Cowin SE7 Review: Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Cowin SE7

Hello/ Greetings to everyone, So today I here to make my true points on Cowin SE7 Review.

Cowin SE7 wireless headphones are designed to sound better, be more comfortable, and easier to take with you. Plus with apt-X. You can enjoy low latency, good fault tolerance, and high quality sound. Put them on and suddenly everything changes. Their music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer. Even air travel becomes a pleasure as the engine noise decreases quietly. No matter how loud the world is, it’s just you and your music – or just peace and quiet.


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Cowin SE7 Review

I love active noise canceling headphones. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to find a review in US for the creations of the Chinese brothers, I will slightly correct this situation. In short: with noise canceling turned off, the sound is good, but not very good with noise canceling turned on. Sounds are suppressed quite well, according to the recollections of using top-end SONY 1000XM2, here noise cancellation approaches them, excellent for the money.
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In general, I bought them here for a link for around 100$, but they are no longer there, I think there is no difference where exactly to buy, so I give a link to the second option where I thought to take it.
Note:- As an Amazon associate I earn commission for every successful purchase of the product.

Delivery With The Box Of Cowin SE7

  1. headphone
  2. carry bag
  3. Aircraft adapter
  4. Jack cable
  5. Charging cable, micro USB
  6. Instructions (German and other languages)
  7. VIP card
  8. Cloth bag

Equipment Cowin SE7

All equipment in the photo. I don’t use all of this, so there isn’t much to tell. The cables feel good quality. In the case, there is only a mesh on the edge (in the photo this is the bottom) in theory, rarely used cables or adapters can be crammed there. getting something out of there is inconvenient. I really liked the sound quality with noise cancellation turned off, there is bass and the detail is good (for my personal NOT audiophile taste) The codec used on my phone is AptX. With the inclusion of noise reduction, the lows of the songs are noticeably cut. This was not the case with the Sony 1000XM2.

Cowin SE7
Thus, we have 2 modes: noise reduction mode and quality mode, this suits me, I often listen to podcasts and audiobooks, for example, near the highway, the intelligibility of the voice of an audiobook increases noticeably when the noise reduction is turned on.

Charging And Pairing

In the first step, we connect the headphones to the power with the supplied USB cable . In my case, the LED now lights up permanently blue because the battery was already fully charged . It usually lights up red while charging . The battery is fully charged after about 3-4 hours if it was previously empty. The headphones have a built-in 800 mAh battery that lasts up to 30 hours. The runtime applies to Bluetooth mode with ANC activated.

Noise cancellation headphones

If I now press and hold the middle button on the headphones for a long time, the headphones are switched on and then “pairing” sounds. Now the LED flashes blue. Now I open the Bluetooth settings of my smartphone and select the SE7, done.

When I switch the headphones on and off, they automatically connect to the device last connected. If I now want to put it into pairing mode again and press and hold the middle button for a long time, it does not work because it is already connected. If I want to delete the current connection and pair it again, I have to press and hold the forward and back buttons until a response is heard. If I press and hold the middle button for a long time, the LED starts to flash alternately red and blue and the headphones can be paired again.

Controls & connections

All connections and controls are located on the right auricle . At the very top we see the ANC switch and the ANC LED . If this LED lights up green, the ANC is active . Directly below that we see the status LED for pairing and the battery status. Next we see three buttons. The volume can be increased or decreased with the two long buttons. If we keep the buttons pressed for approx. 2 seconds, a song is skipped forward or backward.

The middle button is the so-called multifunction button . If we press it briefly, the music is paused or continued. If, on the other hand, we press it for a long time, the headphones are switched on and off or put into pairing mode. This button can also be used to accept or reject calls.

Last but not least, we see the 3.5 mm jack connector and the micro USB charging port .

Comfort & Workmanship

The cushions of the Cowin SE7 are very soft and adapt very strongly to the head. They are like a kind of soft pillow . This is on purpose and helps block outside sound. I find the upholstery very pleasant and comfortable. The headband is height adjustable and, as we can see here, the headband is reinforced with metal. The height adjustment is nice and clean.

