JBL Reflect Flow Review : A True Wireless Earbuds [ Waterproof ]

JBL Reflect Flow

Hello / Greetings To Everyone, So Today I am going to put my true views on JBL Reflect Flow Review.

Jbl users liked the new headphones for sports training with secure fittings. High quality sound and stylish design attracted the Jbl Reflect Flow model.

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JBL Reflect Flow

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Sports TWS headphones, JBL, 100$ – what can you expect? You do not need to understand this, but a couple of years ago, such headphones cost two or even three times more. The popularization of “true wireless” audio is paying off and now you can buy a good specialized thing much cheaper. I was surprised how good JBL Reflect Flow actually turned out – however, all the conclusions will be below.


Equipment with JBL Reflect Flow 

Standard for Wireless Jbl Reflect Flow. The device is delivered in a cardboard box depicting the functions of the gadget.

  • headphones;
  • set of replaceable ear pads;
  • charging case;
  • charging cable for the case;
  • manual, instruction and warranty card.


Design : JBL Reflect Flow

The model is available in four colors: black, yellow, light blue, blue – all colors are cool, lively. If you shy away from brightness, take the black and gray headphones, they look good too. If you want something fun – buy headphones as in the review, they are really cool live. You can choose a model for your favorite sneakers, and this is the main thing.

The case is healthy, pulls back a pocket, it is better to wear it either in a jacket or in a bag. In general, the headphones have two drawbacks for their price: a healthy case and micro-USB for charging. In 2020, micro-USB is painful. But on the other hand, the case is beautifully designed, the rubber-to-touch plastic matches the color of the headphones, the cups magnetise well inside, no questions asked.

The operating time is about ten hours, in life, the headphones last about that much. There is a quick charge, in ten minutes we get an hour of playback in the case. The case gives two more additional charges – an excellent result overall. Apparently, Flow uses one of the most modern chips: TWS-headphones began to work for about ten hours quite recently.

There are no questions about the assembly, everything is fine, the buttons are too elastic, but this is the norm for sports models, the IPX7 protection is declared here, that is, you can run in the rain or even jump into the pool – but, of course, I do not recommend you to do this. Save your ears! I don’t even want to remember that it is still unknown when it will be possible for us to run in the rain or jump into the pool – you really miss all this.

The case is fully charged in about two and a half hours, you can speed up the process by connecting the cable to some kind of charger. Whether it is worth doing – I don’t know, I kept charging the headphones from the Mophie external battery.

I really like the way the cups fit into the case, no problem figuring out which one to insert. The indicator lights could be safely removed to the inner surface, but in general they are small and not angry.

The button on the left controls the Ambient Aware and TalkThru functions: the first one mutes the music so that you can talk to someone or hear something; the second amplifies loud sounds. Especially useful for outdoor jogging. Well, to be honest, I used to pull out one earpiece in the old fashioned way when my wife approached the treadmill and started asking something. 

Comfort : JBL Reflect Flow

JBL Reflect Flow

The set includes special nozzles that are protected from sweat – it is the nozzles in sports headphones that are given up in the first place, so it’s very good that JBL took care of this properly. Each cup has a pair of attachments, one called Freebit and equipped with a stop, the other in the usual format. I recommend trying all sizes of attachments from the kit, the basic ones are a little too big for me, the smallest ones fit. You can safely wear JBL Reflect Flow with them for an hour or two – alas, this form factor does not imply long-term wearing, the ears will sooner or later get tired.


Microphone : JBL Reflect Flow

Suddenly, we started talking a lot on the phone, on the tablet, on the laptop – from meetings to workouts, everything happens remotely. Therefore, the question of the quality of speech transmission is extremely acute. I tried JBL Reflect Flow with iPad Pro and Skype, the coach hears me, everything is ok. I tried to talk using the iPhone at home – perfect, the interlocutors note the excellent sound quality. Wind can get in the way outside, but most modern headphones can’t handle it.

Sound Quality : JBL Reflect Flow

I can say one thing: I was very pleased. I tested it paired with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, listened to a lot of different music both during home workouts and in everyday life.

