Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro Review: A Budget Earbuds from Soundcore.

Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

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In the world of top high-quality headphone manufacturers, it is almost impossible to find truly excellent headphone options that would provide truly high sound quality and reliability at a low price. However, Anker really knows how to make such a technique that can be really popular and at the same time niche – we are talking about a new model, released by its in-ear headphones called Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro or simply Spirit Pro. This model, judging by its technical capabilities, will surely delight absolutely all connoisseurs of high-quality sound.

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Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro


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Probably the first thing you’ll notice about the Spirt Pro is its distinctive “EarWings” designed to fit the curvature of your ear.

Anker recently released their Soundcore Spirt Pro earbuds with sweat and water resistant, water resistant. While they don’t go head-to-head with hitters as strong as the Apple Airpods or Sennheiser’s Momentum headphones, they pack some compelling features and create novelties at a reasonable price. After several weeks of heavy use, here’s what I make of them.

Design : Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

Probably the first thing you’ll notice about the Spirt Pro is its distinctive “EarWings”, designed to accommodate the curvature of your ear, allowing you to secure the earbuds in place.

I was skeptical at first, but we cannot claim that the Spirit Pro feels firmly anchored once the correct wings and earpieces have been installed. It’s hard to say how much these wings contribute to this, but we ended up appreciating them, if not for some other reason other than how easy it is to see which earpiece is in which ear.

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Another very nice feature is the magnetized backs of the earbuds themselves, which is especially useful as they allow you to wear the Spirit Pro as a necklace for a few minutes when you take a phone call or whatever.

Comfort : Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

The Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro is very comfortable. I used this for about 2-3 hours non-stop and it was as comfortable as i weared the headphone for only for 5mins.

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As the Headphone is light weight it is very easy to carry this with us and keep it comfortably over our ears and the ultra-soft eartips and earwings delivers a secure and comfortable fit.

SweatProof : Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

The Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro’s main features are IP68 water resistance and SweatGuard sweatproof. The build quality of the headphones is immediately evident. Unlike the more expensive alternatives, they are connected by a cable that mounts a small control module with a Micro-USB charging port.

But the earbuds feel secure enough, without any corner or seam. While I can’t talk about sweat protection that could hopefully extend the life of a product, my review unit survived submersion in water with music playing all over the place. (One word of warning: wet headphones are uncomfortable to wear.)

Battery life

The Spirit Pro boasts a 10-hour battery life between charges, and while we didn’t test it in one go, our use confirmed that claim. We used to listen for an hour or two a day during our work week, leaving them unused on weekends.

Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

The Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro seems to hold its charge perfectly and easily passes what we consider to be the most rewarding test for Bluetooth headphones: getting through a working day, including travel, without recharging.

Sound quality: Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

Again, while it is impractical to ask Anker phones to compete with premium alternatives for up to five times the price, we have few complaints about audio quality. For headphones, the sound is rich and rich, if perhaps shamelessly focused on bass.

Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

Listening to “Pearl Girl” from the underworld, the full bubbly underlying the intro was completely evident, while the unusual traps seem to be as crisp as “Granny Smith”, but it’s the echoing thump of bass beats that really stands out that nothing to complain about.

Moving on to Nina Simone’s Sinnerman, here the bass sounded a little more accurate in line with Simone’s vocals in the foreground. The piano accompaniment did not have perhaps a bit of brilliance and definition compared to our in-ear headphones.

In general, I have the impression that Spirit Pro is more adept at modern dense music than, say, classical or jazz recordings with a large sonic range and nuances. But since they are aimed at people exercising in the gym, there might not be much of a compromise.

My only other complaint was that when paired with a Macbook, the Bluetooth connection sometimes dropped. However, we suspect this is more of the Macbook’s fault, as connecting the headphones to the iPhone did not cause such problems.

Bluetooth Connection

The Soundcore Spirit Pro In-Ears underpins Bluetooth form 4.2 and have consistently given a steady association and scope of up to ten meters in pragmatic tests with various Android and iOS frameworks. A difficulty free activity was likewise conceivable through a few rooms, which is an exceptionally acceptable outcome. The games headset is combined by holding down the focal catch, which transforms on the framework and afterward places it into matching mode.


The 3-button distant permits you to control gadget capacities, for example, beginning and halting playback, noting and finishing calls, changing volume and choosing tracks. It’s likewise worth referencing that the catches are material noticeable. Therefore, in addition to and less fastens are not obviously discernable, which incredibly disentangles the activity. The focal catch controls the play/stop work and is utilized to reply and end calls. The volume is changed by means of the in addition to and short fastens, yet the catches can likewise be utilized for title route by squeezing the in addition to fasten to the following track and bouncing in reverse and advances through the less catch. The discourse understandability when settling on decisions is additionally generally excellent since the voices of the two sides are heard unmistakably.


So lastly, Overall Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro is one of the best budget and inexpensive Bluetooth headphones available in the market which sounds good and also have good battery life with sweatproof feature.

If this earphone suits your requirements and budget then go and buy now and enjoy the great sound with the inexpensive earphone.

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