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AKG K701

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Sonic precision and high wearing comfort should make the K701 the reference studio headphones for mixing and mastering. Our test shows whether the Vario Motion membrane, flat wire coil technology and neodymium magnets make this possible for the proud RRP of 200$.


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AKG K701 Review

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With a cable length of almost 3 meters, the headphones are in the upper range when it comes to the “long leash”. It is easy to forgive that the cable cannot be plugged in. The scope of delivery includes a gold-plated mini jack adapter and a headphone stand with the AKG logo emblazoned on it.


Features of the over-ear AKG K701

  • Headband made of genuine leather with soft inserts
  • Matched paired speakers with flat wire coils
  • Quality fixed cord with OFC-copper conductors
  • Low impedance, wide frequency range

Appearance, feel and handling

The AKG K701 in white and silver / gray is wonderfully fresh and classy. Only his leather headband is brown. All of this looks appealing and exudes value. If you like the color white, you can hardly get past the AKG K701.
Although the processing relies on a number of plastic components, it is still of high quality. I’m just saying, chrome-plated edges all around and a 3 mm thick leather strap. The feel also hits the mark: ear cups, velor cushions, headband and cables make a very good impression. Look and feel can be so crucial!

AKG K701 Appearance

The contact pressure of the self-adjusting bracket is appropriately dosed. The automatic sizing makes handling easy. At no time does the white pretty boy press on the head, but it is sufficiently firm and secure. The velor cushions caress the ears. High wearing comfort is guaranteed.

Design : AKG K701

AKG K701 Review: Design
The flagship of the Austrian company’s lineup, the open 62-ohm headphone contains the patented Varimotion driver: the double-layer diaphragm with its thicker center transmits the high frequencies, and the thinner and more flexible periphery the rest of the range.

Apparently, the emitter as a whole does not work like a piston, but on the principle of a bending wave, similar to, for example, the Manger MSW broadband speaker. The flat wire voice coil is oriented in the field of a neodymium magnet.

According to AKG, the emitters have independent ground paths (true bi-wiring), which nevertheless come to a single standard 1⁄4 / 1/8-inch jack (adapter included). The signal cable (cannot be uninstalled by the user) contains copper conductors (99.99). The headphones are quite comfortable thanks to the large ear cushions with soft fabric and a not very rigid spring that connects the cups; a little discomfort is caused only by the stylish leather headband, which does not fit the head, in contact only with the crown.

Sound : AKG K701

AKG K701 Review:Sound
Crystal transparency, airiness, emancipation (especially of the upper register), sophistication of detailing, tonal evenness and a very high timbre resolution were manifested in the transmission of various music, primarily works for a small or small number of performers.

AKG K701 is one of the components whose sound is immediately liked and does not disappoint. The musical environment contains a wide plastic score of secretly intimate half-tones, reflections and foreshortenings, a subtle play of light and shade.

Sound and comfort of AKG K701

There are no restrictions on the edges of the frequency range. The bass is precise, well-structured, quite deep (impressive organ pedal, orchestral bass), not different in character from the middle. AKG organizes direct communication with the sensory sphere of the listener, as if bypassing the mental stage of perception,

In the dynamic area, the AKG K701 has no limits, however, the most impressive advantages of the model are concentrated near the edge separating sound from silence: the headphones operate here with an unusually subtle and exquisite, carefully extracting musical colors, textures and contours from the inaudible area.

The sound of the grand piano (two-microphone recordings of S. Rachmaninoff’s playing) AKG K701 transmits flawlessly, the depth of the timbre is clearly audible, the free hovering of overtone loops.


Comfort : AKG K701

AKG K701 Review : Comfort
Comfort truly is the situation with the AKG K701 and the lightweight plastic form is just the start. What’s more, these earphones include a self-changing calfskin headphone with light obstruction.

The ear-cups are cushioned with 3D froth for the most ergonomic fit and enveloped by a layer of fine velour. Furthermore, on head of that, the measure of weight that the ear-cups apply is somewhat insignificant, barely enough for the earphones to remain on your head without sneaking off.

Include these highlights up and you’re left with earphones that you can use for quite a long time with no torment or perspiring. However, luring as this might be for, state, gamers, these earphones have a very specialty crowd in that they’re not even reasonable for all audiophiles.

The entirety of this stems from one key component of the AKG K701: the open-back ear-cups.

Noise Cancelling

AKG K701 Review: Noise Cancelling
It might appear glaringly evident yet we should simply put it on the record certainly: at whatever point you choose open-back earphones, you can toss commotion counterbalancing capacities the window.

Not exclusively will this make the earphones unsuitable for use in any climate filled with outside commotions since you’ll hear everything stronger than a murmur, yet additionally on the grounds that every other person will hear whatever it is you’re tuning in.

These Are Indoor Headphones

Also, this renders them essentially unusable in office conditions, during drives, and so on You could utilize them for gaming in the event that you have a peaceful gaming nook only for yourself and the way that they’re wired isn’t an issue.

However, they’re certainly pointless during exercises, on the grounds that the link’s an issue, yet in addition since they’ll fall directly off. The low cinching power is incredible for comfort however it requests a fairly static methodology.

What’s more, just to commute home the point that these are above all else studio earphones, they don’t have any extra fastens or advantageous in-line volume controls, giving you next to no motivation to associate them to your cell phone.


The AKG K701 sits at a fairly strong sticker price of $450 on AGK’s site. To be perfectly honest, this isn’t absurd for such a fine case of mid-range studio-grade earphones, despite the fact that the way that they’re plastic makes the dread of unintentionally breaking them genuine.

In any case!

Seeing as you ought to experience no difficulty finding the AKG K701 earphones for a large portion of the cost on different affiliate locales, they truly are a take. On occasion, they even spring up for under $200.


So lastly, The AKG K701 headphones sound in the proprietary monitor style. This is fine in and of itself, but those who love a full-bodied sound with tight bass and clear highs will be disappointed. But the transfer of the atmosphere of the hall and the study of the middle frequencies in this model is much better than you might expect for such a price.


The quality of the development of the mid-frequency range is commendable.


Small travel of headband adjustment, sound lacks weight in general.

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