AKG K553 Pro Review 2022 : A Stunning Headphones

AKG K553 Pro Review

AKG has introduced the K553 Pro full-size studio headphones for monitoring, mixing and mastering audio. According to the manufacturer, this novelty has high-quality sound insulation due to the closed-type design, while the sound of the K553 Pro model is typical of models with an open acoustic design.

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AKG K553

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Thinking whether you should purchase the AKG K553 Pro that you’ve presumably heard so numerous beneficial things about? Hold that idea and read this survey before you get it.

The K553 Pro headphones feature 50mm drivers that deliver “the powerful, accurate and outstanding bass you need to monitor and master modern music.” The novelty also received replaceable memory foam ear pads covered with artificial leather and providing comfortable listening for many hours. At the same time, the low impedance of the K553 Pro allows them to be used with devices that have a low output signal level. A high-quality cable with a minijack connector is used to connect to a sound source, and an adapter for a standard jack is supplied in the kit. Another important feature is the 2D-axis folding mechanism, thanks to which this model takes up less space during storage and transportation.

Briefly about the product [ AKG K553 Pro ]

  • SIZE: 50 MM


Main concern [ AKG K553 Pro ]

The AKG K553 is an amazing wired earphone with a great deal to offer and first rate sound quality. The main thing hauling it down was its not exactly ideal comfort.

AKG K553 Pro review

The AKG K553 Pro has something for everybody.

As a rule, the principal thing to check for when perusing for earphones is the objective segment. In case you’re an easygoing client you don’t need the level reference sound of expert earphones muffling your chest-beating bass, or in case you’re an audiophile or an expert, you don’t need the over-articulated bass tangling your mids and highs.

In any case, these earphones are a magnificent shared opinion both casuals and audiophiles can mobilize behind. At any rate, they’re not the sort of earphones you can excuse without the slightest hesitation, paying little mind to your inclinations.

They’re not dependable using any and all means, however more on that later.



Name :- AKG K553 Pro

Type :- Over-ear earphones

Connection :- Wired

Dimensions :- 4.4 x 7.1 x 6.9 inches (11.3 x 18 x 17.5 cm)

Weight :- 0.67 pounds (0.305 kg)

Driver size :- 50 mm

Recurrence range :- 12 Hz – 28000 Hz

Impedance :- 32 Ohms

Open/Closed :- Closed

Features of AKG K553 Headphones 


The AKG K552 Pro earphones are a delight to view. They’re somewhat low profile, nothing conspicuous about them at all, yet the dark matte and metallic completes truly supplement each other pleasantly.

What’s more, on the off chance that you were pondering:

Indeed, these earphones are primarily made of metal. Accordingly, they suffer discipline amazingly well and regardless of whether you were to drop them every day they would simply disregard it. They’re truly adaptable and, additionally, the joints don’t make a sound when you diversion them. Indeed, even what minimal plastic they have feels thick and rubbery and not under any condition delicate.



AKG K553 Pro review: Comfort
Regardless of the apparent multitude of metal parts, in any case, the AKG K552 Pro earphones are still moderately lightweight at just 0.67 pounds. This reduces a portion of the pressure, however whether it’s sufficient or not will rely upon how long you use them in a solitary meeting.


The issue here isn’t the weight yet the cushioning, or scarcity in that department. Both the leatherette ear pad and headband paddings are generally flimsy. The great clipping power of these earphones assists with the headband cushioning, however less with the ear pads.

The beneficial thing here is that the ear pads can be supplanted with other AKG ear pads, so at the very least it’s a minor burden and not a difficult that can represent the moment of truth your choice to buy these headsets.

Furthermore, dislike the stock pads are loathsome possibly; you won’t feel any inconvenience following an hour or two of utilization, yet given how flexible they are it’s not in the least impossible that they’ll be utilized for quite a long time on end.



AKG K553 Pro review : Adaptability
We notice adaptability, and this will absolutely stretch out into sound quality also, however there’s a whole other world to it than simply stable quality.

