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Hello / Greetings To Everyone, So Today I am going to put my true views on JBL E45BT.

JBL E45BT  – compact on-ear headphones with 40mm drivers and a nice look! JBL, a division of Harman, is known for a wide range of headphone lineups, from simple earplugs to professional studio solutions. Before us is a representative of the second generation of the mid-price E-series. Unlike the budget T-series, there is no overt savings on details. Overpayment for redundant functionality and expensive materials is also invisible. Although, it was not without strange marketing restrictions, but first things first.


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Despite the competition among headphone manufacturers, the Jbl E45bt model has firmly settled in its segment. The Jbl developers decided not to stop and released the next full-size headphones.

Equipment with JBL E45BT

The earbuds are shipped in a cardboard box with a picture of the earbuds and the main characteristics of the E45bt.

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Inside the box are headphones, attached inside with a special wire. The plastic envelope contains: a cable for connecting to a smartphone or other device, a micro USB cable for charging, a warranty card, and documentation about the gadget.

There is no carrying case, but if the client already has another Jbl of the same brand with a box, then it can be suitable for the E45bt model, but it is better to purchase the case separately. The Jbl E45bt Bluetooth headphones can be worn around your neck with the ear pads folded against your skin.

Appearance and usability : JBL E45BT

The model is aimed at people with different tastes, therefore, a wide range of colors is offered. From classic black and white to bright blue, red and understated turquoise. The materials used do not differ depending on the color.


The test turned out to be a black version. The first impression is a simple appearance, no frills. At the same time, the design cannot be called rustic and, moreover, tasteless. A variety of materials are used in the decoration: glossy and matte plastic, metal, fabric and leatherette. Not obtrusive decorative elements are noticeable, which emphasize the model’s belonging to the JBL line.

The cups are made of matte plastic. The outer part is decorated with textured ornament. In the center is a large JBL logo. No paint, each letter is a separate piece of glossy plastic. It’s worth noting that the cups rotate a little over 90 degrees for a better fit.

The ear cushions also have a small degree of freedom in the plane perpendicular to the ear cups. The inner part is lined with leatherette. The quality of the material raises no objections, the seam is neat. The speaker is protected by a fabric with an embroidered channel designation. Each cup consists of two parts, which are twisted together with screws.

The headband appears to be based on a steel plate lined with soft material. The structure is sheathed with dense fabric – an unusual move, as a rule, manufacturers are limited to leatherette. At the same time, in a light version, the fabric will require careful handling. The logo is applied to the upper part, and glossy plastic inserts with the name of the product line are added at the base. The headband is adjustable, the moving parts are made of metal, no supporting plastic.

The main feature of compact headphones is the ability to fold. JBL E45BT is no exception, the cups are compactly retracted into the headband. The final design will not take up much space in the bag and will fit into the jacket pocket in winter. All of the folding elements are metal and look and feel secure.

Due to the many adjustments, the design is the most versatile. The fit on the head is soft, the headphones literally hug the head, the ears are not squeezed. There is no discomfort after prolonged use. Wireless headphones are heavier than wired counterparts, but the weight is pleasant, you get used to it quickly. It should be understood that open-type on-ear headphones do not isolate from the outside world in any way, a soft fit only aggravates the situation.

The only complaint is the fabric covering of the headband. The material is quite slippery and fixes the structure on the head much worse than its competitors from leatherette. At the same time, the headphones are suitable for sports: running, active cycling is not a problem, the JBL E45BT does not fall off the head. Before buying, I recommend trying on headphones and looking for a comfortable position on your head in advance.


Despite the fact that Jbl headphones are not positioned as a gaming headset, it is worth noting the good sounding of the games Man of Medan, Blair Witch.

There is no active noise cancellation in the E45bt, but the owner will not hear the voices of the interlocutors, especially if the composition is heavy rock or metal. Basically, the emphasis is on the middle frequencies, the low ones are deaf, and the high ones lack depth and purity.

