Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review: A perfect Headset

Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x

Hello/Greetings to everyone,So today I m here with a true points on the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review.

This review will focus on the ATH-A900X from Audio-Technica, Japan. These headphones feature a full-size, closed-back design to deliver the brightest, richest and most lifelike music across the entire frequency range. A distinctive feature of the model is that, unlike the “younger brothers” of the same series, it is produced directly in Japan, which really affects its cost.


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Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review

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The range of Audio-Technica headphones is really huge and only in the Hi-Fi category the company offers more than a dozen of them. If we remove wireless models from the general list, there will be exactly ten full-size wired headphones, half of which belong to the Air series, that is, they have an open design. Model ATH-AD900X occupy the initial and middle positions in the series, with a two-fold difference in price.


Built [Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review]

So lets start Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review with the the point built. First thing, these are not the sort of earphones you inadvertently botch for an alternate pair. With their childishly huge earcups finished off with dark honeycomb covers that uncover the drivers these are surely extremely exceptional. Furthermore, that is without referencing the exclusion of a headband for an issue free 3D wing emotionally supportive network that you’re presumably reluctant about.

Built Of Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review

Yet, if you love the plan it doesn’t generally make a difference an excess of on the grounds that the ATH-AD900x aren’t earphones that many individuals will see you wearing at any rate. Set forth plainly, they’re indoor earphones, and there are two or three plan includes that really concrete them accordingly.

The one that is applicable to the manufacture has to do with the materials utilized. The ATH-AD900x is, generally, made totally of plastic; and it doesn’t feel like the most exceptional sort of plastic at that, either. However, the most troubling perspective is the way that the 3D winds are additionally produced using a similar plastic and since there’s no headband, they’re the main thing keeping the earphones on your head.

This implies that should they break, and they appear as though they could, the outer flame broils would default as a headband, dropping the earcups sufficiently low to treat just your neck to the incredible sound.

Presently don’t misunderstand us, they have a quality form and are sturdier than they look, however breaking isn’t not feasible.

Technology [ Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review ]

Without exception, all Audio-Technica Air models are equipped with large 53 mm drivers designed specifically for use in open acoustic environments. There is very little information about the technological features. It is known that voice coils are wound with copper clad aluminum conductor (CCAW), which solves the key problem of large caliber radiators: the large mass of the moving system. A CCAW coil is lighter than a conventional coil but has the same electrical conductivity.

The speakers in the ATH-AD900X models are based on the same design solutions, but at the same time they have a number of differences: the coils have different geometry and winding method, as a result of which both the impedance and the maximum power of the emitters differ. If you remove the ear pads, you can see that many of the speaker structures are noticeably different. In both cases, the front of the diffuser is covered with an aluminum casing with holes, but the diameter and number of holes are different. In the older model, the holes are smaller in diameter and there are significantly more of them. You can also see that the shape and surface relief of the speaker cones are not the same. The voice coil of the ATH-AD500X has a caliber of about 15-16 mm, while that of the ATH-AD900X is about 20 mm. This explains the twofold difference in the power of the models.

The rear part of the emitters has a number of holes covered with acoustic damping material. This is the basic tool for tuning the frequency response of any speaker, and the ATH-AD900X have a completely different approach to tuning. In the younger model, both the peripheral holes and the large central hole are covered with acoustic material, which removes air from under the middle part of the diffuser. In the older model, the air outlet from the center of the speaker is controlled using a small calibrated hole. It seems that it was in this way that the developers were able to expand the upper limit of the reproducible frequency range.

Design [ Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review ]

The cups and headband for both models are completely identical. The supporting structure is made in the form of two elastic metal arcs wrapped in a plastic tube. Adjustment to the head size is provided by two spring-loaded cushions. According to the manufacturer, it is this approach that provides the maximum ease of landing.

Design of Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x

The pillows really provide minimal pressure on the head, the headphones sit lightly and comfortably, but they can fly off with active movement of the head and periodically try to sit on the head deeper, so that the cups slide down, somewhere to the chin. In short, you first need to get used to the unusual fit and choose a comfortable position for the headphones.

The ear cups mounts, like the cups themselves, are made of black plastic. It doesn’t look expensive, but everything is done very neatly. The outer part of the cups is made of perforated aluminum sheet. The size of the holes and the honeycomb shape given to them are not accidental. This geometry, according to the developers, is optimal from an acoustic point of view. Inside, you can see the acoustic material pasted around the speakers. Thus, the inner space of the earcups does not completely isolate the ears from the outside world; it communicates with it through acoustically damped holes.

The ear cushions are covered with soft velor. Filling -ordinary foam rubber without memory effect. Their shallow depth is enough for the auricles to sit comfortably inside. The ear cups have an anatomical protrusion that fills the space behind the ear, and the speakers inside the ear cup are angled so that their radiation is directed as coaxially as possible to the ear canal.

Despite the identical design, the ATH-AD500X and ATH-AD900X differ in the details of the finish, which allows you to accurately distinguish the younger model from the more expensive. The model names on the headband parts are in different colors: silver on the ATH-AD500X and gold on the ATH-AD900X. The younger model has the logo printed in white on a plastic nameplate, while the older model is embossed and, again, gold. And the most spectacular: speaker mount. It is located inside the earcup and is difficult to see on the ATH-AD500X. On the ATH-AD900X, the speaker mount has a shiny finish, visually similar to chrome, as a result of which the detail shines mysteriously from the inside of the headphone housing.

