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HyperX Cloud Alpha S

Hello / Greetings to everyone, So I m writing a true and genuine review on the HyperX Cloud alpha s.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming headset review.The Alpha series of headsets from HyperX is quite famous and has been on the market for a long time, which clearly means sympathy from users. Many people love the headsets for their high-quality detailed sound, good ergonomics and design. The Alpha line continues to be replenished with new models – the manufacturer tries to preserve all the advantages and eliminate all possible errors. Some models of the series differ only externally, but in the case of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S, in addition to visual, there are a number of qualitative changes: slightly modified new ear pads in the headphones, and also adjustable bass reflexes.

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In addition, the Alpha S has a separate built-in sound card that you can use at will. This will allow you to use the headset with any computer, without taking care of the presence of an internal sound card and at the same time receiving high-quality sound in 7.1 format. The Alpha S has a number of other innovations, more on which – below.


SpeakerCustomizable dynamic 50mm with neodymium magnets
A typeCovering, closed type
Frequency response13 Hz - 27 kHz
Impedance65 Ohm
Sound pressure level99 dB SPL / mW at 1 kHz
Harmonic distortion factor≤ 1%
Weight310 g
Weight with microphone321 g
Length of cable1 m
Connection type3.5mm plug (4-pole)
Microphoneelectret condenser microphone
Directional patternBidirectional, noise canceling
Frequency response50 Hz - 18 kHz
USB audio control boxYes
Sensitivity -38 dBV (0 dB = 1 V / Pa at 1 kHz)
Weight of control box57 g
Length of cable2m


Unpacking and packaging of HyperX Cloud Alpha S

HyperX Cloud Alpha S comes in a classic headphone packaging in the brand’s signature style. On the back there is all the detailed information about the headset.
The box is a pencil case with a plastic box with headphones and a microphone inside.

The package contents are as follows

=>HyperX Cloud Alpha S Headphones
=>Detachable microphone
=>Sound card USB box
=>A pair of fabric ear pads
=>Carry bag
=>Manual, brochures

The set includes a good carrying bag with straps, an additional set of ear pads, so the package can be considered good – there is everything you need, and even a couple of options.

Appearance and design

Visually, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S headset fits perfectly into a number of previous models – all the main recognizable features remain the same, only some accents have shifted slightly.

The metal parts of the headband are now in a nice blue-blue color. The headset looks discreet and at the same time stylish and expensive. The black and blue range, matte cups, ear cushions and headbands are harmoniously combined, the design looks complete and “polished” to the smallest detail. No RGB, which is good news.
The headband is made entirely of sturdy aluminum frame. It bends easily, so along with the strength the headband is very flexible.

On the aluminum frame, there is a soft headband trimmed with leatherette with imitation of genuine leather on top. The lining is dense and soft, approximately 10 mm thick.
On the sides there are blue stitching in the color of the rest of the elements. I personally don’t like these stitches very much, but here it looks very cool thanks to the accuracy and color selection.

An unobtrusive HyperX logo is imprinted on the top of the headband. Since the headband is very flexible, the headset fits easily under any head and won’t crush. The planting depth is also easily adjusted – the cups are lowered by about 40 mm each, which also affects the clamping force. There are no scratches on the outside of the guides, on the inside there are round grooves that imitate a scale. Cups slide out almost effortlessly, perhaps too easily.

Perfectly oval cups made of matt black plastic. They do not have a reversal function, they can only change their position along the axis of the attachment, dropping by about 40 °. The speaker cable is routed out – a classic feature of the Alpha series.

On the right cup there is only an adjustable bass reflex, we will touch on its devices below.

On the left cup, in addition to the bass reflex, there is a microphone jack and a headset connection cable. It is in a fabric braid, 1 m long and has protection at the point of attachment to the cup.
Are the ear cushions on the Alpha S slightly different from the previously released models? They have become more “monolithic”, smooth, without protruding parts. This solution looks nice and fits the overall style.

The main ear pads are made of leatherette, and have an outer oval diameter of 100×80 mm, an inner diameter of 60×45 mm, and a depth of almost 20 mm. Medium-sized ears fit perfectly into the earcup without being subjected to any pressure from the ear pads.
Additional ear pads are fabric, they are more suitable for summer time – it will not be hot in the headphones. They are about 5 mm smaller in size in all dimensions.

The microphone is made quite interesting, it is a separate module with a 3.5 mm jack. The plug is secured by the “heel” of the microphone base, which perfectly fits to the cup body.

The microphone is bi-directional, protected from unwanted interference with a dense foam pad. It is fixed on a flexible rod 10 cm long, which easily bends in the desired direction and is fixed in this position.

