Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphone Review: How good is it?

Powerbeats3 Review

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Beats Powerbeats 3 are wireless headphones that are a continuation of the well-known PowerBeats line from a well-known company. The headphones are suitable for all those who like to listen to their favorite music, regardless of the weather or type of activity. The shape of the earbuds allows you to comfortably  use them both while walking and during sports .


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Powerbeats3 wireless

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Equipment With Powerbeats3

  • Powerbeats 3 Headphones
  • Carrying and storage case
  • Universal USB charging cable (USB-microUSB)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card


Unpacking and packaging: Powerbeats3

So lets start Powerbeats3 wireless earphone review with Unpacking & packaging.The box, according to the assurances of others, looks expensive and rich. Somehow it reflects the class of the device and something else there. In my opinion, the box is like a box – all more or less decent headphone manufacturers do at least as well.

On the reverse side, the cat cried technical characteristics. From the reliable one can only say the Apple W1 chip and about 12 hours of work.

Packing of powerbeats3

In the kit we were given a lot of absolutely meaningless waste paper and, of course, a branded sticker. Which, being glued no matter where, will increase your status, height, weight and intelligence level.

The branded silicone case also raises a lot of questions. I could very well find a similar one in this “all for 30 cents” on Aliexpress.

The cable is short, all in the Beats logos and at the same time MicroUSB. Although here it is expected that Apple put a modern Type C – this will not happen! Thank you for not MiniUSB and that you don’t need to buy it separately.

One of the things that really pleased me was the packaging of silicone tips. Although the nozzles themselves are quite common here.

Design and usability: Powerbeats3

Powerbeats3 wireless earphone review Design & Usability.First of all, it is worth noting the unsurpassed convenience when using the headphones . For two hours of training, their ears were not tired at all. “Tablets” with nozzles do not rub anywhere and do not interfere at all.


As for the shape of the headphones, it has not changed at all relative to the first generation – Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless. The temples are made of rubber and are not felt at all. The cable is additionally reinforced at the entry points into the headphone housing. There is also a round cable tie with a logo on the cable for adjusting the length. The control panel is standard, located on the cheek on the left side and has only three buttons that allow you to control playback, accept / reject calls, and adjust the volume. By the way, PU can be used even with gloves, which is very convenient, especially in the cold season.

This model has no plugs on the microUSB connector, which will delight those who were so annoyed by it. The tips are all ordinary, silicone and provide only basic passive noise isolation, which can be called a plus rather than a minus for sports headphones, because this level of noise isolation allows you to stay in touch with the outside world when playing sports outdoors. Basic protection against sweat and moisture is also included .

As for the Beats Powerbeats 3 color scheme, here you will find classic black with gray accents, all white, black with blue, black with red, black with yellow and gray and white color schemes.

Sound and technology: Powerbeats3

Powerbeats3 wireless earphone review: Sound & Technology.
In terms of connectivity, Apple’s Beats Powerbeats 3 products connect seamlessly. To do this, simply press the button on the cup, that is, there is  no need to enter the Bluetooth menu separately for this purpose.

In terms of charging and battery life, the earbuds promise 12 hours of continuous listening time and fast charging in 5 minutes for an extra hour of listening.


But the sound in Powerbeats3 has become completely different and has been significantly improved compared to previous models. So Beats Powerbeats 3 can be called the company’s greatest success. This dramatic improvement is due to the use of the Apple W1 chip. Now we have not only the bass, but the entire frequency spectrum . Lossless volume headroom has also increased, vocals sound much better, and the headphones themselves can now be used to listen to streaming services, as well as in tandem with advanced players for iOS / Android.

So Beats Powerbeats3 can now easily compete in sound quality with other sports wireless headphones, such as the Bose SoundSport Wireless.

Autonomy: Powerbeats3 

Powerbeats3 wireless earphone review: Autonomy.
The manufacturer claims that the headset will work for 12 hours in music listening mode. With daily use for about 2 hours at a volume of 40%, our copy worked for 5 days, and on the sixth headset began to notify about a low battery charge and in this mode it worked for about 40 minutes more. Almost 11 hours is a very good result for compact headphones. In addition to the diode on the case, an icon on the display of your iOS or Android smartphone can signal the state of charge.

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Powerbeats3 support fast charging technology, thanks to which in 5 minutes you can get enough charge for two hours of listening to music. However, in practice, it is desirable to use a charger with a current strength of 1.5-2A for this.


The PowerBeats3 earbuds aren’t what some would call ‘True wireless earbuds’. In fact this is genuine on the grounds that they do have a link associating one earbud to the next, yet the issue with this ‘valid’ name is that it infers prevalence. Genuine remote earbuds are commonly more costly and a lot simpler to lose.

