Samsung Galaxy Earbuds Review : A True Wireless Headset.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

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There is no life without music, but for pleasant emotions you need a phone with your favorite songs and headphones. It is desirable, of course, wireless headphones, because the time is now. Less wires are better!

There is a large selection of models from the “true wireless” category. We offer an overview of an interesting novelty from this world: the Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones.

Samsung is gradually updating all of its wearables, removing the Gear prefix from their name: first, the Galaxy Watch replaced the Gear S line, then the Galaxy Fit fitness tracker replaced the Gear Fit bracelets.


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Samsung galaxy earbuds

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And today we take a closer look at the next generation of True Wireless headphones from Samsung called Galaxy Buds (formerly Gear IconX ).

True Wireless are headphones that are not even connected with a wire.

This is not just a model update, but a completely new product. With the Galaxy Buds, the company has completely ditched all the fitness functionality we saw in the Gear IconX (calculating calories burned, distance traveled and speed), focusing only on sound and usability.

What happened in the end – let’s figure it out. And at the end of the review, we will answer all the most frequently asked questions!

Samsung Galaxy earbuds review. Options, appearance and ergonomics

The set with the headphones comes with a USB Type-C charging cable (without a power adapter), a case for storing and charging headphones, interchangeable earhooks and ear pads:

Samsung Galaxy Buds package contents
Despite the built-in rechargeable batteries, the headphones are very light and fit comfortably in the ears. Compared to the previous model, the weight is reduced by 30% and is only 5.6 grams ! There is no discomfort from prolonged (2-3 hours in a row) listening. The headphones look like this:

Samsung Galaxy earbuds review

What Galaxy Buds look like in your ears
If you’ve never used a TWS earbud before and are worried about getting lost, don’t worry about it. No matter how hard you shake your head, no matter how sharp movements you make, the headphones will not fall out of your ears.

The charger itself (case / case) is very compact and fits in any pocket without any problems:

Case-case Samsung Galaxy Buds
Unlike the Apple Airpods case, opening the Galaxy Buds case with one hand is very difficult. Here Apple has a clear advantage in ergonomics. The lid is securely fixed in two positions – fully open and closed. In an unsecured position, it dangles a little, but over time you stop paying attention to it.

Each earbud is equipped with the following features:

Working Hours
Touch panel (a)
Proximity sensor (b)
Hall sensor (detects the presence of a magnetic field)
Charging contacts (c)

Description of Galaxy Buds sensors

In general, Samsung Galaxy earbuds review stated that the headphones look great and, which is very pleasing, are completely different from Apple Airpods and their counterparts / clones (the number of people on the street with sticks sticking out of their ears is already reaching critical mass ). In addition, the presence of protection against water and sweat according to the IPX2 standard turned out to be a pleasant bonus (the headphones are not afraid of splashes, that is, they can be used in the rain or when doing active sports).

Design: Samsung Galaxy earbuds

So basically Samsung Galaxy earbuds review and found that there are three options to choose from: in addition to the typical colors like black and white, there are also yellow ones.I got bright headphones. If you like interesting colors, you should pay attention to Samsung Galaxy Buds in this design. Although, as usual, they will mostly be sold in more neutral blacks.

The case is made of matte plastic, the central part is glossy – this is a platform for touch control, there are no separate buttons.

The gesture control works, everything is the same as the Gear Icon X. Convenient? For winter, the option is so-so, and in general, as practice shows, it is easier to use the buttons on the phone screen to switch.

When I walked around with the Gear Icon X a year ago, I liked them, and the same can be said about the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They are lightweight, comfortable, fit perfectly in the ears. They do not fall out when walking or jogging, so I can safely recommend them to anyone involved in sports. And here’s another note: I belong to that small percentage of people who can barely hold AirPods. While walking with Samsung Galaxy Buds, I was glad how easy and convenient it is with them.

Working hours

The earbuds are charged in the case, which in turn is powered via USB Type-C. The case is small, small, but still not tiny and feels good in jeans.

