Jaybird Vista Review: True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Waterproof Earbud

Jaybird Vista

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Specializing in wireless sports headphones since 2006, Jaybird engineers know exactly what it’s like to run when one of your headphones falls and gets lost in the grass. So they came up with a pair of true wireless earbuds designed for that.

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Jaybird Vista

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Jaybird Vistas are true wireless headphones for athletes. They are the company’s second chance to truly use wireless headphones (after the Run XT), as the other three sports headphones from this firm cannot claim to be “true” wireless due to the single wire connecting the two speakers.

Jaybird Vista Headphones are the latest wireless headphones from Jaybird, an audio brand dedicated to creating products for real athletes and aspiring athletes – or those of us who just want the best fitness gadgets.

Starting at the back of the Jaybird Run True – and the waterproof Run XTs – the Jaybird Vista headphones are a very compact fitness headphone with water resistance and sweat resistance to handle all levels of indoor and outdoor workouts.

With a huge boost in Bluetooth connectivity and an incredibly compact charging case that you can carry with you on the go, the Jaybird Vista earbuds are one of the best true wireless we’ve ever seen.

BUILD: Jaybird vista

Vistas weigh only 6g each, can be played independently, and have built-in apps, customizable sound profiles and settings.

The units were made with an integrated SportFit silicone ear-tip and fins: a thumbprint-sized piece of silicone that includes both a traditional tip and a shark’s rib-shaped protrusion, each of which attaches to the knot and covers it completely except for a single upper button. Three sizes were supplied.

Jaybird Vista Review


A secure fit that won’t budge even when you start kicking like Mo Farah, along with IPX7 water and sweat resistance is the ultimate goal here. Even if the worst happens and one earbud escapes you before you can put it on, the Vistas are shock-resistant so they must withstand a fall and any subsequent trampling. Of course, they feel durable in our hands, although we don’t stop there.

Jaybird Vista Specifications

Style In Ear

impedance 23 Ohm

Featuring new 6mm drivers, Vistas will give you six hours of playtime on a full charge, plus an additional 10 hours from the charger. The single-earbud mode means that if you periodically switch from right to left, you could potentially get 32 ​​hours out of them, although listening to only one earbud at a time, especially this kind, seems a little desperate to us.

Jaybird Vista Review

Jaybird claims that a quick five-minute “super charge” will give you an hour of playtime. Efficient charging is possible thanks to a newer and better USB-C port than the older micro-USB used for most charging applications.

The assembly here is functional and unpretentious. Matte rubberized plastic provides enough grip to keep them from jumping out of our hand; the chord loop on the small body is useful, and the neon yellow interior of the body is perfect for placing buds on your morning run. Everything is designed with the runner in mind.

The only downside is that there is only one indicator on the charging case. It pulses when you open the case or shows charging, but there is no indicator for a visual indication of battery life – although a soothing voice tells you the current percentage of charge remaining each time you enter them.

The Jaybird app is really enjoyable. After pairing via Bluetooth (in a quiet voice announcing a successful connection), the app sorts you through the personal equalizer setting. It plays six different sound tones and, depending on how soon you hear it, the app will optimize the sound field for your ears. This personal preset can be manually configured and / or saved to the headphones by simply closing the app.

You can also manually adjust the function of the center button of each bud. This is Jaybird’s way of avoiding the complicated Morse code of the quick taps or bumps required to adjust the volume on many other bumps. Thus, a single press can mean pausing a track or creating a favorite playlist, while a long press can mean increasing the volume or turning it off.

PERFORMANCE : Jaybird Vista

I ran a detailed performance test of the Jaybird Vista under the same conditions as all other wireless products. Here’s what we found in our testing: the earbuds output power is 75 dB, and their battery life is 5.62 hours of playback from one full charge. That’s slightly less than the six-hour battery life that Jaybird promised us, but more than enough for a few workouts. They also support fast charging: Five minutes in a compact case with a USB-C charging port provides an extra hour of playtime. A full charge cycle from the case will take you no more than two hours.

Jaybird vista

Open the Vista Charging Case to start pairing. The front panel LED should start blinking and then turn off. If the indicator does not flash, hold the button inside the charging case for two seconds. Now you can open the Bluetooth menu on your phone and choose to pair your Jaybird Vista. The next time you open the case and take out the earbuds, they will automatically connect to your device.

The headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and lack high quality Bluetooth codec support. While this is not too great news, the JBS1 chipset provides a fast and reliable connection between the earbuds and phone. This creates a separate sync of your device with each earbud. This means you can use one earbud independently of the other, which is a safe option for outdoor athletes. The connection range here does not exceed 10 meters.

COMFORT: Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista Review: COMFORT 
The big question is: do they stay in your ears while you run? All sound analysis is of secondary importance if a pair of sporty ears cannot achieve a decent fit. So we put on our active clothes and go for a run.

The tips that come with Vistas are perfect for us. The units are comfortable to wear, relatively cool, streamlined, and don’t budge when we push the sidewalk.

Safe landing? Check it out. Solid bluetooth connection? Yes indeed. How about you test how they actually sound?


Jaybird Vista likes to emphasize the bass, but they pay special attention to the mid frequencies. This deviation from the sound of conventional workout headphones gives the Vista a touch of flavor.

