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Corsair HS35

Hello/Greetings to everyone, So today i m here with a review on a gaming headset which is “Corsair HS35 Review “. So let’s begun the review.

The HS35 Stereo is Corsair’s successful effort to create a quality, comfortable and affordable headset for versatile tasks. In fact, these are classic external headphones to which a compact microphone is connected. The device is addressed not only to PC owners, but also to users of consoles Xbox One, PS4, Switch (by the way, this fact was directly reflected in the technical details of the solution).

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Corsair HS35

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The Corsair HS35 Stereo is primarily a gaming headset.

The Corsair HS35 Stereo is all about simplicity. In the box you will find only the headphones themselves and the already mentioned microphone, no software or additional utilities for setting up the product exist (which, in general, is not typical for the brand).

Design : Corsair HS35

First of all, this is a brilliant looking headset. In the event that we needed to figure its cost initially, we’d never show up at just $40. The last little details to the outside are elegantly finished with a splendid mix of matte and shine wraps up. Also the headset can supplement numerous forms because of a few shading choices.

Design of Corsair HS35

The HS35 comes altogether dark, back and blue, dark and red, and dark and green shading variations, which are intended to outwardly supplement and be utilized with the PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One stages individually. All things considered, seeing as they all utilization the standard 3.5mm association you can simply get whichever variation is generally speaking to you. Just the PC variation (all-dark) accompanies a splitter for the receiver and sound, yet that is the main contrast.

All things considered, its inclination as a spending arrangement gets obvious when you snatch hold the headset. The development here is all-plastic and keeping in mind that it doesn’t feel especially unstable, it absolutely doesn’t feel premium either. The main bit of metal on the edge is inside the headband, which in any event causes add some strength to one of the parts that need it the most.

The earcups incorporate a space for the removable amplifier that can be stopped up in case you’re not utilizing the mouthpiece, a volume wheel, and a quiet catch. The earcups are huge and offer a reasonable piece of turn and tilt changes, yet these are not naturally done by the headset. This implies that you’ll need to physically locate the ideal fit for your head. The earcups will at that point remain in this situation until you move them and they’ll hold this position even after you take the headset off. This isn’t in any capacity better than programmed change, we’re simply calling attention to that the earphone can be more agreeable if from the outset it seems like it squeezing into places excessively hard.

Unpacking : Corsair HS35

Corsair HS35 Review: Unpacking
The Corsair HS35 Red came to me in a red box because the headset itself is made using that color. Moreover, the red color turned out to be “Nintendo” red.

The kit included only documentation and a detached microphone. The headset is budgetary. No carry cases, no adapter, no extension cord – all for the sake of lower prices. And I approve of this approach. This allows you to get a quality product at a low price, and buy everything else as needed. 

Comfort : Corsair HS35

Corsair HS35 Review:Comfort.
Furthermore, discussing comfort, we need to state we’re intrigued with the manner in which Corsair has taken care of such an exceptionally significant part of this spending headset. As should be obvious in the photos both the earcups and the headband on the HS35 include a fairly thick layer of cushioning. This does something amazing couple with the general lightweight form to make this headset agreeable to wear for protracted gaming meetings. This cushioning is likewise secured with a work texture which is exactly what we’ve needed to see.

Work isn’t close to as great at disengaging commotion and keeping the bass in as leatherette so a few clients despise it with an enthusiasm. We can get why – in case you’re doing all that you can to make your sound experience as well as could be expected be getting a headset with work ear pads can feel like messing yourself up.

Notwithstanding, there are two reasons why this methodology essentially doesn’t have any significant bearing to the HS35.

This is a spending headset. The sound quality here won’t be stunning in any way shape or form.

This is a gaming headset. For gamers, it’s generally more significant that their headset can see them through a long gaming meeting than it is to get a more segregated sound. In this setting an alright sounding headset that you can wear for quite a long time prevails over a decent sounding headset that will make your ears sweat and hurt all the more rapidly.

Also, that is actually what the HS35 offers. It explores the budgetary requirements set upon it in a sharp manner that doesn’t obstruct the gaming experience. We would prefer not to oversell it – it’s as yet a spending headset so obviously it’s not as agreeable as the models we normally survey. In any case, all the seemingly insignificant details we’ve referenced – the movability (counting turn), the lightweight plan, the thick cushioning, and the breathable work – do pile up to make it unfathomably agreeable contrasted with the greater part of its opposition.

Technical and functional features

Corsair HS35 Review: Technical & Functional.
The headset is presented on the market in several colors (to match the existing consoles), the Corsair HS35 Stereo playback source is connected via a 3.5 mm connector (there is no wireless option here).

