the body, but there is a steel bow inside the headband, and the headband itself is covered with a protective rubber coating. The ear pads are made of leatherette.

The light weight contributes to comfort, but the shape of the cups is almost perfectly round, so parts of the structure can rest on your ears, rather than around them, which can lead to discomfort. Add to that a medium pressure headband and a lack of softness in the ear cushions and you get a rough impression of how comfortable they are.

A cable is available with the device to work with a smartphone. The built-in microphone on the plug-in cable does not offer outstanding capabilities, but it is fine for phone calls in a quiet place. The design of the quick response button is made in a very original way: one of the surfaces on the remote control body is highlighted for it, which allows you to receive a call by taking this element in your hand and squeezing it with your fingers.

The cups are very slightly adjustable. They have only one degree of freedom, and their center of mass is displaced in such a way that they press harder on the head in the upper half. This creates a slight discomfort, which will be even more noticeable if you wear glasses – they press on the arch of the frame. And although you get used to this shortcoming pretty quickly, but still, when you take off the headphones after several hours of listening, you get a feeling of relief.

The headband is large enough. The design of the headphones suggests that they are primarily aimed at adolescents, however, the size margin laid down by the Skullcandy designers is quite suitable for a respectable adult uncle or a powerful aunt. In general, the design allows you to put the Skullcandy Hesh2 model on a rather large head – even over a woolen hat.

The headband is made of rubberized material – probably because of the founder’s love for snowboarding and sports in general.

Bluetooth Connection

The real beauty of the Skullcandy Hesh 2 is that it has a wireless Bluetooth connection and costs the same as a pair of regular budget-grade full-size headphones. The battery lasts up to 15 hours of listening. The quality of wireless communication is highly dependent on the location: in rooms with low wireless interference, the device works perfectly, so in an office with a lot of equipment it may malfunction. In any case, they are more reliable than non-brand wireless headphones.

Controls: Skullcandy Hesh2

The power button on the correct ear cup can be utilized to associate consistently to your gadgets. The LED light glimmers purple to tell you when the earphones are on. Furthermore, these earphones accompany an inherent mic and volume controls that guarantee you dont need to get to your gadget to answer calls, modify the volume or change the melody.

Battery: Skullcandy Hesh2

Appreciate as long as 15 hours of remote music with battery-powered batteries. They can be charged through the miniature USB port. A LED pointer will squint red when the battery is at 10% so you know when you have to put these earphones on charge. Likewise, there is a link given to you to appreciate wired music in case of charge running out. Therefore you can make the most of your preferred music unendingly.

Sound Quality : Skullcandy Hesh2

In Skullcandy Hesh2 wireless review The sound of Skullcandy Hesh 2 is ambiguous. On the one hand, the sounds here are not mixed into an illegible mess and have softened frequencies. Full-size design and large (compared to the previous version) drivers provide satisfying sound.

Sound quality of skullcandy Hesh2 wireless

Skullcandy says the headphones are electronically packed to deliver “powerful bass, warm and natural vocals and accurate treble.” And you can agree with almost all the points, except that the bass is somewhat inflated.

A lot of people would be happy with Skullcandy Hesh 2, although for true music connoisseurs, they look unworthy: all the edges of the sound are softened in both mids and highs, which leads to poor detail and shallow sound. As is often the case with Skullcandy headphones, the bass is not at all restrained and tends to be boomy, and their slow response means that the Hesh 2 is rhythmically useless. These headphones have a large canvas on which something shaky and implicit is drawn.


So lastly, Skullcandy Hesh2 wireless review reached to a point that the Skullcandy Hesh 2 wireless has a small price tag, but it also delivers a consistently unexpressed sound, shifted towards softness and warmth. Of course, you can try to fix the picture with an equalizer, but audiophiles for a similar price would rather prefer Philips SHB8850NC or AKG Y50BT, where the sound picture is more balanced and does not disappoint with smoothness and excessively bloated bass.


  • Nice appearance;
  • Good price for wireless headphones;


  • Sometimes the bass starts mumbling;
  • The overall sound is softer, which means you will hear less detail in the music.


So if you love headphones and have low budget for buying one then Skullcandy Hesh2 wireless review is for you.


Thank You!!


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