The main difference between the Alpha S headset, perhaps, is the built-in sound card located in the control panel. Optionally, the headset can be connected either directly to the source via a 3.5 mm plug, or via a USB box that can adjust the volume of the headset signal separately from the overall sound level, and also has a 7.1 audio button and a mute button.

The length of the USB cable is 2 meters. The keys on the one hand are responsible for the overall volume level, on the other – for the sound volume separately on the headset. On the side there is a button to turn off the microphone, in the center – to turn on the 7.1 format.

Also, the remote control is equipped with a clothespin for attaching to clothes from the back.
Some of the buttons implying a status indication are highlighted in the on state.

How to set up HyperX Cloud Alpha S drivers

The sound volume emulation works just fine. When activated, the sound becomes more detailed and more positioned. There are two ways to stream 7.1 audio, but you need to install special drivers to switch between them. I note that at first, the 7.1 sound on the HyperX Cloud Alpha S did not work during the review. And at the same time, nowhere is it said that you need to install drivers.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S drivers on Kingston’s website are not easy to download. Follow the link to find 2 driver settings:

  1. This driver is suitable for action games. The emphasis is on low frequencies.
  2. The second driver will make the sound in principle better without any accents.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Overview

HyperX Cloud Alpha S are comfortable gaming headphones. They do not press, they sit comfortably on the ears, the ear pads are large and will be good for all ears. The inside of the bowl is soft and has a memory effect.

Note that the fabric ear cushions are more comfortable, they do not press and you can stay in them even for days. But, their noise isolation is not as good as leatherette ear cushions. Although in leather, you can safely play 5-6 hours.

It is worth mentioning about the headband. It is elastic and very high quality, and the pleasant lining on the top only adds comfort. The weight of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is average, they sit securely, and it is not so easy to lose.


But we also note the lack of comfort in the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. Not only is the cable very solid, and the mixer is located 1 meter from the earcup. Yes, there is a special clip, but how can you attach such a long cable to your clothes? An obvious oversight of the developers.

And this is a real problem. Leaving the cable on the table will not work – it will fall. And if you do not hook it at all, then you will not be able to control the volume, since the mixer will be far away.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S mixer has the following features:

  • volume control;
  • setting the chat sound in the game and the game itself independently of each other;
  • emulation of surround sound 7.1. There is also a microphone mute button on the side.

You can also connect via an audio cable without a mixer. Thus, you can both play and just go out into the city. However, the disadvantage is that even in leatherette ear cushions, noise isolation will be insufficient.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S microphone is quite good. It is easy to adjust it conveniently, the voice is easily perceived and you can speak as usual without increasing the speech volume.

Speakers, bass control

New to HyperX Cloud Alpha S is the ability to mechanically adjust the bass level. This is realized with the help of adjustable bass reflex holes on each cup. They are closed by sliders, which have three positions: they can be fully open, closed, or have a “middle” position.

Accordingly, with the sliders open, the bass is more pronounced thanks to the working phase inverter. With closed bass at normal level. An interesting mechanism that allows you to properly amplify the bass without using a software equalizer, which will still distort the sound.

Removing the ear cushion reveals a cup cover with a 50 mm neodymium speaker. It is positioned slightly at an angle, mirroring the anatomical position of the ear. The speaker impedance is 65 ohms, which can be considered an average for gaming headsets, although a bit too much for use with smartphones.

The lid with the speaker is held on 4 screws, removing which, we can observe the organization of the inner space of the cup. The speaker is mounted in a separate compartment that protects it from external factors.

The bass reflex hole is noticeable at the bottom. The bowl has a two-piece design to separate the bass from the midrange and treble, which allows for greater clarity and makes it possible to adjust the bass using a slider.

Operation and sound

The Cloud Alpha S, like its predecessors, remains user-friendly. Thanks to the large, wrap-around ear cups, they do not put pressure on the ears, and the headband provides optimal hold. Thick ear cushions with signature HyperX filling are memory-friendly, soft and comfortable to wear every day. The fit is great and the headphones look good too. They are not too light (321 grams with a microphone), but nevertheless they do not cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

HyperX Cloud alpha s review

The main connection cable with a 3.5 mm plug for the headset is rather short – 1 meter, it will not always be convenient to use it with a computer. It is understood that in this case the user will use the headset exclusively with the USB box. Then the total cable length is 3 meters. And moving on to the sound, the cable length is not at all going to make you always connect the Alpha S via USB.

The sound changes very noticeably for the better when using the USB box. Although when connected via 3.5 mm, the sound is quite balanced, “playful”, with panoramic detail and rich bass, but the built-in sound card manages to bring the headset to a new level: speakers are added in scenes, the sound becomes more detailed and clear, especially in the area HF. Music tracks begin to sound noticeably, so now you can use Cloud Alpha S to listen to music. Most likely, you won’t want to give up the USB block after that.

