Fostex TH-909 Premium Review: Why People Love this?

Fostex TH-909

Hello / Greetings To Everyone, So Today I m going to put my true views on Fostex TH-909 Review.

The flagship model of the truly “headphone” brand Fostex TH909 – is based on the famous TH900mk2 headphones . The novelty is able to demonstrate a wider dynamic range and low distortion, thanks to the use of a powerful magnetic system with an induction of 1.5 Tesla.

This made it possible to more accurately control the movement of the 50 mm diaphragm formed from the proprietary Biodynina material (a mixture of biocellulose and inorganic fiber). This technology, according to the developers, is capable of providing rich low frequencies, natural mid-range and excellent high frequency engagement.


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Fostex TH-909

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The casing (cups) of the headphones has a two-layer structure that can overcome unwanted resonances, for which the two-layer mesh design on the earcups is also intended. The appearance is determined by the finish in Japan Lacquer Bordeaux, supplied by Sakamoto Urushifactory, founded 110 years ago. For ease of use and comfort during long-term listening are the ear cushions with filling that takes the shape of the ear.

Model TH909 comes with 7N (99.9999%) high purity OFC detachable unbalanced cable. The internal wiring is also with 7N class conductors. The contact surfaces of the connectors are rhodium-plated, combining durability and increased conductivity.

The cable connector allows for a balanced XLR connection. Proprietary cables ET-H3.0N7BL and ET-H3.0N7UB, compatible with the TH900 model, are also compatible with Fostex TH909.

Characteristics Of Fostex TH-909

  • Frequency Response Range: 5-45000 Hz
  • Emitter: dynamic, 50 mm
  • Acoustic design: open
  • Weight: 390g
  • Impedance: 25 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 100dB / mW
  • Cable: 3 m, 2-pin 0.78 mm, 6.3 mm TRS
  • Maximum input power: 1.8W

Equipment : Fostex TH-909

Remember how in my review of the Fostex I talked about the connection between a professional use case and a modest package? It sounded like an excuse then, but the example of Fostex TH-909 shows: such a “professional approach” still has a place to be. Headphones come in a box so huge that it doesn’t fit on my desk. Fortunately, it is not difficult to describe it: big and black is all that can be said about it. Thank you Fostex: I didn’t have to look for a studio with a large light cube or get rid of a stamp in the editor. In the same black box – two more, the same black, but slightly smaller. The content of one is quite predictable: headphones and a cable with a 3.5 mm adapter, but the second is more interesting. There is a culturally located Fostex ST300 – a headphone stand, and such concern for the user is very pleasant. Yes,

Here it is, the TOP segment – harsh and ruthless. The triumph of impracticality, of course, is a little striking: in such a large box, space is used very irrationally, which the buyer is almost guaranteed to regret – courier delivery directly to the table saves. I am also ready to find fault with the complete cable: it seems to me that it is high time to put in the kit exactly a balanced cable with a 6.3 mm / 3.5 mm adapter. On the other hand, this approach is also understandable: few people want to have a garland of adapters, and buying an additional cable for a potential buyer will hardly be a problem.

Appearance: Fostex TH-909

As in the case of the complete set, everything is “expensive and rich” here: the model is based on the TH900 “chassis” and differs only in the acoustic design. Where the TH900’s cups are entirely made of wood without any holes, the TH909 has a neat red cup, but with an inscribed protective mesh in the center. Interestingly, such a “mod” was used by Fostex fans even before the release of the official open version: both TH6XX and Fostex TH-900 were actively transplanted into open cups, thereby allowing the drivers to open up to 100%. But if in folk modifications the aesthetic side often suffered, then at Fostex they were able to beat the grid perfectly: it has a very unusual shape and successfully copes with both attracting attention and turning the headphones into open ones.

Open-end headphones

The build quality, which is not surprising for this price segment, is beyond praise: nothing creaks or sways anywhere. I also note an excellent fit: the clamping force is excellent, the headphones are likely to suit absolutely everyone. The ear cushions are made of genuine leather and are deep enough for any ears. The headband is also made from the same material, and a large number of adjustments further increase versatility.

Traditionally, I’ll pay attention to the cable – it’s good that there is something. It’s literally the pinnacle of authenticity here: long, thick and woven, made of highly purified oxygen-free copper. But, as I said in the section about the package bundle, I do not quite like the choice of the connector: if absolutely any other connector can be obtained from a balanced XLR using adapters, then in the case of a standard 6.3 mm one will have to tinker a lot with either soldering or earning a tidy sum on a new wire.

