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JBL Free X

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One of the things that wireless headphones were often criticized for was the wire that connected the two headphones together. But progress did not stand still and this defect was quickly corrected. Of course, not all current models have lost all the wires, but there are more and more headphones that are truly wireless. In today’s review, we are introducing JBL Free X.


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JBL Free X

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One of the best American manufacturers of audio equipment JBL has released jbl free x wireless headphones, which seriously compete with a similar gadget from the apple brand – Apple AirPods. In terms of functionality, JBLs are not inferior to the “apple”, while being much cheaper. We present an overview in order to understand what is good about the jbl free x bluetooth headphones, you need to disassemble all their characteristics and features.

Unpacking and packaging : JBL Free X

The best part about headphones of this kind is that they don’t need wires to recharge them daily.

JBL Free x

They are recharged in a special case-case while they rest. But the case itself is charged from the mains if necessary. It is very comfortable.

So, the package includes: headphones directly, ear pads in two versions, a charging contact pad-case, capsule cases for a better fit in the ears in two versions, a charging cable.

The earbuds can work right out of the box, as they recharge while in the charged case. To activate them, you just need to turn on and identify the headphones on the bluetooth device. You may have to first practice with ear pads and cases, but this is a matter of habit and practice. So, very soon, exploitation will become an absolutely hassle-free affair.

Design and usability: JBL Free X

JBL Free X’s appearance can be called classic. This is a common pair of earbuds that can be white or black. The included case will match the main color of the device. The headphone housing is made of matte plastic. Each earphone has a large button with the JBL logo and a lighting ring around it.

JBL Free x

The headphones are not very large, but noticeably larger than the usual options, although they are quite comparable to some wireless competitors. They weigh only 100 grams and are not particularly noticeable in the ears.

Like other JBL headphones, these are not the best suited for me personally, because due to individual characteristics, the left earphone often has to look for a position with the best sound, and you need to correct it more often than usual. Another contour for fixing the earphone in the case on the inside of the earphone can slightly interfere with the auricle. But this is what I have personally encountered, other users may have a better experience.

Due to the fact that additional mounts that are hung on the ear are not provided with these headphones, I would not do sports in them. Even with the extra rubber earbuds, when your ears sweat a little, the headphones can start to slip. Therefore, for example, during a normal walk on a hot day, they have to be corrected relatively often. But if they still fit perfectly in the user’s ear, and such ears are likely to be found, the case is protected from such cases and will survive a run in the rain or just sweat. You cannot swim with them, as well as wash them under water.

Due to the fact that the headphones are small, you have to carry a case with them. The fact is that it is not very convenient to throw them into a pocket or a bag, and they will be covered with dust there, and in practice it is impossible to wear headphones all the time, because from time to time they still need to be removed. When talking with someone or being distracted by some other tasks, the headphones need to be stored somewhere, but it won’t work just to hang them around your neck.

Therefore, the cover with them turns out to be a rather useful companion. It’s also harder to lose them. The reverse side of the medal is that the complete case is large for a pocket and it is inconvenient to carry it around. It reminds me of a case for glasses. Only if you can simply lift the glasses on your head and not think about the case, then this trick will not work with these headphones.

Control : JBL Free X

The lion’s share of commands is set on the right module. Here start and pause is triggered as usual. You can also answer the call in the classic way.

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All this is a simple single press. Double pressure triggers voice control.

The left module is responsible for rewinding tracks. A single press skips the track. Double-clicking triggers a return.

What can be attributed to the significant disadvantages of the control is that the sound volume is not adjusted on the plugs themselves, it will have to be adjusted on the transmitting device.

Battery: JBL Free X

In this case, everything is not limited to the capacity of the built-in battery, because the headphones can be charged simply by putting them in the case. The latter also accordingly has its own battery. The manufacturer claims that you can get 4 hours of playback from a single charge, and the case will add another 20 hours. According to my measurement, the headphones played for 3.5 hours at maximum volume, and it took 1 hour and 20 minutes to fully charge from the case.

But I only managed to discharge the headphones on purpose. In normal use, I never listen to music for that long at a time, and since I always put the headphones in place (in this case, the case), they can be charged while I am not using them. It’s pretty handy. The case itself can be charged using a standard micro USB cable. 