The auricles are attached to joints which allow horizontal and vertical adjustment to the shape of the head. The auricles can also be rotated by 90 °. The headphones can also be folded up and thus fit perfectly into the enclosed carrying case.

The hinges at which it is folded have a metal pin inside. I couldn’t film or photograph that properly. But I shined in at an angle to determine this.

The weight of the headphones is approx. 273 grams . The inner surface of the auricles is almost 7 cm high and about 3.5 cm wide . The inner surface is therefore above average. The headphones are otherwise made of plastic and the ear cups and the padded headband are covered with synthetic leather. The design looks chic, simple and modern.

For a price of 100 dollars, the workmanship makes a good impression on me.



So In the Cowin SE7 Review I checked the microphone in the windy or noisy environment and I found that my voice is clear all the time without any disturbance.

Cowin SE7 Review

No matter what if its raining or its windy or it any noise your voice is going to be clear for anyone listening to you other side.

The feature of microphone is so great that even if you are in heavy traffic the microphone will help you to communicate with your mates on call without any disturbances.

Microphone in Cowin SE7 Review is one of the best positive point to buy it.

Sound: Cowin SE7 Review

The headphones are apt-X capable. It has a very powerful bass . Anyone who listens to a lot of hip-hop, rap, techno or metal will probably be happy about the powerful bass. In my opinion, this is also the target group for headphones. Due to the strong bass, the mids and highs are somewhat lost. That’s why I once listened to Suzanne Vegas’ song “Gypsy” and adjusted the sound to a neutral level with an equalizer. You can see the settings here in the picture. You can see that the highs and mids have been adjusted more.

Cowin SE7 Review

The headphones have no background noise , so they are also suitable for listening to audio books. What I noticed with my Moto G4 smartphone, however, is a very low, high-pitched beeping sound in the right auricle. I didn’t notice that at first. But when I was in an absolutely silent room I noticed it quietly. This sound is inaudible with music and neither could a old man (60 years old) hear it. I do.

With an old Samsung S5, however, the noise was not present. So it seems to be probably due to my Motorola. When I connect the headphones with a jack cable, the noise is gone. So it’s because of the bluetooth connection. For the price I like the sound very well (with equalizer), but you should expect to have to switch on an equalizer.


Cowin SE7:- If the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is activated, there is only a very minimal, barely audible noise! I couldn’t hear it in an audio book. This is a clear difference to all the inexpensive models that often generate a lot of noise through the ANC. When the Active Noise cancellation is activated, the sound of the headphones changes or the powerful deep bass is reduced. This makes the sound more neutral again, but has less bass.

Noise cancellation Headphones

With aircraft cabin noise, the headphones take out the bass and the noise becomes lighter. It feels 50% quieter. With propeller aircraft, the depths are also reduced very much. The noise itself remains at around 70%, but sounds a lot brighter. The ANC is therefore at the entry level, which we also find in many inexpensive models. However, there is no strong noise generated by the Active Noise Cancellation , which all inexpensive models often have. The Active Noise Cancellation is to be regarded as a soft Active Noise Cancellation and a nice bonus, but you shouldn’t expect miracles here. If you buy headphones mainly because of the Active Noise Cancellation, you should take a look at the Bose QC 35 .



So lastly, It makes sense to buy these headphones if you need active noise cancellation, otherwise you can find something cheaper with the same sound quality. On the other hand, for my taste, they sound decent and if you don’t like the noise reduction, you can leave it off. Noise suppression works well in noisy industries (press, weaving machines, etc., running engines, pumps) In the subway (the best effect when a train arrives when you wait at a station) Noise from highways, passing trains (if they pass nearby) they will do for use on an airplane, train, but you need to understand that in these headphones you will have to pay for the noise canceling on with the sound quality. I am satisfied with the purchase, they cost their money. There are minor drawbacks such as creaking and too soft (or thin) ear pads, inability to work and charge.

Be careful, this manufacturer has many similar names E7 and E7PRO this is the last generation of headphones, I talked about Cowin SE7.

Thank You!!!

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