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Jlab Air Icon

Hello/ Greetings To Everyone, So Today I am writing my true & tested views on Jlab Air Icon Review.

Until recently, completely wireless headphones were the lot of geeks who could shell out very solid money for a gadget that, apart from the complete absence of wires, could not offer anything outstanding. Sound quality was average, battery life was poor, and controllability was almost entirely lacking. But now the times are changing, and inexpensive wireless headphones are beginning to appear on the market, for example, like the hero of today’s JLab JBuds Air review.

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Jlab Air Icon

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The JLab Air Icon sells for about $60 and is splash and sweat resistant. Are they worthy of your attention and desire for possession?

Who is the JLab Air Icon made for?

  • For athletes . Headphones that are IP55 water and dust resistant are ideal candidates for anyone who loves sports or fitness and wants to listen to their favorite music.
  • For those who just want inexpensive wireless headphones . As I wrote above, headphones completely devoid of wires have always been much more expensive than analog ones with a wire, and now they are becoming available and this makes them very attractive for those who can afford to spend a little money on experimenting with technologies, and who knows, maybe they will become someone’s favorites.
  • For geeks . Yes, JLab Air Icon is great for geeks looking to get cutting edge technology for a fair price. And, you see, this form factor is especially well suited for our country, since It’s very cold outside for half a year, and headphones are completely wireless, perfect for wearing them under a hat.

Design and Charging Case

Like a few JLab Earbuds, the design here’s is exceptionally simple and smooth, with plastic earbuds embellished with the brand logo. The pill framed charging case is sufficiently little to change in a pocket or confined or coat and has an astoundingly short, designed charging link that snaps into a section on the base side when not being used.

Jlab air icon review

The charging case top flips open, uncovering the charging bunk for every earpiece. In each bundle, JLab incorporates 4 sets of ear tips – 3 silicone sets in little, mid, and enormous, and one in this is froth pair. There’re likewise 2 sets of discretionary sleeves calls balances – they are simply rings of silicone that fits around the earpiece and when it little for an exact fit in scarcely any ears.

It has an incorporated USB charging wire as we have known, yet it is short and in the event that it breaks, the total case should be supplanted. Fortunately, you can buy another case independently in the event that you need it.

On the drawback, the cover of the case feels a little plastically and the charging case is somewhat bulkier than a couple of the different TWS earbuds we have seen up until now.

Control and Connectivity

The JLab Air Icon True average controls, arranged on the two ears, these 2 buttons feel genuinely hardened and to enroll the utilizing order, you’ve to press the earbud more profound into year ear. They’ve regular earbud controls like interruption, play, call the board, and track skipping, just as the pattern of 3 EQs.

True wireless earbuds

Shockingly, there is no brief to show which preset you are no however there’re voice prompts for matching battery information when originally controlled on.

The JLab Air Icon True interfaces consequently when you open the top of the case on after first association. On the off chance that you keep your versatile close by, you would not get any issues, however on the off chance that you go to another room, you’re probably going to get some little issues. It’s anything but a serious deal, yet it’d be better.

At the point when you put tow dividers in the middle of, the sound and music stop as is regular for most remote headphones. With regards to the remote codec, they just help the fundamental ACC and SBC codecs.

At the price tag, that is fine however a couple of cheaper alternatives do accompany aptX as well.

Sound Quality 

The sound presentation of the JLab Air icon is amazing. This is likely because of the superb noise isolation as you are not having a lot of sound hole from all your ears that permits you to appreciate a total soundstage.

The sound presentation of the JLab Air icon is brilliant. This is likely because of the You will likewise custom three EQs sound setting offering you 3 distinctive EQ profiles to choose from on the earbuds themselves. That is correct, no application required and you can move from JLab’s unique bass boot and offset modes with simply a finger tap on your ear.

Sweatproof Wireless Earbuds

Finally they are not perfectly appraised for water-resistant up to. Sweatproof wireless earbuds, however, are evaluated. They are IP55 waterproofing. This implies that the JLab Air icon is made for sweat resistance and light rain, implying that they are ideal exercise mate.

In addition, the appearance of the JLab Air icon and inbuilt noise isolating tips will help these headphones to remain in your ear while doing an actual movement like running and running.

Battery life

The battery life of the headphones during the test was 5 hours 7 minutes at a volume level above average. And it takes Almost 1.5hours to get full charged. This is an average result, most fully wireless headphones last about the same amount on a single battery charge.

Jlab Air Icon Review

The charging case has a built-in battery, and can give an additional 10 hours of headphone operation, which will result in about 18 hours of music playback.

Wireless connection

Stable communication is observed at a distance of up to 10 meters without obstacles and about 7 meters in an apartment. Good, but not outstanding result. The headphones are equipped with a Bluetooth 4.2 module, aptX or AAC codecs are not supported, although I think this will not be a big problem for headphones that cost only $60.

When watching the video, I noticed delays and lags when synchronizing the picture and sound, so if you plan to watch a lot of videos on YouTube, then it’s probably better to look at other headphones.

Automatic connection and disconnection from the phone, when taking out and putting the headphones into the charging case, works well, there was never a failure during testing. The headphones connect to the phone very quickly and disconnect on time, there is no problem with that.

Microphone : Jlab Air Icon Review

No earbuds are perfect, and in the case of the JLab Air Icon, a huge fly in the ointment is voice phone calls.

Even if you listen to music that plays in the left and right earbuds, as it should be, during any voice call you will only hear the interlocutor’s voice in the right earphone. This is discouraging, but you can get used to it.

What you can’t get used to is the quality of the microphone. The interlocutor will hear you as if you are standing at a distance of one meter from the microphone, as if you are speaking from a distance, while external noise will also be captured by the microphone, so it is possible to talk only if it is quiet enough around you. Although your voice will be conveyed in some detail, its volume will not always be sufficient for the interlocutor to hear you well.

Therefore, I can rate voice calls as unsatisfactory, and I do not recommend using JLab Air Icon as a headset.

Jlab Air Icon Review: Sports

JLab Air Icon are IP55 rated to resist sweat and splash water, which means they’ll take any workout, whatever you do in the gym.

At the same time, the headphones are very secure in your ears, you cannot lose them. The earbuds weigh only 6 grams, plus you can wear additional silicone earpads to make them sit firmly in your ear.

Another surprisingly pleasant feature is the minimal effect of wind on the sound you hear. If you jog in the open air, or often and walk a lot, you probably came across an unpleasant effect that occurs when the wind blows – you hear it through headphones. So when using JLab JBuds Air, the wind is either not audible at all, or audible, but quiet. This is a nice bonus to the comfort of listening to music.


So lastly,Should you buy a JLab Air Icon? I think yes. Firstly, the headphones cost very reasonable money, and in return you get completely wireless headphones with protection against splashes of water with a pleasant, albeit not perfect sound and rich music control capabilities. In my opinion, headphones are very suitable for sports activities or walking in the fresh air.

The battery life, although not breaking records, is at a good average level today, and the stylish appearance will make you proud of the new gadget.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, fully wireless headphone for sports, check out the JLab Air Icon.


  • Nice appearance
  • Rich control over music playback
  • Long battery life – up to 18 hours
  • Good value for money
  • Good, though not perfect sound quality
  • Landing reliability


  • Talking on the phone is inconvenient due to strange behavior of the microphone
  • It’s difficult to listen for more than 2 hours in a row, you want to give your ears a break from headphones

Hope you liked the Jlab Air Icon Review and if you feel like i missed on something then please let me know so that I can add that too this and make it more valuable and helpful for all.

Thank You!!!

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