Jaybird X3 Review: A sports Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3 Review :- It the latest model of wireless sports headphones from a well-known company
. The design of the new model has been improved in comparison with the previous ones and the headphones have received new interesting functions, the sound has become even better, and the price has been reduced to $**, which is more competitive in the market.


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Jaybird X3 review


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Jaybird X3 Features

  • The headphones are mounted in two ways: through the bottom and through the top.
  • Locking wings allow you to securely fix the headphones.
  • Two types of ear cushions are included for the best fit for your ear.
  • Moisture protection .
  • The equalizer is saved on the headphones themselves , not on the phone, which allows presets to be saved when connected to another device.

Find out why sports headphones may need extensive EQ settings and a dozen included ear pads.


Equipment with Jaybird X3

  • Headphones;
  • Micro-USB cord;
  • 7 pairs of ear pads;
  • 3 pairs of clip wings;
  • Storage pouch for headphones.


The set of useful things “out of the box” has not been so rich for a long time: in addition to headphones, the set includes a carrying bag, clothespin, special clips for adjusting the length of the cord, locks, ear pads, a docking station with USB charging, instructions and a translator with a logo Jaybird.

In total, the set includes three pairs of cartilaginous clamps, the same number of silicone and foam “foam” ear pads with memory effect. These are not spare kits: each pair is different in size.


Design : Jaybird X3

Compared to the Jaybird X2, the company has managed to reduce the size of the earbuds , which will allow them to fit more comfortably in the ear.

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On the cable there is a fairly convenient control panel that allows you to switch tracks, adjust the volume, and also call the voice assistant of your smartphone.

It is worth noting that now the battery indicator on Apple devices is located right at the top of the screen , which means that you do not need to open a special application to check the battery.

The built-in battery provides 8 hours of continuous operation for the headphones , which is a good indicator for such a tiny size.

The MySound mobile app helps you get the most out of your Jaybird X3 wireless headphones . With this program, you can adjust the equalizer to suit your preferences, and the settings will be saved directly in the memory of the headphones.

X3 can hardly be called bright, they are notable only for the unusual mesh retainers resembling fins. The body is almost entirely made of plastic, metal inserts are found only on the edges of the control panel.

Ergonomics : Jaybird X3

General impression

To begin with, the X3 are in-ear headphones and have all the pros and cons of this type of plug. They have a high frequency potential and excellent sound isolation, but every moment you wear such headphones, you experience a rather intrusive tactile sensation. The locking fins only add to this effect, so I really had to get used to the X3. However, the headphones work great without them, so you can not always put on the “wings”, but only during training.

If you like in-ear headphones, the X3 is a great option that will comfortably fit almost any ear. You just need to spend 15 minutes testing accessories of different sizes in the kit.

It will take a little longer to choose the right type of ear pads. Everyone has a classic silicone sign, and foam rubber has its own sound and ergonomic features. Due to the ability to “foam” in the ear canal, they provide a more complete isolation and tight contact. The difference is not immediately felt.

There are two options for fitting the headphones: with a cord at the top and at the bottom. The first option is provided for training (so they are fixed more securely), the second is for everyday use. In order to change the fit, you first need to turn the latches.

The length of the cord can also be customized. To do this, you need to fold it in a certain way (the manual with pictures will come in handy here) and fix it with clips.

Sports use

These headphones are designed to be used for training, so some of the Jaybird X3’s features are tailored for indoor use, stadium or sports field use.

At an inconspicuous weight of 17.9 g, the Jaybird X3 clings to your ears. The spacers rest against the cartilage of the ear so that even the most intense movements will not make the Jaybird X3 fly out. To avoid losing your headphones when you take them off, you can use a T-shirt clip.

And the headphones are protected from moisture. You cannot swim in them, but you can sweat as much as you like.

Controlling and working with devices

Control is carried out using three buttons on the remote control. The side ones are responsible for the volume and switching tracks, the middle one – for pause, answering calls and pairing with new devices. On the back of the console is a docking station.

sweat proof earbuds

Jaybird X3 can memorize up to eight devices and work with two at the same time. This means that with headphones you can listen to music on your laptop and answer calls to your smartphone without performing any additional actions. Supported devices include all Bluetooth devices, including smart watches. If you have a friend with the same headphones, you can share music: X3 can sync with each other.


Jaybird has a dedicated MySound app with equalizer settings, playlists on Spotify , headphone search, and a guide to using the Jaybird X3 and other models from the company.

Jaybird x3 application
Jaybird X3: application

The most useful feature of the app, for which you should definitely install it, is the equalizer settings, which allow you to make the sound much more expressive. In my opinion, many songs sound much worse with standard parameters than with slight frequency response adjustment.

Jaybird X3 application setting
Jaybird X3: application settings

You can save and share your own equalizer presets, and use different preset parameters. If they are not enough, you can find dozens of others on a special tab.

Sound : Jaybird X3

The headphones are almost completely isolated: they do not hear the sound from the outside, and others cannot hear your music. Therefore, we would not recommend using them while cycling or running near traffic.

The Jaybird declare the range 20-20 000 Hz, but the test portal Les Numeriques says the strong fall in the area of high frequency of 12 kHz and above. The in-channel architecture allows the low frequencies to open up: there is a lot of bass reserve here, as well as loudness reserve. There is a slight dip in the midrange, but it is easily compensated by the EQ settings. You can also see that the results are affected by the use of a certain type of ear cushions: with foam rubber, the volume differences of different frequencies are smoother.

The black curve is the frequency response of the Jaybird X3 with silicone ear pads, the purple curve is with the “foam” ear pads. Equalizer settings are neutral

Jaybird x3 earbuds

Conclusions: X3 – headphones with excellent sound, a serious headroom and low frequencies. But in order to squeeze out the maximum, you have to do some magic with the equalizer.



The earbuds last for about eight hours on a single charge and fully recharge in about two and a half hours. An excellent result for this size.



Photos of athletes, logos of American triathlon and other sporting events flaunt on the box of the Jaybird X3 for a reason. These are really powerful and reliable headphones with good sound, perfect for sports.

The main thing about the X3 is versatility and the ability to adapt to any musical preference, shape and size of ears. If you are looking for in-ear headphones, Jaybird’s X3 is likely to suit you.

At Last these are some pros and cons of jaybird x3 which are as follows:-

  • The choice of the method of mounting the headphones.
  • Secure fit.
  • Selecting the type of ear cushions.
  • Moisture protection.
  • The equalizer is stored on the headphones themselves.
  • Good sound, especially with the companion app.
  • Battery life.
  • Disturbing cable (if not secured) that transmits annoying noises.
  • The sound is somewhat flat.

Hope You Get all points clear and if you feel like asking anything do comment we will reply  as much as we can.

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