Beats Solo 2 Wireless Review [On-Ear Bluetooth headsets]

Beats Solo 2 Wireless 

Hello/ Greetings To everyone, So i m here with a review on Beats solo 2 wireless Review  and going to discuss everything which is important and will be presenting all the good points and the bad points on this Beats solo 2 wireless review.

Let’s Start With An Overview 

Beats Solo 2 Wireless are wireless on-ear headphones from the famous American company owned by Apple. As with other Beats products, their main advantage is the ability to show people that you belong to a famous brand. Of course, this is not the only advantage of headphones: in their arsenal you will find high-quality sound with an emphasis on bass, and a sturdy construction, and a long operating time (up to 12 hours). Still, this is not such a reasonable purchase, primarily due to the high cost. Therefore, if you are looking for wireless on-ear headphones at a reasonable price, then it is better to return to the  Headphones catalog. But if you are a fan of Beats, Dr. Dre or Apple – the opinion of experts is unlikely to change your choice of headphones .

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Beats solo 2 wireless

Check Price

Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones can be purchased for around 300$ , and, in our opinion, it is too expensive for a product with such characteristics.

Features: Beats solo 2

A few helpful tips regarding the use of headphones – what you might find useful and useful to me. To start with the reset:

“Make sure the headphones are not plugged into the USB charging cable.

  1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the button.
  3. The battery level indicators will flash white, then the first one will flash red – this will repeat three times.
  4. When the indicators stop flashing, the reset is complete. “

The headphones work with the Beats Updater program, to use you need to connect the Solo with a cable and follow the link here . The web interface is used, you can change the name of the headphones, check the software version, as you can see, my model has the latest version.


Name Beats Solo 2 wireless
TypeOn-Ear headphones
Connection Wireless
Weight 0.47pounds ( 0.215kg)
Noise-Isolation Passive


Packaging and equipment : Beats solo 2

As with all headphones, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless has a very high-quality packaging that is reminiscent of Apple products in many ways. It is not a shame to present headphones as a gift.

The Beats Solo 2 Wireless comes with:

  • the headphones themselves
  • RemoteTalk 3.5mm cable with control buttons
  • Micro USB 2.0 charging cable.

Unfortunately, they do not come with a case, like, for example, the wired version of the Solo 2. Why is not clear. On the contrary, with an increase in the price, you expect a richer configuration.

Style : Beats solo 2

Earphone audits are generally sound driven; as they ought to be, it’s the most significant viewpoint to consider. Also, in these audit circles, Beats were famous for their style-over-substance approach. This notion has been rehashed so often that you’d be excused for speculation this is everything to Beats earphones.

Beats solo2 wireless

Yet, it’s definitely not.

It surely used to be the situation, we won’t contend with that, yet then the Solo 2 came and broke that form. Like we’ve stated, these earphones are an extraordinary improvement upon the first Solo earphones and they’ve observably diminished the style-to-substance edge by conveying an unrivaled sound quality while holding the heavenly style of the apparent multitude of Solos that were and have since happened.

They’re accessible in red, blue, white, and dark, with coordinating extras for each tone. In the event that you like a somewhat more unnoticeable look, at that point the dark adaptation is presumably your most ideal decision, and in the event that you need genuine consideration grabbers go with the red. Beats has got you canvassed in either case.


Build : Beats solo 2

Contrasting these remote earphones with their wired partners truly would not benefit from outside intervention since they’re basically similar earphone in numerous respects, yet Beats added a few changes to the remote variant.

Beats solo 2 wireless built


First of all, remote earphones are commonly heavier than their wired partners, which is particularly clear when you have two variations of essentially a similar model. This truly would not benefit from outside intervention all that much on the grounds that the remote earphones need to fit the battery just as a ton of extra innovation into the earpieces.

Yet, shockingly enough, the Solo 2 Wireless earphones weight just barely more than the wired earphones do. This may not seem like such large an arrangement, however it truly says a lot about the lengths to which the designing group went while creating these.

