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AKG N200

Hello / Greetings To Everyone, So Today I am going to put my true views on AKG N200 Review.

The headphone market has something to offer every user. For example, I like a lot of wired options – I’m a follower of this particular headphone format. So I raised my right eyebrow in surprise when the AKG N200 Wireless appeared on my desk. “Okay, let’s try,” I thought.

When I found out that I would get a AKG N200 headphones for review, I thought they would be a great addition to my phone. Headsets from AKG are not the cheapest, but competitors often ask for more for similar features. I figured the hardware would harmonize well with Samsung’s flagship phone. However, not everything is as obvious as it seems.

Bluetooth headphones have flooded the market for a short time. This has certainly been accelerated by the fact that the headphone jack has disappeared from many smartphones. They are convenient, and modern technologies for wireless sound transmission offer a quality that will satisfy the vast majority of music lovers (not to be confused with audiophiles).


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AKG N200

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The price of the model is about 80$. A lot of? Few? The cost of modern audio accessories can start from a few dollars, and has no upper limit. How much you spend on this type of equipment is also an individual choice. However, I know that, given past products, AKG has to justify the stated price, the features and sound quality it offers. Indeed, is this the case with the N200? Let’s find out!

Unboxing : AKG N200

The AKG N200 headphones came to me in a packaging intended for free sale, for which I thank Samsung. Although for me, as a reviewer, first impressions are not as important as for the buyer, I like to put myself in the role of the happy owner of the desired equipment and spiritually relive this moment with him. There is, of course, a lot to experience here. AKG decided to pack the headphones in a very aesthetic hardboard box that displays the purchased item in an interesting way. First positive impression!

Inside, in addition to the headphones, there is room for four sets of rubber bands for different sizes of ears. The special cover makes a good impression, as does the cleaning brush, which can easily remove any physiological discharge.

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The N200 itself, at first glance, gives the impression that it is made of very high quality. Their special advantage is interesting colors of execution. In addition, the cable is braided with a reinforcing material, which additionally protects it from tangling. This is a really effective solution – I tried to create a typical pocket knot in various ways, but I failed.

Both earbuds have magnets that attract each other, so when you are not listening, you can easily wear them around your neck without the fear of twisting or dropping. There is also a remote control for controlling multimedia and calling the voice assistant installed in the phone.


The earphones are made of high quality materials, it is immediately evident. They have no bezel, only a strap made of fabric. The cable is braided with a reinforcing material, which not only protects it, but also prevents the headphones from tangling. In the summer, if you wear headphones around your neck without using them, you can rub your skin with them, which is not very pleasant. The headphone housing itself is not made of plastic, but of metal, and despite this, the headphones weigh only 16 grams. The cups are equipped with magnets, they snap into place comfortably and therefore there is no risk of losing the headphones.

AKG N200

For recharging the device there is a micro-USB connector, which is covered with a special plug and hidden in the remote control. The remote control is large enough to be easy to find and easy to operate the headphones with. There are three buttons on the remote control: the central one is the largest and most oblong, to the left and right of it there are small buttons. The remote also has a built-in microphone. Sometimes the remote control, on the contrary, can cause inconvenience, since it pulls the wire. Despite the fact that the remote control is large, it does not catch the eye and does not stand out against the background of the headphones.

It is inconvenient to listen to music with one earphone, since the second one pulls down and it feels like the first one is about to fall out of the ear, although this does not happen. The earbuds have mounts that are designed to improve fixation. They are practically invisible, but they really help the headphones not to pop out of the ear. There is a special cable tie on the wire, which can be used to adjust its length. The headphones look very original. The case is large enough for them, made of soft leatherette. It could have been made smaller so that the case with headphones could easily fit not only in a purse or purse, but also in a pocket. The case holds not only the headphones, but also the charging cable.

Bluetooth Connection : AKG N200

The AKG N200 pairing procedure is very simple: turn on the headphones and hold the switch for a while so that they become visible to the device to which you want to connect them. There is nothing complicated here.

In order to connect AKG N200 to another device, just turn them on and hold the switch for a while. After the paired product detects them, the connection process is completed.

Most users will be happy with the sound quality these little speakers deliver. The presence of powerful bass and competent distribution of low frequencies is especially striking. The main thing is that the audio source supports the aptX codec. Without this codec, the sound becomes faded and lackluster, like conventional in-ear headphones.

The mids also have a good range of sound. The upper ones convey the purity, richness and expressiveness of the music well. Especially worth noting is the excellent reproduction of musical genres such as rock and electronic music. This produces a balanced sound that is different from simply dividing the sound into notes. Music lovers will surely enjoy using the AKG N200.


AKG N200 are equipped with a remote control with a microphone. I checked the possibilities in the field of telephone conversations, and here they are quite wide. It should be added that the headphones are not equipped with active suppression of ambient sounds, which, however, I do not consider as a disadvantage or an advantage, this is just a feature.