The models are equipped with a 3m, Oxygen-free copper plug-in cable. The cable has a one-way connection to the left ear cup and is resiliently insulated to prevent tangle. The package includes an adapter from 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm jack.

Soundstage [ Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review ]

Before we get to the general sound quality we need to discuss the soundstage in light of the fact that it truly merits a portion all unto itself. The soundstage In Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review is commonly a solid point in open-back earphones so we were anticipating significance, yet the ATH-AD900x has an essentially wonderful soundstage that surpasses desires.

It’s high. It’s profound. It’s wide.

Indeed, it so immense that it can even give a ‘live’ vibe to certain tunes that you might not have any desire to tune in to along these lines. In any case, that scarcely seems like an analysis.

What’s more, what this does is additionally make them extraordinary for gaming and media. You’ll get a genuine artistic sound when watching motion pictures with these earphones and in gaming, the pinpoint precision of the soundstage verges on cheating.


The model have incredibly open, free atmospheric sounds. The Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review that they paint the space around the listener on such a scale that you involuntarily feel yourself sitting in front of an audio system with a stereo base of a good three meters. At the same time, large sound images do not seem heavy or clumsy. The sound is open, agile and dynamic, and at times it seems even unnecessarily light.

The ATH feels darker and has more bass. At the same time, the upper frequencies and upper mids are a little lacking, from which there is a feeling that the sound picture is moved away from the listener. ATH-AD900X sound brighter and more open, less bass, and more upper mids and highs. All sound sources seem to be closer to the listener, and the overall sound is more detailed. The midrange / treble part of the older model definitely feels smoother, but there were some questions about the bass area. The deeper the bass, the quieter it sounds, and those notes that the younger model played confidently, the older headphones reproduce a little muffled, not so massive. These impressions are fully confirmed by the measurement results. The ATH-AD900X really starts to roll back at low frequencies earlier.

When listening to classical music, it is difficult not to give preference to the older model. The ambience of the hall, the separation of instruments and the richness of timbres speak in favor of the ATH-AD900X. On the younger model, symphonic works also sound good, but intelligibility is no longer enough. The tonal balance of the ATH-AD900X is well suited for jazz of all styles – from classical to experimental. The balanced frequency response makes it easier to delve into the intricacies of melodic and rhythmic patterns.

In metal, the bass drum beat on the older model is clearer and more focused, vocals and guitars sound brighter and more intelligible, but in general, the music is not as convincing and perky as on the younger model. The same can be said for rock and dance music.


Obviously, the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review stated that while the plastic is an obstacle, it doesn’t out and out make them terrible for outside use. In any case, the link does! The 3 meter, non-separable link basically spells ‘inside’.

We’re never happy to see non-separable links in very good quality earphones, particularly when the link appears to be this mediocre. It’s likewise made of plastic, and seeing as links are generally the primary thing to kick the pail in an earphone this could have a truly negative effect on the general life span here.

Furthermore, it’s a genuine disgrace when we consider the low impedance. They sound very great in any event, when you pair them up with a basic cell phone. A separable link wouldn’t fathom the other portability issues, yet it would make the chance more feasible.

Likewise, we should not overlook that these are open-back earphones. This might just be the best thing about them, yet you should convey an old fashioned radio player more than one ought to in case you will tune in to these earphones out in the open, it wouldn’t be any less awkward for the individuals around you.

Obviously, that is not an issue with the earphones and we won’t score them for portability; open-back earphones basically weren’t intended for that. When you grapple with this, in the event that you haven’t as of now, we’re certain you’ll discover a great deal to appreciate here, however we needed to underline this direct toward take no chances since individuals for the most part thing shut back when they think earphones.

We’re likewise glad to report that the bass doesn’t seep out, which here and there will in general be an issue with open-back earphones.


As far as comfort, the ATH-AD900x hits the nail directly on the head… on the off chance that you can wear them. It’s greatest qualities are the general lightweight of the all-plastic plan and the considerable layer of cushioning. The driver is additionally calculated so your ears won’t actually connect with it, which at times occurred with the first ATH-AD900.

In any case, the 3D wing emotionally supportive network is somewhat all in or all out. On the off chance that you have the head for it, it’s superb. It’s totally bother free so you should simply put the earphones on your head and you’re all set, no compelling reason to change the headband or tinker with the bracing power.

It feels somewhat odd from the start, however the curiosity before long wears off and you won’t feel like you have anything on your head, not on the ears, not of the head of your head, no place. The velour secured ear cushions are entirely breathable as well. You can wear these earphones for five hours with no issues.

Despite the fact that the earcups can in some cases drop a piece lower than at first positioned, this is just a mellow burden as correcting them in a real sense takes a couple seconds.

In any case, if your head is too huge or too little the wing support just won’t work as expected, delivering them practically unusable and awkward.


So lastly the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review turns into that the headphones are aimed at listening to original CDs, as well as their copies saved in lossless formats. They also give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of hi-res sound (eg digital vinyl records).


  • Incredibly high quality and realistic sound;
  • Japanese build quality and durable, reliable materials;
  • Long and resilient cable;
  • An ingenious headband design for maximum comfort while using the headphones.


  • Considering the cost of this model, the cable could be made removable (but this is not essential);
  • The cost of these headphones in the CIS countries may be somewhat overpriced.

Hope you liked Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x Review, and if you think i missed out on something then do let me know in the comment section so that i can add that too in the article and make it more appropriate for you all.

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