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Jaybird X2

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Jaybird made its way into the headphone market about three years ago and has since succeeded in becoming a favorite among fitness and sports enthusiasts.


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Jaybird X2 Review

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The Jaybird X2 earbuds are sweatproof, durable, and easy to recommend to anyone looking for a matching pair of earbuds at an affordable $35 price tag.

But you don’t have to be really into fitness to make the X2 headphones worth it.
The only thing worth mentioning right now is the X2 headphones, which greatly improved the X3 headphones from Jaybird, released a few years later.

Equipment : Jaybird X2

Those who have seen the Bluebuds packaging will clearly recognize its silhouette in the new product – the dimensions are identical, the style is the same, the opening form factor is also in place. The frontal drawing and the arrangement of some elements have changed.
Inside we are greeted by as many as 6 pairs of ear pads (3 pairs of silicone and 3 foam Comply Sport), a case, 3 cable clamps, 6 pairs of ear fins, a charging cable and the headphones themselves. As you can see, the complete set has expanded by 3 pairs of attachments compared to the previous generation.
The cover has changed, now it is not a shell on a magnet, but a silicone case that you need to press with your fingers on the sides so that it opens.

DESIGN : Jaybird X2

So I found in Jaybird X2 review that The Jaybird X2 headphones are similar to their predecessors, the BlueBuds X. These wireless in-ear headphones include all the goodies you’d expect from a price point.

Jaybird has provided ‘Alpha’ color variety that stands out in the range of available colors for its unique blend of olive green and fluorescent orange.

If you’re updating from the Apple EarPods set, the increase in size will be especially stunning, but the Jaybird makes up for more comfort and versatility than headphone users are likely used to enjoying.

The plastic housings for the headphones have a matte texture and in particular on this model offer a stylish combination of black and the aforementioned olive green.

Outside of the instruction manual, there is no clear indication on the Jaybird X2 as to which speaker is inside your left or right ear.

In addition, there are several distinguishing features on the right side of the earbuds, such as a microUSB charging port tucked under the brand-embossed cover, as well as a built-in remote down the cable.

Speaking of a remote control, the one featured on the Jaybird X2 has everything you need to control your media or phone calls without touching your phone.

The middle button is multifunctional and gives you the ability to play or pause your tunes, and pick up or hang up phone calls.

First, it is a luxury silicone case that matches the color scheme styles you choose for the Jaybird X2.


The Jaybird X2’s design plays a big role in its performance, which is excellent across the board.

In more detail, Jaybird X2 provides an expansive soundstage for space rock, jazz and hip-hop lovers.

The battery life is better than I expected.

Call quality is crisp and its Bluetooth range provides industry standard performance that can be up to 30 feet away from the host device without a single signal.

COMFORT : Jaybird X2

Basically Jaybird X2 review is qualified in comfort zone. I’m a sip of iron, especially good music. But the headphones are not always comfortable for the gym due to the presence of an uncomfortable fit, too long / short cable, or corny constant falling out of the ears. But even the first Bluebuds showed everyone what comfortable headphones are. And the recipe, in fact, is very simple: Bluetooth connection, compact size, ergonomic shape and minimal weight. Nothing has changed in Jaybird X2.

Jaybird X2 Review

You can listen both with a behind-the-ear fit and with a wire down. As practice shows, the most convenient option is just with a fit behind the ear.

The grippy Comply Sport foam ear cushions are just perfect for physical activity, the silicone ones will fit in for everyday listening. With the help of clamps, the required cable length is selected, and the “fins” will not allow the headphones to fall out, even when jumping or sprinting.

Sports sports, but this is not an exclusively sports model, the Jaybird X2 is also almost ideal for everyday use. Well, what, they are practically invisible, they take up little space (there is also a hard case in the kit), ears do not hurt from hours of listening. What more could you want?


The Jaybird X2 review about microphone I can’t praise the microphone, because it collects all the hum and noise from the wind. The voice is transmitted well, but only in quiet places, so no particular hopes should be pinned.

A Tight Fit

As we’ve just referenced Jaybird X2 review these are sports earphones. Having a tight fit is consistently significant with in-ear earphones to take into consideration the best noise isolation and subsequently in general sound, however in sports earphones this perspective is underlined much additionally given that the earphones need to remain solidly fixed in spite of all the snapping, shaking and bouncing that is going on around them.

Jaybird pressed these earphones with size adaptable ear balances and ear tips accurately along these lines, so most clients will have the option to locate an ideal choice for themselves. Also, most clients will, in spite of the fact that the cycle of experimentation to arrive can be tedious. Once immovably on, not so much as a tremor could shake these earphones out of your ears.

There is a slight possibility that you won’t locate a fit that is ideal for you regardless of the tip and balance blend, yet this happens seldom.


With a Jaybird X2 review I discovered the Durability is fundamental with regards to sports earphones and the Jaybird X2 doesn’t baffle. Not exclusively is the outside durable enough to oversee being dropped every once in a while, however the earphones are likewise water-impervious for sure. Couple this with the lifetime guarantee against sweat and you have yourself a couple of earphones that will last you numerous years.