AKG N200 is not equipped with active noise canceling function. This cannot be considered a significant drawback, since this functionality will not be able to show all its advantages in devices of this type.

Also, not all users like its presence. Someone compares the effect of the work of such a system with being in a parallel space, when a feeling of isolation from the whole world is created.

Others, on the contrary, believe that unnecessary sounds are useless. For them, it is recommended to use inserts of appropriate sizes or special overlays.

The N200s perform well when used when talking on a mobile device. Even a strong wind does not interfere with communication. In such a situation, it is difficult to conduct a conversation, but it is possible. All words and phrases are clear and accurate. This is facilitated by the form factor of the headphones, in which the microphone is placed on the cable, closer to the person’s face. This greatly facilitates the transmission of information, since all sounds are collected and concentrated as close as possible to the microphone.

Sound Quality

I started listening to AKG N200 when my main phone was Samsung A30. Since both the tested headphones and the smartphone support the aptX codec. I was informed about this by the corresponding annotation in the phone menu. Without too much delay, I opened my audio collection, chose one of the Night Lover songs and was stunned.

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This is the bass! He’s good and there is a lot of him! To be honest, I had no idea that in-ear headphones could play this way. There are really a lot of low frequencies, but they do not interfere and do not climb into the rest. They stay in their places, giving the songs a lively, warm, even a little festive atmosphere.

With this idyllic atmosphere, my love for the N200 flourished over the next few days, but every rose has thorns, and every idyll comes to an end. As I was approaching an important business trip for me, I decided to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, to which I connected the headphones under test. Knowing how they play with Xiaomi, I was in anticipation of how the headphones will show themselves in tandem with a device from the ecosystem from which they originated. I turned on the same song as before, and after listening to it, I started it again, not believing it right away.

The sound suddenly became flat, expressionless and dull. Just average, nothing more. It turns out that in combination with the A30, AKG N200 used the aptX codec, which Samsung’s flagship headphones in Europe do not support. Korean smartphones are powered by Samsung Exynos processors, and aptX is the Qualcomm codec available on devices with Snapdragon chips. Transferring music between my Note 9 and the headphones was done using Samsung’s proprietary AAC codec.

Yes, this phenomenon does not apply to Samsung phones intended for the Far East and American markets, where the Koreans have supplied Snapdragon. AptX works for them without issue. To confirm this thesis, I tested the N200 with two more phones: Galaxy S9 + and Xiaomi Mi 9. The result again justified the assumptions.

Besides the bass, there is also a very good mid-range that is not too wide and remains a little closed, but I like it. It’s important that the vocals sound the way they should. There is also a lot of interesting going on in the high frequencies – the sopranos, like the basses, are a lot, they are clean, juicy and expressive. The result is a very pleasant percussive and brilliant sound, perfect for rock or electronic music. This is a lot of fun, and sometimes, especially in the upper registers, the sound becomes more analytical.

In short: a sound that is very well balanced and should appeal to anyone for whom music is more important as an artistic experience rather than a separation of individual notes. Provided, of course, we are using an aptX-enabled phone, so make sure you have one in your device before purchasing these AKGs. Otherwise, the sound will be flat and vague.


And so I got to the most important, in my opinion, AKG N200 drawback. These headphones are a relatively new product on the market, and yet they are equipped with a microUSB connector. Many people may not care, but I value mobility, both privately and business, and love to travel. With this type of solution, I have to take an extra cable with me everywhere, otherwise I will lose access to music after the battery runs out.

In terms of battery life, it’s okay. The manufacturer claims 8 hours, and thanks to the implemented fast charging technology, 10 minutes of contact with the charger is enough to get energy for an hour of music playback.


So lastly, If the smartphone that AKG N200 headphones are supposed to work with supports the aptX codec, this is a very good choice at a reasonable price. Rich lows and curvy highs are their biggest asset.

The AKG N200 headphones have many benefits. They look solid, comfortable, and are suitable not only for listening to music, but also for talking on the phone. But the most important reason for buying them is the sound quality. The headphones sound great, regardless of genre. The bass sounds very good. But there is one nuance here, it is important that the smartphone supports the aptX codec, then the sound quality will please. Otherwise, the sound will be flat and you will simply not want to use headphones. The battery life is sufficient for any user, but to charge the headphones you will need to carry a cable and a Power Bank or look for an outlet. The disadvantages include an outdated version of Bluetooth. I wish the AKG N200 were more unique. For example, so that two smartphones can be connected to them at once. But this is the ideal.


  • Workmanship.
  • Cable protection material.
  • Very good sound, especially bass.
  • Comfort even during long sessions.


  • Only reasonable working hours.
  • No foam or other liner options included.


Thank You!!!

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