Cooler Master MH751 Review: Gaming Headset [Budget Headphones]

Cooler Master MH751

Hello/ Greetings To Everyone, So today i m writing my true views On Cooler Master MH751 Review.

Cooler Master is well known in our market primarily for its excellent cooling systems, cases and power supplies. But recently she has been trying to pay more and more attention to one more area of ​​her activity, namely the periphery and multimedia. Not so long ago we already had a test of a new Cooler Master MasterMouse MM830 game pad , and this time we will talk about a new headset.


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Cooler Master MH751 Review

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At the beginning of November 2018, the line of branded gaming headsets was replenished with two models with similar names at once: Cooler Master MH752 and Cooler Master MH 751 . The older one offers support for virtual 7.1-channel sound. The younger one is deprived of such an opportunity, but in return can boast of a more affordable price tag. It was she who dropped by for the test. By tradition, let’s start the review by studying its characteristics.

Packaging And Equipment

The headset is delivered in a bulky box made of thick cardboard. Its front side attracts attention with the image of the product itself. On the reverse side, the main advantages of the novelty are described in general terms.

Inside the box is another one, this time made of thicker cardboard. Inside it are the headphones themselves, a microphone and a small box with cables. All components are securely fixed in the form of expanded polypropylene, which will protect them from damage during transportation.

Along with the headphones, you get a detachable microphone, detachable cable, a splitter for connecting to the PC audio outputs, and a velvety carrying case. I would also like to see a plug for the microphone jack, but this is not critical.

Appearance And Design : Cooler Master MH751

Despite the gaming focus, Cooler Master MH751 headset has a simple, concise and discreet design. The predominance of black in the design is slightly diluted with logos on the cups and silver inserts on the sides of the headband. If you are not confused by the size, then in such headphones you can safely walk even on the street, without attracting undue attention to yourself. But using them as a headset for a smartphone is problematic due to the removable microphone on the boom. This option is acceptable at home, but not on the street.

Cooler Master MH751 Review

The structure is based on a flexible metal plate. Both cups are attached to it using a small hinge mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of pressing the cups to the ears vertically.

The headband of the headset is trimmed with high-quality and soft eco-leather, inside of which a sufficient amount of filler minimizes pressure on the head. Closer to the cup mount, there is a pair of black and silver plastic inserts. To fit the coverage of the headband, 11 positions are provided with a clear fixation on each side (about 4.3 cm).

The attachment of the cups to the headband is also made without surprises: the usual plug made of soft-touch plastic with a soft-touch coating is used.

The cups themselves are mostly made of matte black plastic, and only the rim in the wider part of them also has a soft touch coating. In the central part there is the manufacturer’s logo.

The ear cushions are composed of a soft filling on the inside and eco leather on the outside. Unfortunately, they are not removable, so you cannot change them for fabric.

The left ear cup contains the microphone and cable connectors. The latter is securely fixed with a simple twist and will definitely not fall out during hot battles.The right cup is completely devoid of any controls.

The controls are also missing here, as they are concentrated on a small remote. There you will find a volume control wheel and a microphone mute button.

Comfort : Cooler Master MH751

On the off chance that you’ve heard anything about the MH751 prior to perusing this survey, odds are you’ve heard how agreeable the headset is. It truly is probably the most grounded suit.

Cooler Master MH751 Review

The froth ear pads don’t have an especially thick player of cushioning, however it actually doesn’t leave anything to be wanted when worn. Furthermore, there’s even a light layer of cushioning on the driver divider that keeps your ears from coming into contact with the driver should they by one way or another figure out how to sneak past the ear pads.

The equivalent goes for the headband cushioning – it’s not excessively liberal, however it has no issue taking care of business without creating any torment or inconvenience. This is to a great extent because of the overly lightweight plan of the headset. The MH751 tips the scales at just 250 grams, on account of the plastic plan and more modest drivers.

Additionally, Cooler Master has figured out how to develop the headset with the goal that the clipping power is perfect. You get the inclination that the headset is embracing your head like a cushion, yet it actually figures out how to set up a decent feeling of strength. Thus, despite the fact that the ear pads are secured by a leatherette layer, your ears don’t perspire or get hot like they would with other leatherette headsets.

Generally speaking, the MH751 surpassed our desires with respect to comfort. On the off chance that you need a headset that can see you through extensive gaming long distance races with no perspiration and you aren’t a fanatic of coincided ear pads you deserve to give the MH751 a possibility.

PERFORMANCE : Cooler Master MH751

Cooler Master MH751 Review: Performance.
Let’s be honest, when I saw the price of Cooler Master MH751 relative to the technical specifications, we were a little skeptical. Cooler Master MH751 is a stereo headset with 40mm neodymium drivers and a relatively low impedance of 26 ohms. Compared to the cheaper Corsair HS50, other headphones with 50mm drivers and higher impedance, the MH751 doesn’t look very good on paper.