First off, there are the specs:

The low impedance of just 32 Ohms implies that you can plug them into your earphone similarly just as into a very good quality PC or amp, and they’ll sound incredible. Also, the recurrence go goes from 12 Hz as far as possible up to 28000 Hz. This may not be the greatest range all things considered, yet it unquestionably obscures what easygoing earphones have to bring to the table, finding some kind of harmony between the two.

And afterward we have the ear-cups:

In fact, these are shut back earphones, however they receive the rewards of open-back earphones too, in that they give great sound disconnection and an extensive soundstage. Each note is clear and each instrument particular, giving the general sound a roomy vibe. Also, here is the place the adaptability genuinely kicks in.

The practically open-back properties that you get from these earphones are fantastic for spatial mindfulness in gaming, particularly in first-individual shooters, where you’ll know precisely where the strides and discharges are originating from.



Consider this:

These aren’t compact earphones.

Coming up next is a citation from K553 Pro’s help page on AKG’s site: ‘the 2D-axis system empowers full level collapsing for simple stockpiling or taking care of out and about.’ It sounds great, it sounds right, however it doesn’t generally work that way.


The level collapsing makes them more advantageous for hefting around your neck or setting on any level surface, or in any event, for tuning in with just a single ear like a DJ. On the off chance that you have a decent conveying case (they don’t accompany one) that they can fit in you ought to have the option to move them from guide A toward point B with no issues.

Yet, they can’t be utilized to the go and this is chiefly a result of the link. These are wired earphones and the link isn’t separable. It’s a decent three meters great to make up for that, which is superb in a studio or even in your home on the off chance that you need to move around a little with the earphones on. The link is excellent, not causing any impedance, and it even accompanies a slick 6.3 mm connector.

However, how about we be genuine, you’re not going to overlap 3 meters worth of link around your shoulder, plug these earphones into your cell phone and tune in to your jam while strolling over to the market.


Sound Quality

AKG K553 Pro review : Sound Quality
Also, as usual, the sound quality is the place it’s truly at, and the AKG K553 Pro doesn’t disillusion.

The basic thing to recall here is that these are, above all else, reference earphones. This means their motivation is to replicate sound in as bona fide and reliable a way as could be expected under the circumstances. The mark sound is in general level, in spite of the fact that the high-recurrence notes are a piece supported.


This is anything but an awful thing. It’s simply not normal for easygoing earphones, where the bass is generally significantly more articulated. The bass is unquestionably still there, however it’s controlled so it very well might not be what you’re utilized to in the event that you’ve never utilized reference earphones.

In any case, don’t let this demoralize you except if current, bass-hefty classes are all you’re keen on. Getting the opportunity to hear your main tunes only the manner in which they were recorded unexpectedly is a remarkable encounter and you’ll want to rediscover a portion of your preferred melodic pearls.



AKG K553 Pro review: Cost
What’s more, to wrap things up, there is the matter of cost. In spite of the fact that it’s been stopped, the K553 Pro can even now be requested from the AKG site for $200, however you can discover it from different affiliates at less and the costs can plunge down as low as $120 when they’re on limits. By and large, this makes them a take.

The construct is exceptionally durable, the sound quality is fantastic and the solace just appears to be missing by correlation since all that else is genuinely first rate.

Above all, you won’t locate this sort of extensive sound in shut back earphones except if you purchase ones that are at any rate twice as costly.

Pros and cons of AKG K553 Pro


  • The highest frequency is 28000 Hz. This parameter is higher than that of 80% of similar products;
  • The lowest frequency is 12 Hz. This parameter is lower than that of 62% of similar products;
  • Has built-in stereo speakers; Impedance 32 Ohms. This parameter is lower than that of 61% of similar products;
  • Sound pressure level 144 dB / mW. This parameter is higher than that of 100% of similar products;
  • Has a full-size shape;


  • Has a detachable cable
  • Weight 660 g. This parameter is higher than that of INF% of similar products



At Last, the AKG K553 Pro earphones are an amazing case of studio-grade earphones with all inclusive allure. Audiophiles will cherish them for the surprising reference sound at the cost and gamers will adore them for the spatial mindfulness they give.

Likewise, they’re additionally a phenomenal section point into studio earphones on the off chance that you’ve never utilized them. Simply be aware of the three-meter long link.


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