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Pubg emulator lag fix in easy steps

A standout amongst other emulator to play PUBG portable in PC is Gameloop (Tencent Gaming Buddy). Since it’s in the beta variant it has numerous bugs. Be that as it may, Now New Update of Gameloop has Less transport. Here You Can Fix Your Tencent gaming amigo

The most noticeably terrible issue is it begins to slack after a couple interactive experiences. The casing rate gets exceptionally low and the game begins to freeze.

Another issue is the casing rate changes excessively. You may get 50 fps and all of a sudden it will drop to 5-10 fps.

Before utilizing the beneath strategies its essential to utilize legitimate settings for Tencent gaming mate emulator so as to take advantage of it.


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Enhancing Settings For Tencent Gameloop.


Well here are a few settings you have to change. Dispatch Tencent gaming mate, click the cheeseburger menu and select settings.

In settings, select the Engine tab. Select the accompanying choices under the accompanying classification.

Under Rendering

Presently on the off chance that you have a GPU 2 GB or increasingly select DirectX+.


In the event that you’re having GPU of 1 GB or less, at that point select OpenGL+.

Check Render reserve, Enforce Global Render Cache and Rendering Optimization.

You can likewise set Anti-associating to close, memory to most extreme size accessible.

Under Processor


In the event that you have a 4 centers processor, at that point set it to 2 centers,

so also for 8 centers set it to 4 centers.

You can set the goals to 1280×720 and DPI 240. Since we have fixed the setting lets fix the slack issues.

Fix Lag in Tencent Gameloop


Erase temp documents

At the point when you introduce Tencent gaming amigo, it produces a great deal of transitory information records which is put away in Temp envelope. I have seen a huge increment in FPS in the wake of erasing these temp documents.

You can get to the temp organizer by heading off to the run menu(Windows+R).

Type %temp% and hit enter in the run window


Erase every one of the records from the temp organizer.

Increment Virtual Memory Size

Another issue is Tencent Gaming Buddy utilizes additionally paging record size(Virtual memory) at that point it’s designated. While running Tencent gaming mate, scan for dxdiag in the beginning menu. This will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

Here you can see the measure of paging record size utilized and the paging document size accessible. On the off chance that the pre-owned memory is more prominent than the accessible one, at that point you have to physically relegate more memory to the paging document. Pursue the beneath steps to build the paging document size.


Right-click This PC/My PC and go to properties.

In properties go to Advanced System Settings and under the Performance segment select settings.

Here select the Advanced tab and under the Virtual memory, segment click change.

In the first place, un-check Automatically oversees paging record size for all drives, at that point select the C drive and in custom size add 8000 to beginning size and 9000 to most extreme size.


Snap OK and reboot your PC.

Clear Cache

The most essential strategy is itself present in the emulator menu. Snap the cheeseburger menu and you will locate the Clear Cache alternative.

This will clear the reserve of the game.


Note – After clearing the reserve you need to login once more, additionally the downloaded information is lost so you need to download every one of the maps once more.

Incapacitate Full-Screen Optimization

Right-click on Tencent gaming amigo (Gameloop) and select open document area.

An organizer will open in which you will discover AppMarket.


Right-click on AppMarket and select properties.

In properties change to Compatibility.

Under similarity mode select Windows 8.

Under Settings check this –


Handicap fullscreen advancements.

Run this program as an Administrator.

On the off chance that you have a low-end PC and the game still slacks you can attempt to run the game in 640×480 goals. This will make the game look awful yet will improve the casing rates.

Overhaul Your PC


It’s difficult to purchase a genuinely horrible PC nowadays; great segments are reasonable enough that as long as you abstain from despite everything anything called a “netbook,” you’ll likely get something that works. Yet, you can show improvement over “works” as long as you recognize what you’re searching for. Picking the correct workstation implies finding precisely the things you need, and comprehending what you’re willing (and reluctant) to forfeit to arrive. Workstations are about exchange offs, and making the correct ones is critical.

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Keys Are Not Working Properly

Our most up to date form of PUBGM is included Key Synchronization, it keeps players have same settings between the telephone and the TGB. Presently you can pursue these means to comprehend the Keys Do NOT Work Problem. If it’s not too much trouble keep mind, on the off chance that you did custom catch on your telephone, if you don’t mind reset or change to anther key case.

1. Go to the game and discover the settings.

2. Pick the controls and select tweak.


3. Snap reset. After That Save The Settings

4. Go to the Tencent Gaming Buddy keymap settings

5. The KeyMapping Mode and the Gaming Resolution ought to be same

6. Snap reset and afterward spare.



1. If it’s not too much trouble keep the Firing on

2. The default key of Firing is left, don’t transform it.

3. Know that you need to spare after you do any reset.


Appreciate the game,

Tencent Gaming Buddy Team.

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