Firstly, unexpectedly for TWS headphones – volume. As if it’s not a small plug-in model, but JBL or Harman overheads.

Secondly, pleasant, not tense bass, lows are well tuned and sound great both in tracks in Apple Music, and when streaming. I highly recommend Proton Radio, if you like electronic music – you immediately catch the flow and fly. Very good bass, no questions asked.

Thirdly, there are no questions about setting up: the headphones do not try to seem like some kind of mega-productive, there are no SPECIAL drivers and all that. They are perfectly tuned for most tracks, draw beautifully even if the stream is not of the highest quality, and easily cope with FLAC if required.


Pleases the battery with its autonomy. From one charge Jbl Reflect Flow works up to 10 hours, the client has enough time for training and for everyday conversations during the day.

Best wireless Earbuds under 100$

Autonomy from the charging case is 20 hours. At the same time, the time to restore the charge is only 2 hours.

Bluetooth Connection

The connecting of the JBL Reflect Flow, which underpins Bluetooth standard 5.0, happens naturally with expulsion from the case, by turning the framework on and placing it into blending mode. The earphones can likewise be gotten back to the charger to turn them off. On the other hand, the catches coordinated into the surface can be held down for a long tap to turn them on and off physically. Since the correct earphone capacities as the expert, it can likewise be utilized in single mode. In the event that there is an association, the right-hand side is utilized to control the Play/Stop work and to acknowledge and end calls. These can be made with clear discourse coherence. Upheld discourse colleagues, for example, Siri, Google Assistant and Bixby can likewise be called up by squeezing twice. Also, you can leap to the following title by double tapping on the left; in any case, the catch initiates the TalkThru and Ambient Aware capacities. Volume control is accordingly not accessible and must be done either on the gadget itself or through voice control, which is likewise conceivable over longer separations, as there was a very steady scope of a decent eight meters related to different Android and iOS frameworks.

How to connect and use

Sports headphones are connected in the same way as other wireless devices. To connect the gadget for the first time, you should:

  • remove the headphones from the case, after checking the charge;
  • press the control button;
  • turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • find in the list of found Jbl Reflect Flow;
  • start pairing.

In the future, the connection will occur automatically, you just need to pull Jbl out of the case.

Separately, Jbl do not work, you need to synchronize.

Funtions / Features of JBL Reflect Flow

The device has features that you need to consider before purchasing:

  1. Retainers – for a secure fit in the wearer’s ears for comfortable use during active workouts.
  2. Moisture protection – so that the client does not worry about rain or moisture from sweat, the device is covered with a moisture-proof layer. However, it is not recommended to immerse it in water.
  3. Ambient aware – reduces the volume of the headphones, allowing you to hear the sounds of the surrounding city and people.


An absolutely must-have feature for anyone looking for headphones to use while exercising. After all, even if the rain doesn’t hit you, the equipment is likely to be wet with sweat in hot conditions.

JBL Reflect Flow

According to the manufacturer, JBL Reflect Flow is waterproof, which means it should theoretically not be damaged by our sweat during intense workouts, or even a decent rainstorm. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a shower lately, although I can confirm that after long hours of running, I and the headphones were always completely wet.


So lastly, For 100$ – excellent TWS-headphones, you can use it in the city, and “in sports”, and since such a situation now exists, at home. On the plus side, I will refer to the chic operating time, excellent sound quality for this price, bright colors, reliability when connecting and working. The disadvantages are quite understandable: the nozzles need to be measured, to someone they may seem too large.

Tws earphone with good sound, waterproof and materials, and the microphone allows you to communicate in public places without interference.

Despite being overpriced, the Jbl headset is a gift for sports lovers, combined with rich music.

It can be used for computer games, but the effect will be different. Jbl Reflect Flow is exclusively for sports, jogging and walking.


  • autonomy;
  • stable connection;
  • fit in the ears;
  • physical control buttons;
  • good microphone;
  • moisture protection.


  • there is not enough bass in the sound;
  • the left Jbl does not work separately;
  • volume control only on a smartphone;
  • uncomfortable wearing Reflect Flow for a long time;
  • overpriced.

Thank You!!!

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