Samsung Galaxy Buds have six hours of battery life, and if you use the charging case, you can get another seven hours.

According to my feelings, the autonomy has remained the same: you can squeeze out about five hours of work. Perhaps it all depends on the volume level – I listened to music most often at 70% of the maximum.

Not much, but true wireless is fine. Plus, during the day, you can recharge the earbuds in the case while you’re not using them. In addition, the case now supports wireless charging.


For example, those who pre-ordered the new Galaxy S10 received these headphones as a gift. Take your phone, put the case on it and charge the case and headset, it’s convenient!

How do they work

Samsung Galaxy earbuds review the headphones paired with the Samsung Galaxy A50. The connection to the phone goes immediately after you open the headphone case. The built-in application detects a new accessory, immediately offers to download the new firmware and update the software.

Moreover, it cannot be undone: until you upgrade, you will not be able to listen to music. After setup, the application conducts a course for a young fighter, teaching the simple intricacies of headphone control.

If you plan to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds with an Android smartphone from other manufacturers, then you need to download the application on Google Play. There is no such program for iOS, the headphones work without it.

In the application, you can use the equalizer, see the headphone charge level and find a lost headphone. If you press the button in the program, the earphone will beep. And if it is discharged? Then buy new headphones.


Conversations : Samsung Galaxy earbuds

I didn’t really like the quality of voice transmission: the interlocutors complain of wheezing and a dull voice. In principle, I do not like to speak with headphones. Better the old fashioned way, holding the phone to your face. And the experience of using Samsung Galaxy Buds for conversations was another argument in favor of my habit.


 Sound quality : Samsung Galaxy earbuds

First, a few dry facts. Firstly, the headphones only support 3 codecs: SBC , AAC and Samsung’s proprietary codec Scalable . That is, unfortunately, there is no support for high-bitrate audio. By the way, if these names do not tell you anything, be sure to read our article on Bluetooth codecs , where you can read about what codecs are, how they affect sound quality and which of them are most preferable.

Secondly, AKG, which Samsung acquired together with the entire Harman concern, is responsible for the setting and sound quality. That is, Galaxy Buds is, first of all, a music product, not a gadget.

To be honest, the first impression from listening to these headphones was completely unpleasant (do not forget that any assessment of the sound is subjective ). The sound seemed too “flat” and insipid, despite the good detailing of the high frequencies, problems with the lows were clearly felt. After changing the ear pads (there are 3 pairs of them in the kit), the situation has changed markedly, but the usual amount of bass was still lacking.

And now, after activating the Dynamic Equalizer function in the Samsung Galaxy Wearable program:-


Equalizer Galaxy Wearable

Samsung Galaxy earbuds review Stated that the sound acquired volume, low frequencies appeared, and with it the pleasure of listening to music. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the dynamic equalizer mode (unless, of course, you think that the bass in the headphones is weak), and also try all the replaceable ear pads and temples (the correct fit of the headphones in your ears has a big impact).

Overall, the sound quality is good, on par with other headphones in the same price range. Even listening to music for a long time does not cause fatigue.

Updated : At the moment, there are many headphones on the market (even cheaper ones) with much better sound.

Functional : Samsung Galaxy earbuds

To enjoy the full benefit of headphones, you need to install the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone . On all Samsung phones it is installed right out of the box, that is, you don’t need to download anything separately.

After launching the application and selecting headphones, the following options will be available to you:

Galaxy Wearable app

At the top, the charge of each earphone is displayed, then the Equalizer function , which we have already talked about just above.


In the Notifications item, you can select applications from which notifications will be voiced. Please note that only the name of the application is announced. For example, if a new SMS has arrived, you will only hear the word “Message” in Russian without information about the sender or the content of this message.