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The PowerBeats3, then again, do have a link, yet they make its best. Most importantly, there is a clasp that you can use to dispose of the overabundance link that is simply hanging near, which is seemingly the more regrettable part about ‘false Wireless earbuds’. And afterward it additionally includes an in-line far off with a receiver.

The distant is lets you do everything from controlling volume to stopping and playing, evolving tunes, and accepting calls. The distant is a bit high in case we’re being nit-particular, implying that you’ll generally need to work it by feel, however the equivalent could be said for the force and Bluetooth matching catch on the left earbud. It’s difficult to reprimand this when there truly is certifiably not a more advantageous spot to put these in. What’s more, it enables that the catches to have great criticism.


The manufacturer positions this model as a solution for sports, therefore, the design provides earhooks for attaching behind the ear and a cable tie for fixing the wire at the back of the head.

The temples are made of rubber, pleasant to the touch, and are flexible enough. The headset is almost weightless and is not felt on the ears during the first hour of wearing, then the temples begin to be felt, but discomfort during training still does not arise. During a run, the headphone modules are well fixed on the ears and do not create inconvenience.


One of the most impressive things about the PowerBeats3 is the battery life it offers, while it’s nothing short of excellent.

 Earphones review

While the decision to use microUSB as a charging port might sound odd for an Apple product, it means a lot of people will have multiple cables lying around – and obviously one of them is included in the box.

Given the fact that these headphones are designed so well for products in the Apple ecosystem, it won’t come as a surprise if future models are connected to Lightning.

In terms of battery longevity, we used the PowerBeats3 for four to five days on average before having to recharge them again, and this happens with both normal run and normal commutation.

For example, two hours of work over the weekend showed only a 20% reduction, which was excellent performance from earbuds that don’t look like they have massive batteries inside.

Charging times are also fast, with just a few minutes of charging, easy enough to see you at home if you realize they are empty just before the train ride.


The connection on the PowerBeats3 is strong while using them – although we had a few issues with them during our test.

With PowerBeats 3, turning them on does not offer the instant beep on which they were turned on – you have to wait a few seconds to hear a sound confirming the connection to your phone.

Wireless Earbuds
This initial connection can sometimes be tricky to work out – the way most people use Bluetooth headphones – is to place them on their head and then turn on the power using audio prompts to confirm the connection.
However, holding down the power button for too long triggers pairing mode, so it became a choice between guessing how long to turn on the headphones or doing something before placing them.

And even then, there were times when you had to pair your headphones again by keeping them close to your iPhone or iPad. Nice to see a pop-up appear right next to the headphones, but it’s unclear why this is needed

Outside of these issues, however, we found the headphone range to be excellent, allowing us to make significant headway from our phone without disconnecting the connection.

Features of Beats Powerbeats3:

  • Moisture protection. The latest Beats headphones are designed with active people in mind . In addition to a secure hook-and- loop fastener , the Powerbeats 3 are waterproof . Now this will allow you to use the headphones without fear of getting them wet during heavy rain or active training .
  • Duration of work. When it comes to wireless headphones, the chances are good to forget to charge them. Powered by Apple’s W1 chip, the new PowerBeats 3 provide 12 hours of continuous playback of your favorite songs .
  • Fast charging. One of the biggest problems with all wireless headphones is a low battery in the middle of the day. Powerbeats 3 are equipped with fast charging technologycalled «the Fast the Fuel» , which will provide an hour battery life, charging the headphones is just 5 minutes ! Obviously, this technology will allow you not to worry about a dead battery.
  • Calls without a phone. The new Beats headphones feature “RemoteTalk” technology and a built-in microphone that lets you activate Siri voice assistant , answer calls and control music without even touching your phone. Sounds great, doesn’t it?



What can be said in the conclusion? The sound relative to sports models from other manufacturers is poor, despite all the improvements in sound quality and the new W1 chip. The quality and comfort, of course, are at their best, the convenient method of synchronization with Apple devices (via the pop-up menu), as well as the fast charging function, moisture protection and an excellent choice of colors are also pleasing. So, if you are not particularly picky about the sound and are one of the owners of Apple devices, then be sure to take a closer look at them .

The cost of the headphones on the official Apple website is $ 199.

  • Maximum comfort;
  • Improved sound quality;
  • Long working time;
  • Sweat and splash proof;
  • Fast charging function;
  • W1 chip for fast and reliable synchronization with Apple devices;
  • A good selection of colors.
  •  Micro USB connector (iPhone has a Lightning connector, which means you have to carry 2 wires with you);
  • Sound. Yes, it has changed significantly and became better, but it still loses to many sports models in this price category.

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