Please note that the length of the wire is 1.1 m, that is, this is a non-standard option, it is somewhat shortened (designed specifically for owners of portable consoles). PC users will surely be disappointed by this fact, but don’t forget that there are available extension cords for 3.5mm jacks.

Technical features of headphones

To adjust the volume, the HS35 Stereo uses an analog circle that has already become classic for Corsair headphones ; during hot battles, the user will definitely not confuse plus and minus.

In the budget price range, this is one of the best modifications.

The headset Corsair HS35 Stereo is made with high quality, in the best traditions of the brand. The combination of durable plastic and plush ear cushions has a positive effect on the wearing comfort.

On the head, the monitored headphones sit quite tightly, although the bezel still presses on the crown after several hours of playing (a typical feature that is inherent in most external devices).

The Corsair HS35 Stereo is an extremely neat modification from an aesthetic point of view. With this headset, it is not scary to go out into the street, the owner will definitely not resemble an astronaut or a Martian, this is an absolute plus.


Sound quality : Corsair HS35

Corsair HS35 Review: Sound Quality
The Corsair HS35 Stereo is primarily a gaming headset. And the monitored device copes with the direct task perfectly. Volume is present, footsteps of opponents are clearly audible even against the background of thundering explosions and whistling aircraft. The smallest details and atmosphere will not hide from the ears of the owner.

Corsair HS35 Review

Maybe the Corsair HS35 Stereo doesn’t sound as crystal-clear as the expensive $ 300 headsets that have a high-quality DAC built into them. Nevertheless, for the needs of the average gamer (and not a capricious audiophile) the sound capabilities of the monitored solution will definitely be enough.

With the Corsair HS35 Stereo, you can also listen to music. Tight bass and impressive volume are enough for this purpose. You can swear at some deafness of the overall composition (scene) and too sonorous high frequencies, but do not forget about the main profile of this solution.


Corsair HS35 Review: Microphone.
The Microphone indeed epitomizes this plan theory that is centered around lifting the gaming experience above everything else.

It’s a unidirectional separable microphone with some noise cancelation. The noise cancelation isn’t outstanding, however it’s equipped for taking out the keyboard and mouse noise which are seemingly the most significant commotions to drop. You can kill the AC while gaming or simply quiet the mic while somebody is vacuuming or you’re circulating out the room near weighty traffic, yet the console and mouse clicking is more earnestly to dispose of.

Microphone of Corsair

The microphone additionally includes no windshield, which can be a major issue, yet the HS35 offers a workaround for this by letting you position the bendable mic be that as it may and any place you need – when changed it waits. This again spares some experimentation before you can put the receiver in such a manner it gets your voice all around ok at talking volume, without tormenting the ears of your colleagues on the opposite side of the Discord call with popping commotions, yet it tends to be finished.

These are only a portion of the manners by which Corsair figured out how to effectively make a barebones receiver stand apart contrasted with the opposition. It’s still somewhat meager sounding, however it sounds no more awful than the $40 rivalry. Regardless, it sounds similarly comparable to the amplifiers on some more costly models.


The headset is lightweight and pleasant to use. For several hours of playing on the Switch, my head did not get tired at all, my ears did not sweat. Sounds good, high notes and bass sound ok. Of course, you don’t expect studio-quality audiophile headphones for $ 500 here. The headset is assembled well, nothing creaks or looseness. The materials also did not disappoint, although the model is budgetary.


The Corsair HS35 Stereo is a lightweight and striking design gaming headset that delivers very high sound quality despite its relatively low cost. The sound reproduced, be it game, music or movie, is truly amazing. In part, this feeling can arise due to the rather free design and very low weight – you do not expect such a good sound from a light red headset. Therefore, you cannot judge by clothes, you always need to make sure how the device copes with its direct responsibilities. In some cases, you will need to work with the equalizer, but really – in some.The vast majority of scenarios, it is almost impossible to find fault with the sound. With terms of ergonomics, the HS35 Stereo is a very attractive option – it is very lightweight, has soft grips, and the controls are where the hand goes when the body is touched. As a result, the Corsair HS35 Stereo pays off every penny spent on it and can definitely be recommended for consideration as the main candidate for purchase!

Here are the pros and cons of the Corsair HS35 Red. I’ll start with the
  • Weight – for a gamer who spends several hours a day wearing headphones, a lightweight headset is a must.
  • Design – harmonious, bright colors, quality materials.
  • Removable microphone – it would be better if it went into a cup, but this option will also appeal to those who will use the headset with mobile devices.
  • I did not find any serious shortcomings, except perhaps a removable microphone, the socket of which will loosen over time. And the wire is not braided.


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