We additionally need to specify that the Solo 2 Wireless earphones are generally made of plastic. Obviously, the plastic isn’t modest in any way shape or form. It’s very twisty and bendy and it unquestionably doesn’t seem as though it’s not the sort of plastic that will break at the simple idea of being dropped…

… yet it is still simply plastic. It’s solid enough for a great many people and you can throw these earphones into your knapsack absent a lot of stress, yet in case you’re somebody who’s inclined to dropping earphones you ought to most likely look somewhere else.

Likewise, they don’t include dynamic commotion dropping, which is fairly weird given these dispatched at $300. The inactive segregation is strong, yet we don’t think agreeing to good is something you need to do when you’re isolating this much cash.



The plastic plan was no uncertainty actualized to make the earphones lighter. At 215 grams you can say that they’re an incredible lightweight competitors, yet there’s a whole other world to comfort than simply weight.

Typically, the subsequent thing that is mulled over after the weight is the cushioning. What’s more, the ear cushions are very pleasant. The cushioning is delicate and thick, thicker even than it is on the wired rendition. The earcups turn to guarantee the best fit. However these earphones actually feel awkward.

So why would that be?

Indeed, the offender here is something that is infrequently thought of and, truly, not generally printed out alongside the remainder of the specs: cinching power.

The cinching power on these earphones is irrationally incredible. We should not gloss over it, they squeeze! Except if you especially appreciate the sentiment of being squeezed you’re not liable to appreciate wearing these for delayed meetings.

They’re steady enough for you to serenely run with them without a concern on the planet, yet that is not generally an or more with regards to the disadvantage of its planned objective segment – everybody.



It appears to be odd, devoting an entire section to the link for remote earphones, yet there’s in reality a ton to discuss here. Above all else, the Solo 2 Wireless earphones accompany two links. One is your ordinary charging link. You pop it into the correct ear cup and it energizes the battery, entirely straight-forward.

But at the same time there’s a second link that you can stick into the left ear cup. This one is fundamentally used to turn these earphones wired. It has an in-line distant with all the standard highlights: a mouthpiece, volume control, stop/play, and track skipping. Additionally, in the event that you were pondering, you approach these highlights in any event, when you use them remotely. They ‘re all flawlessly incorporated into the ear cup; not that you could tell just by taking a gander at the photos.

Generally, the subsequent link is convenient for when the battery out of nowhere bites the dust on you since you neglected to charge it. Neglecting to charge it is the main way we can see this battery out of nowhere biting the dust on you, incidentally, as its nothing to laugh at. The battery life is publicized at 12 hours and it conveys around 12 hours. In the event that you like tuning in to music during drives, at that point these should presumably last you a decent week before running out of juice.

If not, 12 hours is as yet an entirely good figure. What’s more, there’s likewise a cool LED light on the ear cup that gives you how much battery you have left, so on the off chance that it bites the dust, it’s everything on you.

The exact opposite thing that bears notice is that the charging link utilizes a miniature USB port. It bears referencing on the grounds that Beats, on the off chance that you by one way or another didn’t have the foggiest idea, is an Apple organization, so normally, they utilize Apple’s restrictive lightning port. However, while the Solo 2 Wireless earphones were delivered after the Apple securing, they were created before that. So in the event that you have a hankering for Beats yet aren’t an iPhone client these earphones will be extremely helpful.


Design and execution

For Solo 2 Wireless, design is one of the key characteristics that most people buy Bitsa for. They are eye-catching even in the most unassuming color thanks to the striking “b” logo on both cups. A total of 11 colors are offered, some of which differ in the colors of both the logo and the supplied cables.

Design of beats solo2 wireless

In general, the headphones will suit any user in style (if you choose the right color), but still their main audience is people who do not mind expressing themselves to others.

In addition to the design, the manufacturer also thought about the convenience of daily use. Firstly, the headphones are foldable, which will allow you to take them with you. Secondly, they have an LED indicator of the battery charge, by which it is easy to determine the moment when it is time to charge the device.

In addition to the wireless Bluetooth connection, the headphones can also be used with a cable. In this case, they become a twin of the Beats Solo 2 (without Wireless). The Beats Solo 2 Wireless cable is not very long (about 1.4 meters), with an L-shaped plug and a remote control. It’s not long enough for use with a  TV or game console , but for these cases, you can use a wireless connection via an optional Bluetooth adapter.

