Lypertek TEVI Review : True Wireless Earbuds With charging case

Lypertek Tevi

Hello/ Greetings to everyone, So Today I am going to put my true views on Lypertek Tevi Review.

It’s just when you think you’ve seen everything the true wireless headphone market has to offer, plus a bit of a gem. You might not have heard of the upcoming audio brand Lypertek yet, but expect to hear a lot from him – his true wireless Lypertek Tevi headphones are some of the best we’ve tried, especially given the low price tag.


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Lypertek Tevi Review


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With USB-C charging, well-balanced sound, long battery life and waterproofing, it picks every box you can ask for from what is basically a pair of budget kits. Lypertek Tevi, surprisingly, can just blow you up.

It has introduced new wireless headphones that are han definitely worth their attention. The headphones are called Lypertek Tevi and today I will tell you about their main features pros and cons.

The price of Lypertek Tevi wireless headphones starts at $90. To be honest this is not the best offer but we will definitely check if they are worth the money.

The Tevi Boats are Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection aptX codec qcalcomm processor and many other features. It’s time to start reviewing and I will start with unboxing and continue with the look(design).

Unboxing of Lypertek Tevi

I was greeted by a small box with a a transparent front cover. On the front panel you can read the model name and the main characteristics , and through the transparent cover you can see e the headphones and case.

The main technical specifications are are printed on the back of the box in different languages.

Inside the box I found a charging case headphones instruction in English three pairs of earbuds and type-C charging cable.

DESIGN : Lypertek Tevi

Lypertek Tevi Don’t break the mold when it comes to the function and design of a pair of true wireless earbuds. The left and right kidneys are housed in a pill-shaped charging case that magnetically attaches in place. The case itself contains a battery, and placing the buds inside will cause them to be recharged, provided that the case itself has been charged.

Lypertek Tevi Review

The Lypertek Tevi connection is a bit different from some of the other wireless devices we’ve used. Using Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Plus technology, you first connect the right earbud (via Bluetooth 5.0) and then get prompted to pair the left earbud separately ..

Then they work like any other pair of wireless earbuds – take them out of the case and they’re automatically connected to your source device of choice, slide them into the case and they’re off and start charging. But it also opens up the possibility of using them as a single monaural headset, independent of each other, thanks to their discrete connection to the source – convenient if, for example, you just want to use them as a Bluetooth headset for calls.



It’s pretty standard fare so far. But the first thing that sets the Lypertek Tevi apart from the crowd is its claimed 70-hour battery life. It’s 10 hours in the bud, with six more full charges housed in the case. It’s got a significant amount of juice here, and while your mileage will vary depending on the volume you play your tunes at, most competing true wireless partners will be in a decent position if they offer half as much.
You’d think it would lead to bulky, bulky buds and a giant charging case, but it’s not true about the Lypertek Tevi. While it’s small in size at 8 x 3 x 4 cm, its chassis is ideal for handheld devices and even includes USB-C charging, which outperforms the cheaper microUSB due to its reversible nature and fast charging characteristics. Likewise, the buds themselves (which avoid the AirPods’ stem-like teeth for a bud-only aesthetic) are relatively small, protruding only a small amount from your ear.

Some fatigue is inevitable with longer listening sessions, but the buds are light enough to take hours before real discomfort occurs. Plus, you can choose from four styles of earbuds – small, medium and large in silicone – and a versatile set for all occasions. ‘Flexfit’ foam tips, similar to the material you find with disposable earplugs. As such, it’s easier to find a comfortable fit – our money is for foam tips that provide better insulation from outside noise.

The buds themselves contain physical buttons that control everything from playback to volume, to answering calls and calling a voice assistant. While it might be a little awkward to press on things literally stuck in your ears, they’re much more reliable than touch controls. Also note that the volume controls on the headphones are independent of your source device – while confusing initially, it has proven useful in giving you more granular control over volume levels and allowing the Lypertek Tevi to reach very high volume levels if Do you want to.