Bluetooth Connection 

The wireless framework underpins the Bluetooth 4.2 norm and piles up in a field test with different Android and iOS gadgets, with scopes of up to twelve meters with great strength. A coupling of the in-ears happens consequently with the expulsion from the vehicle case. This switches the earphones on and places them into blending mode, and afterward turns them off when they are in the charger. On the other hand, turning on and off just as coupling can likewise be done physically by squeezing and holding the catch coordinated into the surface for each situation. It must to be noted, however, that the connection with the Bluetooth transmitter is made solely on the correct headphone, so this should initially be transformed on and placed into blending mode. The left one associates consequently to the correct side.

Sound Quality

As in most cases from the manufacturer, JBL Free sounds good. In my case, it took extra time to put on the headphones normally, and then sometimes fix them. This concerns the sound directly, because as soon as the earphone is slightly displaced, the bass immediately disappears. Inconvenient. Again, not all users will face this problem.

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If there is no problem with “landing”, then the sound should be suitable, but not for all music. They do not have as much power as we would like, but the insulation from the external noise will be enough. For most electronic music, hip-hop and similar styles, this model should suffice. Unless the tall ones would like to be better, they sometimes seem to wheeze a little, and do not play. Unfortunately, in some compositions this happens. But this attracts attention if you purposefully listen. On the go or working it is not so noticeable.

This, of course, is not a contender for the place of the main headphones, but as a “travel” option, it is quite a suitable device. With a reservation on the price, I would still like a better sound, because wired options for this amount will give a much more interesting sound, but they will not give such comfort. True, if it were not for the wheezing of the tall ones, it would be difficult to find fault, because in general the impression from them is quite good. Nevertheless, I do not recommend ordering them “blindly”, in any case you need to listen to the headphones in order to understand whether they suit personal preferences, and even more so to find out about their convenience.


Jbl Free x have various technology and functions which I m mentioning below which are as follows:-

Call mode

In general, jbl free x bluetooth headphones can be used not only as headphones, but also as a regular headset, since the gadget has a built-in microphone with high sound quality. You can choose stereo or mono to make your conversation comfortable.

Hands free calling

With an incoming call, you need to press the right earpiece once and you can answer the call. It should be borne in mind that in the “call” mode, only the right earbud remains active. If desired, you can turn off the left earbud, leaving the right one as a mono headset. But you cannot use the left earphone in this way, as the sound quality will become very poor.

Smart case with charger function

The Jbl comes with a special case. It not only protects the gadget, but also charges it, extending the usage time when you are not using it.

Splash proof

The IPX5 protection standard, which is used in the manufacture of the gadget, allows you to listen to music in rainy weather. But this does not mean that the headphones can be dropped into water without any consequences, so be careful when using them.

How JBL Free X works?

These babies are synchronized without any special gadgets, although sometimes with some shamanism, as is usually the case with absolutely wireless bluetooth headphones .

JBL Free x

You need to turn on the headset by triple pressing the buttons of both modules. There is only one important point – you need to get them out of the case one by one, strictly first the right, then the left.

If the modules have not been synchronized, it must be done by repeated triple pressing of both buttons. Turn on bluetooth on the companion device. Define the headphones and you’re done.

Switching from one audio source to another will not work automatically.

You will have to repeat the whole procedure, which will take a little time if you switch, say, from smart to laptop, etc.

The lead earpiece is right. It receives a signal from the sound source and sends it to the left earpiece. Also in the right earpiece there is a microphone for answering calls, so only the right section remains active in mobile calls. The right earbud can be used separately as a mono headset.


It is worth noting that hearing you through such a headset will be so-so, so it’s more likely just in case, but for a full-fledged connection, it’s better to speak into the microphone of a smart. Alas.

Communication with the device is generally good and stable, the signal is not interrupted or lost. There is a slight delay in synchronization, but very small.

So using JBL Free X is pretty comfortable. When playing a video, everything runs just as smoothly.


So Lastly, JBL Free X is one of the best budget true wireless headphones with a good battery life and it is splash and more importantly it is good with sounds too and not that expensive as its only costs around 60$.

Positive reviews.

  • The sound is decent, they sit comfortably in the ear.
  • Cool design.
  • Convenient charging case.

Negative reviews.

  • The external noise is almost not blocked, the sound can hardly be amplified, there is no adjustment on the gadget itself.
  • The quality of the microphone turned out to be not the best, the interlocutor has poor hearing.

JBL Free is a great analogue of expensive Apple AirPods. As a practical wireless headphone for every day, this model is perfect. Buy or not, you decide. Jbl free has mostly positive reviews, anyway, be sure to test the sound quality before purchasing.

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