JBL Live 400BT Review: An On-Ear Wireless Headphones

JBL Live 400BT

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For great wireless sound, the JBL Live 400BT on-ear headphones feature 40mm powerful drivers. They are beautiful, comfortable and modern. At the same time, the price for JBL Live 400BT headphones is quite affordable.

The JBL Live 400BT headphones feature a comfortable, lightweight headband wrapped in soft-touch fabric to ensure a comfortable fit and a secure fit. Great autonomy, makes the playback long – up to 24 hours a day. After a complete discharge, the JBL Live 400BT gadget is charged for 2 hours, and is ready to please the owner again.

For most people, JBL is one of the best-known audio manufacturers in the DACH area. You can regularly see people on the go with the mobile JBL loudspeakers, but also with numerous headphones. No wonder, because the manufacturer offers numerous new headphones every year, which are often very attractively priced.


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JBL Live 400BT

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JBL recently introduced a new series of headphones called “LIVE”, which currently comprises a total of four models. The two headphones LIVE 650BTNC and LIVE 500BT are designed as over-ear, the LIVE 400BT as an on-ear and the LIVE 220BT is an in-ear model. The features of the LIVE series are the integration of Ambient Aware, TalkTrue, a comfortable headband made of textile and access to voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant).

In today’s test I would like to introduce you to the on-ear model, i.e. the JBL LIVE 400BT. You can find out whether the LIVE 400BT is a good on-ear headphone in the following test report, because I have tested them extensively for you.

Packaging : JBL Live 400BT

When it comes to the design of the packaging, JBL remains true to itself and relies on sturdy black cardboard packaging. This comes in a typical outer packaging used by JBL, which is in the colors: white, black and orange.

Since you stay true to the previous design, the headphones are shown on the front as a high-gloss photo, as with the products I have tested so far. In addition, of course, the JBL company logo is emblazoned here and the name of the headphone model on the right-hand side. Below the model name, JBL reveals or informs about the most important functions of the product and in the lower left corner indicates the support of Amazon’s Alex and Google Assistant.

On the right side of the packaging, the outside of the left auricle is shown, which has been provided with a touch surface. This is not used to control the music, but, as indicated above, to activate the voice assistant previously set up in the app, but more on that later.

The black / gray back shows the JBL LIVE 400BT for the first time in the complete photographed view. The company logo and the name of the headphone model are also mentioned here. In addition, the most important features of the LIVE 400 BT for JBL are explained in several languages ​​on the left. Regarding the battery life, the bottom right also shows that this is up to 24 hours and that music playback of around 2 hours is achieved within 15 minutes of charging. Last but not least, some typical information about JBL can be read on the bottom and the scope of delivery is listed here with symbol images.

If you open the black inner packaging after pulling it out, you can see the JBL LIVE 400BT on-ear headphones in a black plastic insert. In addition, there is the orange USB-A to micro-USB charging cable in a separate recess below, as well as a bag with a 2.5 to 3.5 mm jack cable, which is also equipped with a microphone. Last but not least, the usual brief instructions etc. are located under the plastic insert.

Design: JBL Live 400BT

As already mentioned at the beginning of the test report, the JBL LIVE 400BT is an on-ear headphone. Therefore, it rests completely on the ears with the pads instead of on the head or around the ears as with over-ear headphones. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they prefer an over-ear model or such an on-ear model.

JBL Live 400BT

JBL uses a relatively large amount of plastic for the headphones themselves, so that they are as light as possible to carry and transport. This is by no means to be interpreted negatively, as this is also the case with many other manufacturers or their on- / over-ear headphones. The most important elements such as B. the adjustment mechanism and the core of the headband were made of spring steel. Unlike many other headphones, the headband is not covered with synthetic leather, but with a fabric that feels good to the touch. JBL lettering was also attached to the top.

Comfort: JBL Live 400BT

Comfort is the most important aspect, after the sound quality, that you need to pay attention to when buying headphones. The JBL LIVE 400BT headphone upholstery is decent enough. Therefore, before listening to music, we tried to assess the comfort. Before putting on the headphones, we were worried that they might not fit our head. However, the headphones fit very well on the head, thanks to the padding and expandable headband.

JBL Live 400BT

The earbuds completely cover your ears, but if you have a large head, the ears may be sticking out of the ear cups. The ear cushions are soft, but after 30 minutes of continuous use, they become a little denser. Soft artificial leather material is used for the manufacture of ear pads. This material does not induce sweating and allows you to use the headphones while exercising or jogging.