Also, the battery life on this thing is staggering. Eight hours may not be anything amazing with regards to on-ear and over-ear remote earphones, however given that these are in-ear earphones where the battery needs to find a way into the little plastic in the privilege earbud this is out and out staggering.

Also, it takes just a few hours to charge through the miniature USB charging port that is pressed conveniently into the privilege earbud. This will, in any case, change contingent upon what you plug the opposite finish of the link into since it doesn’t accompany its own capacity flexibly.

The Cable

Jaybird X2 review on the cable is The exact opposite thing we need to move before we move onto sound quality is the link. Clearly, these are remote earphones so we aren’t discussing a 3.5 mm jack link or even the miniature USB charging link. What we mean is the link that is interfacing the privilege earbud with the left.

Oddly enough, it’s 540 millimeters in length. This isn’t outlandish, however at over a large portion of a meter, or very nearly two feet maybe’s, will undoubtedly be an unnecessary measure of link that is only there to hang around. Honestly, you do get several link cuts that you can use to stack the abundance link, however it’s a long way from being a rich arrangement. In any event it’s knot safe.

The link likewise sports a perfect in-line regulator close to the privilege earbud that has a mouthpiece and three catches for taking, finishing and dismissing calls, controlling volume, exchanging among melodies, and obviously killing the earphones on and off.

Sound Quality

The Jaybird X2 review and I found that The sound changes depending on which ear pads are used. For bass lovers, silicone tips are suitable, and for connoisseurs of an even sound, foam ones. As often happens, at first you don’t even expect serious sound from Bluetooth headphones of such a form factor, but after the first listening, many people will be surprised. Each instrument is clearly audible, the entire spectrum of frequencies is well worked out, there is no mess, compared to Bluebuds X, the scene has become more voluminous, and the top is cleaner. There is practically nothing to find fault with, the headphones cope with music of different genres – from classical to thrash metal. Soundproofing, as well as sound, depends on the ear cushions – Comply foam does their job better here due to the fact that they take the anatomical shape of the ear canal. In any case, even in the subway, you can listen to music without any problems with any attachments excessive volume.


Despite the minimum size and the exciting question – “where is the battery?” – X2 can play up to 8 hours straight at medium volume. Personally, I had enough charge for a week of daily listening for a couple of hours a day. Plugs are charged to 100% in 2 hours. When will they be on sale, and how much does such a miracle cost? The approximate cost will be $ 35, which, in my opinion, is quite fair for such successful Bluetooth headphones. In the meantime, you can seize the moment and buy the first Jaybird Bluebuds X at an already discounted price.

How to connect Jaybird X2?

Only 3 buttons are responsible for controlling the Jaybird X2, with which the model turns on, off, changes the volume, receives calls, dials a number, etc. In order to connect the headphones to a compatible device, you need to turn them on with the middle button and find in Bluetooth devices. To activate the detection mode, just hold down the volume up and down keys for a few seconds.



The model is interesting and has everything you need from sports headphones : a comfortable fit, protection from moisture, good battery life, memorable appearance, even good sound, and they are wireless in the end. 😎 If you are just looking for such, be sure to take a closer look at this new product. Let’s take a look at the first reviews and personal opinions:

Jaybird X2 – Reviews

Positive reviews:

  • Rich kit . In addition to the headphones themselves, when you purchase you get: 6 pairs of ear pads, three foam, three silicone; storage and carrying case , 3 cable holders , 3 pairs of additional earhooks and a charging cable. Very good, because a secure fit is especially important for a sports model, and in such a kit there is definitely everything you need.
  • Appearance . On the one hand, this headset is similar to similar ones from other manufacturers, but there are some interesting features. Firstly, this model is matte , which, after the abundance of gloss in the world of headphones, is like a breath of clean air. Secondly, there are 6 color options , everyone can find to their liking. And the “fin” retainer itself looks more original than in most sports models.
  • Moisture protection . Of course, this feature is “default” in this niche. Here the manufacturer claims that in comparison with the first model, here the protection against sweat and moisture is even better .
  • Noise isolation . If, as mentioned above, you choose the right foam lances and retainers, then in the Jaybird X2 you can safely ride the subway . That is, they are most likely not suitable for cycling, jogging on the street and other activities where it is important to hear the world around you, traffic noise, and the like. But for classes in the hall – excellent.
  • Autonomy . Average battery life is around 8 hours . Not a lot, but quite good for such a model . This is quite enough for a couple of workouts and travel to them, for example. And given that the battery takes only 2 hours to charge , there shouldn’t be any problems with unexpected “exhaustion”.
  • Convenience . The headphones are very comfortable . Especially if you wear them behind the ear , the benefit of the retainers can be put in this position.
  • Sound . Judging by the first reviews, the sound has not changed at all or very little compared to the previous model. Which is generally not bad. This means that you can not only practice with these headphones, but you can also listen to music. Of course, there are not enough stars from the sky, but in general the sound is better than the average for the segment .


Negative reviews:

  • Microphone . Not the most successful implementation, it collects ambient noise well
  • Price . As already noted, it is already average, but for the majority it is still “ beyond the psychological barrier ” for such headphones.

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