The bass adjustment sliders also make their contribution – they noticeably add richness to the bass, and they do it quite delicately, without slipping into hypertrophies. So at the right moment – for example, while playing or listening to a certain track, you can easily change the sound picture to your liking.
Another plus of Alpha S – you can switch the sound to 7.1 format at any time with one button, without bothering with separate programs. In 7.1, the sound acquires a kind of volume, well suited for team shooters or simply to enhance special effects, explosions, etc.

An excellent function was the ability to adjust the headset volume separately from the general volume level, paired with the mute function: this allows you to listen to teammates at the right moments or, on the contrary, express a strategy to the team without being distracted by loud ambient sounds.

The microphone for a gaming headset is a very important detail. In HyperX Cloud Alpha S, its quality does not cause any complaints: the interlocutors hear you well, the voice is natural, without distortion. Due to the directivity diagram of the microphone, no extraneous noise is heard, in addition to breathing sounds, the foam head protects. The location is convenient, the rod bends easily and takes the desired position, while the plug in the connector is held securely.

More About Sound


  • Low frequencies are slightly accented. They buzz from time to time when listening to driving and fast music, but in fact you pay little attention to it. As the bass increases, the accent becomes more apparent. This is ideal for movies and games where dynamism is important.
  • The mids are quite smooth and balanced. HyperX Cloud Alpha S has good detail and voices sound very natural. During destruction and loud sounds in the game, mid frequencies are not lost.
  • High frequencies. There are already a couple of nuances here. In the matter of music, individual HF instruments are given synthetics. You can’t say that about games, the sound is super!
  • Position and scene. In the game, you can easily determine where shots or enemy steps are coming from. You feel the space broadly, there are no changes in moderation wide and without any distortions. When listening to music, the scene is not very wide, but is much more detailed than other gaming headphones.
  • Naturalness. When reviewing the HyperX Cloud Alpha S, the headphones are clearly focused on bass, which makes the gaming dynamics extremely natural. Loud and harsh sounds have rough bass and harsh high frequencies. However, all the same, when you listen to music, you can hear unnecessary synthetics. Simply put, these are far from headphones for music, but if you do not get into nagging, then listening to HyperX Cloud Alpha S music will be very pleasant.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming machines are ideal for esports. Excellent rendering and detailing, balance allows you to better feel the playing space and improve orientation in it.

It is possible to listen to music in HyperX Cloud Alpha S headphones, but shoals are still heard. And at the same time, any genre in them will sound “normal”. Perhaps the headphones are worse than headphones for music, but you can adjust the bass and the overall sound. In this case, the music becomes much more colorful!


HyperX Cloud Alpha S advantages and disadvantages


  • Sound. HyperX Cloud Alpha S has a fairly balanced sound – good detail and naturalness. Versatile sound and bass controls make the HyperX Cloud Alpha S the ultimate gaming headphone for sound effect;
  • Convenience. The headphones are comfortable, they do not sweat in the ears and do not have a headache. You can easily stay in them for days;
  • Design. HyperX Cloud Alpha S looks great like headphones: a balance of brightness and austerity of style. The assembly also did not disappoint, the headphones and materials are of high quality, the design seems to be durable;
  • Set. HyperX Cloud Alpha S got everything modern gaming headphones need – to the place and nothing more;
  • Microphone. HyperX Cloud Alpha S received excellent noise cancellation (ANC) and sound transmission. You don’t have to listen to your voice, as audibility is super!
  • Cost. Of course, $ 135 is a lot of money, but for such high-quality headphones the amount is quite reasonable. The model stands out from the competition, and I think it would sell for a higher price.


  • Mixer. The problem is its location. Still, 1 meter from the headphones is too far. You will have to smash your head to figure out how to fix it better for a convenient game;
  • Cable. The wire is thick and stiff enough. It is very easy to screw it on, and it can also completely pull out the mixer.



So lastly, it remains only to repeat that the HyperX Cloud Alpha S headset not only lived up to expectations, but also turned out to be a new word in the Alpha series. The main innovations and advantages are the built-in sound card with support for 7.1 format, adjustable bass level with sliders and the possibility of advanced sound control on the USB remote control. In appearance, the changes are insignificant – the ear cushions have become more elaborate, additional ones have appeared in the kit.

Thus, we have before us the same old HyperX Cloud Alpha, which has received a rebirth, as a result of which it has been updated and has become even slightly better in all aspects: visual, technical, functional. So if you are looking for a comfortable, high-quality, predominantly gaming headset with 7.1 sound and a cool solid design, the new HyperX Cloud Alpha S could rightfully be one of the candidates.


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