The headphones are made of plastic, although many competitors in this price range use metal in their devices. The shoulder pads are made of high quality artificial leather.

Working hours

The claimed operating time is about 12 hours, it will take at least two hours to charge. It can be charged using a laptop USB port, an external battery, and I also used the power adapter that came with the iPhone 7. You can use the headphones while charging, which is a plus.



The size of the headphones does not allow them to fully cover the ears. Because of this, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless, according to some users, cause discomfort and may not be suitable for long-term use. Also, due to their size, they do not provide such complete noise isolation as monitor ones.

The foldable mechanism makes the headphones easy to carry and the small size allows them to be worn around the neck. Firstly, they will not interfere, as can be the case with larger headphones. Secondly, even if you do not listen to music, people around you will still recognize that you have expensive Bits. Thirdly, thanks to the built-in microphone, you can use them to talk on the  iPhone .

The headphones can be used up to 9 meters away from the sound source ( smartphone or mp3 player ), but remember that in a room due to walls this distance may be shorter. The Beats Solo 2 Wireless offers up to 12 hours of battery life, more than enough for the average user. The battery is non-removable, so if it fails (and this will surely happen over time), you will have to change it only in the company service – you should think about the availability of service in advance.

Unfortunately, this model lacks active noise cancellation like the more expensive Beats Studio Wireless .

Sound quality

The Beats Solo 2 Wireless have a distinctive sound for their headphones. First of all, these are overstated low frequencies with clamped mids and highs. If you like meaty bass, then these headphones are for you. If you are looking for a universal solution that works equally well for rock, hip-hop and classical, then you should continue your search. For example, take a closer look at the  Sennheiser HD 215 II , which will not only cope better with a diverse music collection, but will also cost 5-6 times cheaper. Their disadvantages are their large size and a version with only a wire, on which there are no control keys.

Sound quality

The sound of the headphones via Bluetooth and cable is about the same, although in many other models the wireless connection may lose some information during transmission. Since these are not closed monitor headphones, you will hear what is happening around them, as well as those around you will be aware of your musical tastes. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that in most cases this is not a significant drawback.


The issue is only that the opposition is furious. Truly, they sound incredible, truth be told, they sound comparable to the wired variant, but at the same time they’re a full $100 more costly. That is a great deal of cash only for Bluetooth, particularly when you’re paying a ton only for the Beats logo. Furthermore, they’re additionally not especially agreeable.

They’re simply not cost-effective. On the off chance that we watched them in a vacuum, they’d be excellent, yet there are basically numerous general better earphones to be had for $300 and furthermore earphones that are practically similarly as useful for a lot less expensive.

We can’t state in great still, small voice to give them a pass, as there’s nothing amiss with them beside some solace issues, however in case you will get them, discover them at a markdown on the grounds that you could get a lot more for $300.



So lastly , the headphones cost about 300$, this is an average price, very much depends on the color – black are the cheapest, the Active Collection is more expensive.

Pros of headphones:

  • The image aspect cannot be underestimated, headphones are known, loved by young people all over the world, and for many this is the most important moment when choosing.
  • Nice design, build, details like proprietary cables and easy software updates win over.
  • The battery life is about 12 hours, not bad for compact headphones.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • Recognizable sound. You can argue or not argue, but the signature Beats sound is felt even without wires.
  • For 18,000 rubles, there are not so many competitors – Harman / Kardon Soho Wireless, Plantronics BackBeat Sense, it seems that each has advantages compared to Beats, but marketing magic comes into play and I myself would think a hundred times why I should give money.


  • Note that there is no leather and little metal.
  • Many people really do not like the sound – but everything is subjective.
  • Is the microUSB connector still in use, when is the transition to Lightning?

My advice is to buy if you love Beats. There are a lot of such people around and I personally not going to discuss it. The main thing is not to think, I bought Solo 2 and the order, everyone around is clear. Marketing magicians from Beats / Apple do not eat their bread in vain, and therefore Beats Solo2 Wireless has an excellent destiny – in the world, for sure.

If you feel like i have missed out on something then please let me know in the comment section so that i can add that to the article as soon as possible. Hope it helps you to make a choice to buy it or to make your doubts clear about it.


Thank You!!!


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