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AKG K371

Hello / Greetings To Everyone, So Today I am going to put my true views on AKG K371 Review.

It’s no secret that the Chinese have a significant share of the personal HiFi market, and, moreover, this share continues to grow continuously, forcing engineers and marketers of the once A-brands to seek new approaches to conquering audiophile purses. The situation is somewhat different in the professional segment, where three industry mastodons still share the pedestal: Audio-Technica , Beyerdynamic and AKG . And the reason for this can be partly attributed to the special professional snobbery of audio specialists, who, as a rule, trust proven options. It is a product from an extremely verified manufacturer that I have on review today, its name is AKG K371 New .

AKG has announced the K371 studio headphones, which offer good isolation, neutral sound with enhanced low-frequency response and high sonic detail.

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AKG K371

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The AKG K371 is a foldable, on-ear, closed-back design featuring dynamic 50mm titanium-coated drivers for a wider frequency response (5Hz – 40kHz) than the entry-level K361. The novelty is designed to solve a wide range of tasks and can be used both for monitoring / working with sound and for general listening.

The K371 has an oval cup shape, which, according to the manufacturers, offers a more comfortable fit and allows you to work in comfort for a long time. The impedance of the model is 32 Ohm, which makes it possible to use headphones with most playback devices. The K371 comes with three detachable cables that connect via a Mini-XLR connector. One of the cables is twisted for 3 meters, the other two are straight for 3 and 1.2 meters.

Equipment with AKG K371

Opening a large cardboard package, you can involuntarily exclaim: “Let the commutation live”, because the delivery set contains as many as three wires: 1.5 and 3 straight, as well as the third twisted (spiral).

The cords are connected to the left ear cup using a proprietary 3-pin connector that resembles a reduced XLR. It is noteworthy that each cable has a special lock that prevents accidental disconnections.

To disconnect the cable, you need to press the miniature button, and then easily disconnect. Personally, I like this option more than the one that the solutions by Audio-Technics have. In addition, the package contains a threaded adapter for a 6.3 mm audio jack and a soft case made of denim material, where you can store both the headphones themselves and the wires.

Design : AKG K371

After a closer look at the headphones, I expectedly came to the conclusion that I have an attractive and well-assembled device in my hands. Only noble materials are used: aluminum alloy for the cup holders, steel for the headband core, soft-touch plastic for the cup covers themselves, as well as high-quality eco-leather for the headband upholstery and ear cushions. On the head, the headphones look neat, which not all studio players can boast of. As for the level of assembly, there is still the same positive picture – the structural parts are tightly fitted to each other, nothing will hold together or dangle. A few words about the appearance of the product. The AKG K371 has a modern minimalist design that is far removed from the style of “rack and pinion” studio models of the past, such as the K240 , K121 or K171 . Personally, I liked the new design, because the two headbands of the predecessors visually scared off.

AKG K371

Likewise with the 2x arrangement, AKG is additionally kicking off something new in the plan of this “Three” arrangement. The delight of development goes somewhat further here, in light of the fact that everything about these earphones is balanced. Aside from the smaller than usual XLR attachment for accepting the association link on the left ear cushion, there is no hard edge in sight. In blend with the anthracite lodging, this looks pretty smooth and current. Another irregular component is that the ear cushions can be collapsed inwards by 180 degrees along the change pivot, for transportation.

The K371 can be helpfully put away in the conveying sack provided, which looks incredible with its texture finish and delicate downy coating. The selection of materials additionally establishes a top notch connection, as the hub on the ear-cases is caused of vigorous magnesite and passes on a phenomenal to feel.

If you put them taken care of (on account of the K371 Three) the provided association links (two directly at 3 and 1.2 meters individually and a twisting link of 3 meters) and scaled down jack connector gets a thumb up from me. With this lavish gear, it should be conceivable to adapt to practically any application situation, and the way that AKG utilizes the little XLR standard for the attachment likewise permits the utilization of standard frill links. All things considered, awesome.

Comfort : AKG K371

Taking into account the shut style of the earpieces, which is in every case fairly more awkward than open frameworks because of its plan (the critical thought here is heat amassing), I would even now rate them as brilliant regarding wearing comfort.