But Jbl overhead is suitable for dance compositions, pop music or live concerts. Complex compositions with the E45bt will not sound as good as the owners would like. Lacks detailing tools.

Vocal parts sound clear, without squeaks. The Jbl microphone is most often not the basis, since the E45bt is designed more for listening to music. But being in a quiet room, the interlocutor hears the client at a decent level.

However, moving into a noisier room, even an office, the sound will already sound dull with the transmission of background sounds and voices.

Sound Quality

For testing, I Samsung A50 used on board. Music files – Google Play Music, high quality is set in the settings.

The nature of the sound of the headphones is average, there is no boomy bass, and highs also do not prevail. JBL E45BT is not just another headphone designed to please the stereotype “more bass, better sound”. Here everything is in moderation, the engineers managed to find the right balance.

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It should be noted that complex compositions saturated with instruments suffer from a lack of detail. In the case of the OnePlus 3T, after connecting the cable, the situation does not change. I think that a smartphone with a dedicated audio chip and music in FLAC will fix the situation, but JBL E45BT is not positioned as a Hi-Fi device. The headphones are designed for the mass consumer and fully match the capabilities of a regular smartphone paired with streaming service or music downloaded to MP3.

Even at high volume, a margin of safety is felt, no wheezing or extraneous noise! The wireless connection is working correctly. When watching videos, the sound track is played without delay. The range of action allows you to move freely around the apartment, at least one concrete wall can handle the signal.

The disadvantage is the lack of a companion application. The company has My JBL Headphones in its arsenal, but the program only supports the flagship Everest line. I think that the limitation is strictly marketing, inexpensive headphones are not supposed to be able to customize the sound. Fortunately, the JBL E45BTs are configured well out of the box, and those who wish can only learn third-party tools. The same ViperFX, which I reviewed not so long ago, will cope with the task.

Functionality Of JBL E45BT

Jbl on-ear E45bt headphones are equipped with standard profile support functionality:

  • A2DP – Jbl’s advanced audio file transfer profile is responsible for stereo sound, which will make the sound sound clear, deep;
  • AVRCP – allows you to control E45bt calls, music while driving, but you should not listen to loud music on headphones and drive at the same time, there is a risk of accidents due to reduced attentiveness;
  • Hands Free – getting rid of wires was a great find in its time, and now more and more customers prefer headphones with a wireless connection;
  • Headset – includes a headband, ergonomic design for customer comfort, E45bt Jbl headphones do not fall off when running, allow you to use all day.

How to use and connect

Connection is standard, as for other models of the same Jbl brand. To turn on the earphone, you need to slide the lever with the built-in indicator, wait until it is connected to the phone.

On the smartphone, you need to turn on bluetooth, select E45bt in the proposed devices. Next, pairing occurs, further connection occurs automatically, but for each new device you need to reconnect.

There are three modes of the built-in Jbl indicator: white for power on, blue for a device connected to the phone, pairing with a smartphone – blinking blue. Pairing is done by pressing the dedicated Bluetooth button located on the right earcup of the E45bt headphones.

There is a charging connector on the left side. For information about the charge, you can connect the BatON application. There is no other notification about the state of the battery, but if the client charges the headphones in the evening, then throughout the next day he can use the E45bt without interruption. It takes two hours to fully charge.


So lastly, The JBL E45BT is a versatile choice for those looking for compact wireless headphones for every day. The company has managed to create an attractive model that looks good and sounds decent. High-quality assembly and foldable design complete the picture, the headphones are reliable and easy to use!


  • Foldable design.
  • Balanced sound.
  • Attractive design.
  • High-quality performance.
  • The ability to connect two devices at the same time.


  • 2.5mm Jack for cable connection.
  • Poor sensitivity of the built-in microphone.

May not like:

  • Heavier than wired counterparts;
  • No shipping cover included;
  • No companion app.

Thank You!!!

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