Wireless earbuds


The Vista earbuds have performed surprisingly well, which is very surprising since they are not active noise canceling earbuds. This is a real godsend if you work out in the gym or any other noisy atmosphere. However, if you are running or cycling outside, leave one earbud in the case so you can hear your surroundings (for your own safety).

Low, mid and high frequencies

Sundara Karma’s “Deep Relief” sounds good, but the frequency separation is poor. Skip to the first chorus (1:06). The main frequency of Oscar Pollack’s vocals drops below 700 Hz, after which it abruptly switches to mid frequencies. Because of this distribution, the vocalist’s voice becomes the main element of the soundstage, masking all sounds from the extreme range (for example, the sound of an electric guitar).

Basic instruments like guitar and piano sound good in Vista headphones. The transition in the song starts at 2:20. Here you can appreciate the harshness and punch of the high frequencies, especially every drum hit on the cymbal. The synthesizer is also not bad, but any resonant detail overshadows all the advantages of the synthesizer, in particular the drums.

Waterproof IPX7

In the Jaybird Vista Review checked that Jaybird Vista capsule has also been redesigned. All critical components are sealed to protect against dust, sand and moisture. The earbuds are IPX7 water resistant , which means they are safe from sweat and light rain. The hardware components are completely sealed in an inner capsule, which the company says should help make them even more moisture resistant than just covering the parts with waterproof materials (as other manufacturers do).

Battery, working time

In Jaybird Vista Review I found that The Jaybird Vista is  also smaller and lighter than before and uses USB-C instead of Micro USB for charging. Despite the fact that both the headphones and the case are smaller and lighter, the battery life is improved. Jaybirdclaims 6 hours of headphone use plus 10 hours on case recharge, with a 5 minute quick charge offering an additional 1 hour of use. The previous Run XT was even worse at 4 hours with headphones and 8 hours with a case).

Of course, which headphones are best suited in terms of functionality, design, price is up to you, and we, in turn, will try to provide you with information about all the new products.


Jaybird Vista Review:- MICROPHONE 
We will definitely refrain from recommending the Jaybird Vista headphones for phone calls, especially for business conferences. As shown by the test results, the voice on the other end of the wire sounds a little distorted and unnatural.

This is due to the weakened response of the microphone (it is quite ordinary and outdated here). So forget it: Jaybird has never heard of the newfangled “beamforming” technology and high-performance audio devices of today. Even though the microphone had a completely neutral frequency response, it picked up almost all the background noise. No matter where you are, distracting sounds will prevent the other person from focusing on the conversation.

Fixed Bluetooth connection

Jaybird Vista Review:- Connectivity issues have been completely fixed with Vista thanks to the new JBS1 chipset and connectivity system. Jaybirdtried to change the formula for wireless headphones using two Bluetooth connections . One was for connecting the right earbud to a phone or computer, and the other for communication between the earbuds (instead of the near-field magnetic induction that most earbuds were using at the time). This design didn’t work to sync the headphones.

Vista solves this problem by providing two independent connections to the user’s phone. The new system also means you can use each earbud independently, if you want only one earbud can be used.


The Jaybird Vista headphones cost $ 159 / £ 139 (about AU $ 279) at the Jaybird. online store and other online stores. They are currently available in black, with additional color options (Mineral Blue, Nimbus Gray).

They sell for the same price as the true wireless Jaybird Run XT buds, which have an even shorter battery life of four hours. If you’re looking for a cheaper option or something with a cable between the headphones, you can check out the basic Jaybird Tarah headphones ($ 99 / AU $ 149) or the prettier Tarah Pro headphones ($ 159 / £ 139 / AU). $ 229) or more

Who is the Jaybird Vista for?

  • Athletes. They may well see Jaybird Vista as their regular training aid. These waterproof earbuds provide a secure fit regardless of your individual needs, such as your ear. Plus, they support fast charging, which is great if you can be in the gym for hours and your devices need to be recharged. Runners will appreciate the optional attachment, the patented Jaybird wings.
  • The usual lover of good audio. Anyone considering buying a Jaybird Run should get them. The connection stability issues we saw in the Run model are completely unrelated to the Vista headphones. Yes, they are significantly more expensive, but there is no point in wireless headphones if they cannot provide you with a smooth connection.


So lastly In Jaybird Vista Review I felt that Jaybird Vista True Wireless Earbuds truly amaze with their achievements. Despite being fitness headphones, they still manage to offer incredible sound along with water and sweat resistance like the best of them.

These headphones are definitely not cheap: at $ 179 / £ 159 (about AU $ 299), they are definitely at the premium end of the market. But the combination of vibrant colors, compact and lightweight design, and superior sound makes them an easy choice for your next true wireless headphones – whether you’re training for a marathon or just a quick walk to the office.


  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Reliable connection
  • Won’t fall out when you run
  • Each earbud can operate independently
  • Custom “personalized” EQ within the app
  • Find my buds will locate lost or stolen earbuds
  • The sleek, magnetic case feels sturdy to the touch and keeps the buds securely tucked away


  • No HQ Bluetooth codecs
  • Get uncomfortable after about 2 hours
  • Sub-par mic quality

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