Comfortable Headphones

The headband lies agreeably delicate over the skull and the ear cushions sit safely and with exceptionally even weight appropriation over the ears. The elevated level of comfort is additionally because of the oval shape in light of the fact that even huge ears fit totally into the earpiece and no piece of the ear is pushed out.

Sound Quality : AKG K371

Well, now about the main thing. Inside the AKG K371 enclosed bowls are 50 mm dynamic drivers with titanium – coated membranes and OFC copper voice coils . The official website states that these headphones are famous for their clear natural sounding, with which I probably disagree, because the bass of the 371s sounds more physical than the author of the composition intended, and the high voices are louder and, perhaps, more graceful. Nevertheless, the sound was clearly a success for AKG engineers. Now about the main thing.

Bass.Moderately accented, which is clearly visible on the frequency response. It is served legibly, textured and variably, depending on the sounding instrument. In addition, I will highlight the ability of the speakers to clearly differentiate the layers of the low frequencies, as well as to clearly (and moderately effectively) convey the attacks and decays of the notes “inhabiting” the lower register. Perhaps I’ll give the bass an “A”.

Middle.I doubt that this frequency range can also be called monitor. And if the middle is almost linear on the frequency response, then the epithet “melodic” or “musical” is more suitable for the color of its tonal range, which is due to the pleasant, slightly warm presentation of this segment. It is noteworthy that the midrange can also boast of clarity, detail and the absence of any kind of synthetic overtones. Separate praise deserves the ability of the headphones to “work” with voices of different keys, although the sound of the baritone was more to my taste.

Top… As always, the most controversial point. Clean, dynamic, informative and pleasant to listen to. Quite professionally calibrated, which makes you forget about sibilance, sharpness, flowability and other all your favorite parasitic RF artifacts. But. Some listeners will definitely not like such highs, because they lack transparency and kind aggressiveness, which can be partially corrected by a bright source. In conclusion, I will say that the beginning of the HF segment is still a little more accented, so the high vocals of mediocre tracks will sound dirty and harsh, although much more sparing than on the same ATH-MSR7B .

Stereo picture.Rather chamber than theatrical. Well readable, moderately spacious, but not trying to evoke any special emotions with excessive volume, which was noticed when I tested the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X . There is enough air. The spaces are deeper than wide, which is not strange, because we have a full-size closed acoustic design. True, the superiority of the “Y” axis over the “X” axis cannot be called critical.


So The microphone in AKG K371 is very good as the voice is very clear with the technology of 50mm dynamic titanium coated pure ofc voice coil.

AKG K371

I personally felt the microphone is good as the voice is clear and there is no disturbance and noise there while talking to someone with AKG K371.


As mentioned earlier, the AKG K371 is devoid of a “rack and pinion” headband design, which means that now a classic ratchet is used to adapt them to a specific listener. It is a pity that the grooves are not numbered, so in order to align the bowls, you have to count the clicks by ear. Special attention should be paid to the swivel hinges, thanks to which the cups can be folded inside the headband or one cup can be turned off and listen to the headphones in DJ mode. By the way, the bowls rotate only clockwise, which is somewhat inconvenient.

And now let’s come to the weakest, in my opinion, place of the device – its ergonomics. First of all, we will talk about rather hot ear pads, “thanks” to which more than an hour of listening to headphones motivates you to have a short rest. Another fly in the ointment is the tangible pressure of the cups, which only increases the desire to take off the headphones after an hour (or even less) of working with them. To be fair, I note that the clamp, fortunately, is weaker than in the cult Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 , and both versions, so you can put up with it.

At the end of the section, I would like to note the proper passive noise isolation of the headphones, complemented by their ability to keep sound out, which is a necessary attribute for recording vocals and instruments, since sensitive condenser microphones can hear the “activity” of the speakers.


So lastly, AKG K371 is an effective combination of European sound and design, available at a reasonable price. A good option for both recording and listening to music at home and on the move. Pleased with the lack of blurred bass and sharpness on the treble, but with ergonomics it almost worked out. Naturally, over time, the pressure of the cups will decrease, because physics is merciless, but I would like to find velor ear pads a la Bayers in the kit. In general, I can recommend these monitors for purchase, but it certainly won’t hurt to try them on.


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