Bluetooth Connection

The earbuds can be easily connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth. In addition, two devices can be connected to the JBL LIVE 400BT at the same time. The earbuds can be paired with your Android smartphone, tablet or laptop at the same time via Bluetooth. Once connected, the headphones do not require permission to reconnect. They reconnect automatically each time they turn on. To test the connection, we left the smartphone in one of the rooms and went to the balcony, which is about 10 meters away, to walk and the connection was fine.

Sound Quality: JBL Live 400BT

The Bluetooth earphones have high yield with great stores and an incredible bass establishment that scopes very where it counts. In spite of the presence in the bass, the tuning is amicable and satisfying, as midrange and high pitch are in no way, shape or form ruled. The sound shows up clear, characterized and has an exuberant, unique assault, which passes on an engaging energy and quickly makes listening fun. Just the goal is restricted, which is the reason the help of great sound codecs would have been alluring.

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The sound system stage is additionally more reduced than far reaching, however has structure and offers a fairly immediate sound that skilfully adds presence to vocals. In this regard, the on-ears have great all-rounder characteristics with a ground-breaking sound, regardless of whether greater levels of popularity on goal can’t be satisfied.


The Live 400BT backings the Bluetooth standard 4.2 and, in blend with different Android and iOS gadgets, offered scopes of now and then in excess of twelve meters with a high soundness, which is an excellent outcome. On the off chance that the framework is turned on through the force button, direct matching is conceivable, as the handsets are naturally set to blending mode. In this manner, gadget capacities, for example, beginning and halting playback and noting and finishing calls can be controlled utilizing the focal far off catch. For volume control, separate catches are accessible, which can likewise be utilized to help with title determination by holding down the catch and squeezing the in addition to fasten to hop forward or in reverse, which is managed immediately. Another great arrangement is the consistent exchanging of multipoint associations with two gadgets, whereby calls are given need. Regardless of the huge resonation chamber, these calls can be taken care of with great and clear discourse coherence.

One feature from my perspective is the mix of Google Assistant. When the voice control by means of the JBL Headphones App has been set up, you can speak with the colleague whenever. This is finished by contacting or holding the left earphone shell, which is furnished with a touch-delicate surface. This makes it conceivable to recover data, perused messages out loud and, with the assistance of voice uphold, answer them without the coupled gadget being in a similar room. As indicated by JBL, Amazon’s Alexa is upheld not with standing Google’s associate.


The free JBL Headphones App offers both firmware refreshes for the earphones and individual setting alternatives, for example, sound change through EQ. Pre-assembled presets, for example, “Jazz”, “Vocals” or “Bass” can be utilized. Furthermore, it is additionally conceivable to spare your own EQ settings with the goal that individual inclinations can be considered.

Technology: Ambient Aware & Talkthru

Ambient Aware should get rid of one of the main problems of loud music lovers: if, for example, a car horns for you, you won’t hear it in ordinary headphones. Ambient Aware technology picks up loud sounds from outside and broadcasts them through the speakers, while muffling the music. Thus, in critical situations, you have time to react.

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TalkThru does the same in human speech: the volume of the music is lowered and you can talk without removing your headphones. Works by pressing a button.

Now let’s check both functions in practice. The road from my home to the metro is not particularly noisy, so there is enough passive noise insulation. The sound, as usual with JBL, is quite high quality, you can’t find fault with it. When there are few loud sounds, they are really not annoying, and even somehow nice that you are “in the center of events.” But in the metro, the situation is changing dramatically.

It is almost impossible to listen to music with Ambient Aware turned on: the sounds of an arriving train and slamming doors openly hammer on the ears. You can say that you mainly listen to these sounds, not music.

TalkThru is easier. In fact, pressing the button that activates this function is identical to pausing music, with the only difference that you hear the interlocutor clearly, and not muffled (like in ordinary headphones). This solution is just great for today’s fashionable open-spokes (large offices without partitions): you can enjoy music, and if you want, press a button and talk with a colleague without taking off your headphones.

Structurally, the headphones are similar to the LIVE650BТNC: the same swivel earcups, Google Assistant support, fast charging in 15 minutes … The battery is a bit smaller, so it lasts 24 hours (we didn’t manage to drain the battery in this model).


You can easily opt for the JBL LIVE 400BT if you are looking for wireless earbuds that cost around 40$. At this price point, it’s hard to get so many features that these JBL headphones have. First and foremost, they offer great sound, long battery life, fast Bluetooth connectivity, support for Google and Alexa voice assistants, as well as a high level of comfort and stylish design. We are confident that with all these features, you can bet on these JBL headphones.

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