At this point, you can configure the action that should occur when you long press on each earphone. All other actions are standard, you cannot change them:

Single press. Pauses or resumes playback.
Double tap. Plays the next song, and you can also double-click to answer or end a call.
Triple touch. Plays the previous song.
The only thing missing is the volume control function. But, as mentioned above, this can be easily fixed by assigning the appropriate function to the “touch and hold” gesture:

A very interesting feature that, in fact, turns headphones into a kind of hearing aids. When you activate surround sound, each earbud will pick up ambient sounds and amplify them.

Surround Galaxy Buds in Wearable
If you set Voice Priority separately , then voices will sound louder than all other sounds. While listening to music at a comfortable volume (say, from 50% and higher) – there is no sense from this function. The music sound will completely overlap the surround sound.

The meaning of this function is different. The headphones themselves have good noise isolation (the ear pads completely cover the ear, muffling the surrounding sounds). And even if you pause the music (say, going to a store), it will be very difficult to hear what the cashier or another person is telling you. I have to take off one earpiece so as not to ask the other person again.

So, by turning on the Sound Surround function, you will perfectly hear voices without removing the headphones. Also, it is useful to enable this function during cycling trips.

Search for headphones

Find Galaxy Buds in Galaxy Wearable
Quite a handy and practical function! Since the headphones are not connected in any way, sometimes one of them can get lost somewhere. After activating the search, the lost earphone will begin to emit a loud enough squeak. By the way, if the other is inserted into the ear at this time, it will not squeak. As mentioned above, each earbud is equipped with a proximity sensor, which allows the system to detect whether the earbuds are removed or not.

Voice Assistant

By assigning a voice assistant function to a long touch on the touch panel, you can give different voice commands and receive prompts directly through the headphones.

Fortunately, Samsung hasn’t tied the headphones to Bixby (which still doesn’t understand Russian). The first time you call the voice assistant through the headphones, the smartphone will ask you whose services you want to use – Bixby or Google Assistant.

Sensor operation

I was very pleased with the presence of sensors and how they work. Most Bluetooth headphones play until the music on the smartphone is turned off. Some models are equipped with magnets to deactivate the headphones when you remove and attach them to each other.

Galaxy Buds are much smarter. As soon as you insert the earphone into your ear, it automatically turns on (a corresponding signal sounds), and when you take it off, the music stops and the earbuds go into standby mode. These are the very details that you immediately pay attention to and which make a good product exceptional.

Autonomy : Samsung Galaxy earbuds

The headphones are charged only from the case. The case itself supports both wireless charging and Type-C charging. The headphone battery capacity is 58 mAh , the case capacity is 252 mAh . That is, the case, when fully charged, is able to fully charge the headphones twice .

We measured the battery life of the Galaxy Buds from full charge by turning on the music at half past nine in the morning at 60% volume and not turning it off until the headphones were empty. Results in the table:

Time  Charge percentage

09:30   100%
10:30    90%
13:30    45%
14:30    thirty%
15:30    fifteen%
16:15     0%

Samsung claims up to 6 hours of continuous use for the headphones and our test showed almost identical results. After 6 hours of listening to music, the headphones still have 15% charge . Thus, taking with you on a trip only a case with headphones, you can count on at least 12 hours of continuous work!

To charge the headphones, you need to place them in the case, and the case itself should be connected to the USB port of your computer or to any 5 volt power adapter. The charging time for the headphones is as follows:

Time   Charge percentage

13:15   0%
13:35   50% (in 20 min.)
13:55   80% (+20 min.)
14:15    90% (+20 min.)
14:35  100% (+20 min.)

In total, from zero to 100%, the headphones are charged in 1 hour and 20 minutes . The full charging time of the case is almost 2 hours (1 hour and 50 minutes).

How are they different from the Gear Icon X?

  • Gone is the fitness tracker feature in Galaxy Buds;
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds don’t work as a standalone player;
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds have a more compact charging case;
  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds case supports wireless charging.


Answers to frequently asked questions

At the end of the review, we decided to briefly answer the questions that potential Galaxy Buds users may have:

Can Galaxy Buds be used with any Android device?