What Lypertek Tevi doesn’t do is a luxurious design. The case, covered in fabric, is gray in color and indescribable (other than an extra cord attached to one end, presumably for hanging from a keychain or the like) and the buds are functional as well, with a small silver ring surrounding the button area where the slim Lipertek logo lives. But we’re better off a pair that disappears into the background than getting attention anyway, and the fabric-covered case is really easier to find when tucked away at the bottom of your bag.

And while Lypertek Tevi’s don’t offer wireless charging or noise cancellation, don’t expect such a price point from them, as the fact that they do offer IPX7 waterproofing – enough to see how they can take a shower without fuss – is the perfect deal.

SOUND : Lypertek Tevi

I have been accustomed to making concessions on sound quality for true wireless sounds – a nascent technology whose form factor was comfortable enough to ignore any audio imperfections. But then it’s no longer an excuse, thanks to fantastic audio from the likes of the Sony WF-1000XM3 and Cambridge Audio Melomania 1.

Lypertek Tevi Review

That the $90 kidney kit can challenge this legendary competition is a fantastic and welcome shock. Liptek Tevi ‘• 6mm graphene drivers with buses supporting SBC, AAC and aptX codecs offer some of the most natural and balanced sounds we’ve enjoyed from headphones all year.

Where Lypertek Tevi excel is in their almost neutral sound. That’s what audiophiles crave – the ability to hear songs and soundtracks as intended by their creators, without tuning that unnecessarily exaggerates elements of the mix. As a result, bass lovers may want to look elsewhere, as the bottom doesn’t overpower the soundstage here, but for everyone else it’s a very accurate representation of the melodies of its presentation.

Lypertek Tevi are beautifully detailed. Listening to the all-time favorite, Bjork’s Hyperballad, a wonderful grid of sub-bass, sparkling samples, strings, beats and synths, and the whole song is open. Rotting a processed drum, swelling a synthesized beat, dancing an arpeggiated computer line between the ears – Tevi knows exactly how to handle them and where to place them.

Jump to something more delicate, and that’s just as skillful. The opening of Phoebe Bridgers’ bars is’ Motion Sickness’, with a thundering steady guitar chord and rhythmic muted palm notes that are distinctive and wide. A little more depth in the soundstage can be found, but it’s a ‘Little Bridgers issue’ velvet vocals sitting comfortably up front.

There’s a bit of emergency hiss at extreme volume levels, but it’s hard to find fault with the presentation otherwise. It’s exceptional and outrageous considering the price.

Connect and control: Lypertek Tevi

The device receive the wireless connection Bluetooth version 5.0 also for high quality and reliable connection protocols such as APtx,Acc, SBC are used.

Lypertek Tevi Review


The connection with the mobile device is the same as for other models of wireless headphones. Automatic connection is also present if you have previously been paired with headphones.

Switch case is simple ,if you click once on the physical button play/pause accept hangup full stop ,if you double click decrease or increase the volume and if three times switch that track forward or backward respectively depending on Channel.

Battery : Lypertek Tevi

I tried to find information on the battery capacity in the headphones and the charging case on the official website but nothing came of it. As indicated by the manufacturer lypertek Tevi headphones can work on a single charge for about 10 hours and the total operating time with the charging box is about 7 hours.

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During testing at maximum volume lypertek Tevi lasted about 9.5 hours. I was pleasantly surprised sense these are the first wireless headphones with such high autonomy on a single charge. I am assuming that each earbud has a 65 mAh battery capacity but this is not accurate.

Another advantage is fast charging you can charge the headphone in just 15 minutes and they will work for 2 hours.


The Lypertek Tevi is a great value pair of earbuds for great sounding performance across all genres of music. If you can’t afford to pay extra for devices like the Libratone, Sony, and Apple, the Tevi is a great budget option.


  • Confident,
  • lively sound
  • Polished build quality
  • Affordable
  • Long battery life
  • Convenient to use

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