Driver size usually means how loud and deep the sound quality of the device will be. Meanwhile, impedance is a good measure of how sensitive headphones or speakers are at high volumes.

The numbers aren’t everything, as the Cooler Master MH751 sounds great – unless you turn up the volume. While listening to Undo by Bjork at full volume, we encountered some buzzing at the end of the track. Reducing the volume solves the problem, the sound remains full, balanced and deep.


The same is true for games. Regardless of whether I were replaying Metro 2033, preparing for Metro Exodus, or simply relaxing in World of Warcraft, Cooler Master MH751 remained at their best. In fact, the experience of playing Metro 2033 was so immersive that I got unnecessarily excited about certain sections of the game, thanks to the eerie sound effects that smaller headphones can miss.

What’s especially remarkable – and this surprised us – is how good this detachable microphone is. I tested it first in Audacity and it sounded better than the $ 199 Razern Nari Ultimate we use on a day-to-day basis. And the quality again excelled in PS4 games.

In the end, Cooler Master MH751’s high precision is only limited by the price you pay. This problem is likely to become noticeable if you are used to using high quality audio equipment. You can get the same sound with a cheaper headset, but there won’t be a great microphone, which will be a disadvantage if you often play with other people.


Cooler Master MH751 Review: Microphone
Another high-purpose of the MH751 is its separable omnidirectional receiver.

This is, point of fact, a standout amongst other sounding amplifiers you can discover in a headset at this cost. At the brought down cost of $80 or less, the opposition isn’t close at all.

Cooler Master MH751 Review

This generally has to do with the way that there’s no pressure here. Your voice is characteristic and full-sounding through this amplifier.

In any case, there is a trick!

Since the mouthpiece utilizes a simple association, it’s not conscious of a considerable lot of the advantages we’ve come to underestimate in USB amplifiers, similar to commotion cancelation. All that is occurring around you – and we do mean the world – will be gotten by the amplifier. In case you’re utilizing a mechanical console, particularly one with blue switches, realize that all your online partners will need to odd you to death with the earphone’s own special line!

We’re misrepresenting somewhat here, yet there is truth to this announcement also. Truly, numerous games don’t expect you to get down to business on your console like you’re composing an exposition, however this is something you ought to know about preceding buying the MH751.

We’re likewise tremendous aficionados of the locking component used to keep the receiver set up. At the point when you simply embed the attachment into the headset it remains there fine and dandy, however on the off chance that you turn it at the stem the headset secures it. It’s such a basic yet exceptionally viable (and fulfilling) plan that we’re astonished we haven’t just observed it yet.

In this way, while the receiver is genuinely incredible, it requires a peaceful climate to really sparkle.


Cooler Master MH751 Review: Sound Quality

Despite the closed format of the acoustic design and the large earcups in which the ears fit completely, the headset does not feel bulky. On the head Cooler Master MH751 sits just fine: it does not put pressure on either the head as a whole or the ears. There is also an excellent headset for adjusting the size, so the headset will fit most users without any problems. Comfort is positively influenced by soft ear cushions and two degrees of freedom at the cups.


The headphones use 40mm neodymium magnet drivers, but no Hi-Res Audio certification. Although the absence of the latter does not play a special role, since Cooler Master MH751 has an excellent sound. Overall, the sound can be described as very pleasant and balanced. Only occasionally it seems that the balance is slightly shifted towards the mid-high frequencies, but in other situations, low frequencies begin to dominate. The headphones also delight with the overall sound detail and are great for both watching movies and listening to music. In games, there are also no problems with positioning, especially as for a conventional stereo headset.

I was also pleased with the clarity of voice transmission. During the game and negotiations in Discord, teammates did not complain about an illegible voice, extraneous noise or other interference.


This was perhaps the trickiest headset to appropriately assess since it conveyed on countless fronts yet neglected to eclipse the effectively settled champions at the $100 value range.

We’re immense fanatics of the unnoticeable plan; the degree of solace offered here sets a standard that other leatherette pad headsets ought to endeavor towards; the receiver effectively demolishes the vast majority of the opposition at the $100 value point, if it tends to be utilized in a calm climate; and the sound felt convincing.

Like we’ve stated, there’s an incentive to be had here. Yet, how much will rely upon what value you discover this headset for. In the event that you can discover it for $80 or less, we give it our most grounded proposal. Something else, the opposition is simply stacked to such an extent that it doesn’t figure out how to stand apart except if you’re fundamentally inspired by the flexibility it offers.

Hopefully you liked the Cooler Master MH751 Review and if you have any questions regarding this and do comment your questions and i will answer every relevant questions.

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