It’s even strange to praise the company for such an approach to the headphone case: of course, for this price segment, they are made cool. Premium, I’m not afraid of the word, materials, unusual design and excellent fit are mandatory attributes for a top model, and Fostex did an excellent job with them.

Sound : Fostex TH-909

Of course, all this would not make sense without good sound” – alas and ah, but in this case such a beginning is inappropriate: good sound is bought for a much more humane price tag, especially in the case of full-size headphones. The Fostex engineers had another task: to make “their own” sound that can catch the ears, and then money, the listener. Of course, this approach makes the headphones not universal: they are not suitable for fans of cold and monitor presentation. In general, the presentation of TH909 can be characterized as bodily and full-bodied, as a result of which it is a little darkened.

Fostex TH-909

The low frequency range is what catches the eye first. Of course, he demonstrates excellent speed for a dynamic driver, but at the same time has a very good weight: he successfully manages the most complex instruments, such as the organ or cannons from the 1812 Overture.

The mids are just as good, but in their case the same flavorful presentation comes into play: they are slightly shifted back, which primarily manifests itself on vocals, which can be shaded by other instruments. But if we abstract from this feature, then we will get excellent (detailed, emotional, fast, and further down the list) midrange, which will delight vocal lovers, especially – given the next point – female. The scene, all of a sudden for TOP open headphones, is as wide and deep as it is in any other dimension.

Treble , in addition to the obvious excellent speed characteristics and excellent separation, have a peak just in the area of ​​female vocals, which gives it a special emotionality. Of course, some high-frequency instruments also get there, which also increases the amount of emotions, albeit frank, impudent pumping is still not there.

As for genres, it all depends on the preferences of the listener. Personally, I eagerly listened to absolutely everything that is in my library: from Diana Krall to Dream Theater, from Tchaikovsky to Depeche Mode – everything played equally emotionally and “beautifully”, although some people might not like this presentation. But the headphones are not so tolerant to the source: even though the Fostex TH-909 has excellent resistance and sensitivity indicators, the impressive figure of 1.8 W of maximum input power makes itself felt. Needless to say, the requirements for the DAC are also, as they say, flagship? I think not: the potential buyer probably knows this himself, and I don’t want to frighten the curious with six-figure prices again.


I left comfort for the ‘endish’ region here in light of the fact that I needed to make a point first that the earphone doesn’t get exhausting as quick as I would have initially accepted, just as that the cushions influence the experience intensely.

The glow factor of the cushions is a non-issue. It doesn’t get warm for me due to being open back. It inhales fine and dandy and there is a lot of air moving with that amazing bass to keep a new admission coming in and out consistently.

The earphone likewise isn’t substantial and the earphone is great. The great headband configuration is something I appreciate and need a greater amount of in my reviewership. An excessive number of sets are tormented with coldhearted points utilized in their plan of the headband.

Fortunately, the Fostex TH-909 remains monstrously comfortable for quite a long time. Really, a gift in the substantial Planar period of plan. I have not a solitary problem on comfort aside from that the long link here and there pulls down and powers the cups to yank a little on my ears. It is a little issue, yet a more limited and versatile length link would be pleasant. Something precisely like the rendition of the Sennheiser HD6xx stock link would be dazzling.

What is Closed or open Headphones?

When choosing headphones, it should be borne in mind that open-type models are less than closed-type adapted to everyday conditions: they practically will not protect you from external sounds, and those around you will, perhaps with annoyance, listen to everything the same as you. Today, however, personal audio systems have taken on a new purpose thanks to the explosive development of smartphones and other portable equipment, and music lovers have appreciated their special approach to performing it. Therefore, headphones are now purchased not only in order “not to interfere with the sleep of children.”

Models of the open type, as a rule, create an open and large-scale music scene, provide a more comfortable listening experience, and therefore they find their adherents, despite some attendant inconveniences.

With the Fostex TH-909, which closely mirrors the TH900 Mk2, Fostex provided an excellent opportunity to compare the two types of designs. In general, the characters of the sound of the models are very similar: we note the balance, the highest detail, clear organization and excellent study of the musical space formed around the listener’s head.


So Lastly, Fostex is a well known brand in the market and the fostex TH-909 is one of the best open-end headphones if you have good budget to buy one.

If you are willing to spend 1800$ for a good headphone then you should go for Fostex TH-909 and enjoy the music and comfort of it.

If you think i have missed out on something or you have any questions related to this then please let me know in the comments, so that i can answer it as soon as possible.

Thank You!!!

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