Sure! Headphones are not tied to Samsung smartphones. You can not only use them with smartphones from other manufacturers, but also connect to a laptop, TV, player and other audio devices.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to Android smartphone?

Your best bet is to do the following:

  • Download Samsung Galaxy Wearable App;
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Open the case with headphones (without taking them out);
  • Launch Galaxy Wearable app and select your device (Galaxy Buds);
  • After a few seconds, the application will display the found headphones;
  • Click on the name of the found device
  • Done!If you do not want to install anything additionally (while losing part of the functionality), then see the answer to the next question.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to iPhone?

When connected to an iPhone, you will lose some of the functionality, namely the Sound environment function , Headphone search , display of the charge level and fine-tuning the sensor. That is, in the case of the iPhone, you just get high quality and very comfortable TWS headphones.

To connect, just go to the smartphone settings, to the Bluetooth section and search for the device. If the headphones are not found, then put them into pairing mode. How to do this – read the answer to the next question.

How to enable pairing / search mode and connect Galaxy Buds to another device (TV, laptop)?

If you want to connect the headphones to multiple devices (for example, a smartphone and a laptop), then before connecting, you need to put the headphones into pairing or search mode. This is very easy to do:

  • Insert earphones into your ears (this will be more comfortable)
  • Touch the sensors of both earbuds with your fingers at the same time
  • Hold your fingers on the headphones for a couple of seconds
  • Done! Headphones are available for connection on a second device

To connect to a laptop running Windows 10, you need to put the headphones in search mode (see above) and on the computer:

  • Open Start Menu
  • Select Options
  • In the window that opens, go to the Devices section
  • Next, click Add Bluetooth or other device
  • In the new window, select Bluetooth (mice, keyboards, audio and other devices)
  • When Windows detects headphones – select them

How to find out the battery charge of the Galaxy Buds case / cover?

If the charge of the headphones can be easily seen in the Galaxy Wearable app, then with the charge of the case it is not so simple. You will not find the amount of interest left anywhere. Instead, Samsung has equipped the case with two indicators. One is inside the case.

Galaxy Buds case charge indicator
It displays the headphone charge as follows:

  • Lights up solid red. The headphones are charging.
  • Lights up solid green. The headphones are charged to 100%
  • Flashing red. Headphones cannot be charged due to overheating.

As soon as we close the case, the second indicator turns on for a few seconds.

Galaxy Buds case charge indicator
The color of this indicator tells us the approximate charge of the case:

  • Lights up solid red.
  • Charging case Lights up solid green.
  • The case is 100% charged Flashes red very quickly.
  • Charging not possible due to overheating Flashes red slowly.
  • Battery is very low Lights up red for 5 seconds after closing the case.
  • Less than 30% charge left Lights up yellow for 5 seconds after closing the case.
  • The charge remained from 30% to 60% Lights up green for 5 seconds after closing the case.
  • More than 60% charge left.

Can Galaxy Buds shower? How are things going with moisture protection?

The headphones are protected according to the IPX2 standard , which imposes a number of restrictions (for more information on IP protection, see here ):

Galaxy Buds are completely unprotected from dust. The company recommends that you do not store your headphones in dusty places as this may damage them.
Galaxy Buds are not waterproof. They are protected only from sweat and light rain, so it is strictly forbidden to shower with headphones.

Does Galaxy Buds support gesture control?

No. Headphones are controlled by touching the touch panels. As mentioned above, single touch, double and triple touch, as well as long touch (touch and hold your finger for about 1-2 seconds) are supported.


So lastly,Samsung Galaxy earbuds review concludes that Samsung has got excellent wireless headphones for a relatively low cost (at least cheaper than the same Apple Airpods). Thoughtful touch panel control, long battery life, light weight and convenient dimensions – all this makes Galaxy Buds an excellent choice as TWS headphones!

The only drawback is the lack of Hi-Res codecs for high bitrate audio transmission. But finding such a solution on the market is not easy, even in the more expensive segment.

Thank You!!


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